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Deadline for submission of oral presentation was extended till 28 February.
Poster presentation may be submitted till 31 May 2024.

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Notes and explanations
  • Topic = administrative number of the topic
  • Form = form of presentation requested by author: K - keynote lecture, L - lecture, P - poster, N - no preference. The Scientific Committee will decide about final form of presentation. PL are invited lectures for plenary audience.
  • Author team = list of surnames with speaker denoted by asterisk
  • Title = title of paper
  • Country = country of the corresponding author. For the list of country codes click here

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TopicFormAuthor TeamTitleCountry
0002 13 L Behzadi*, Noei, Azimi, Mirzaei, Anaraki Experimental optimization of the disinfection performance of sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid in pilot and industrial cooling towers IR
0003 14 P Figueiredo*, Santos Preparation of the Technology Roadmap for the reuse of coffee grounds with emphasis on the biofuels, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries BR
0004 77 L Hassan*, Al-Jashamy Thermodynamic and kinetic investigation of cobalt (II) ions removal using environmentally synthesized NiO/γ-Al2O3 nanoparticles IQ
0005 25 L Azadi Tabar*, Denayer Multicolumn pressure swing adsorption for biogas upgrading to biomethane BE
0006 43 P Jalloul*, Hijazi, Boyadjian, Awala, Albadarin, Ahmad Titania/Fe-ion exchanged zeolite composite for tetracycline photocatalytic degradation under visible light LB
0007 33 P Lan*, Xuan Simultaneous determination of the droplet size and interfacial tension by microfluidic method without visualization CN
0008 33 P Li*, Cai Measurement of droplet coalescence in a mixing tank CN
0009 41 K Nagieva, Ali-zadeh, Nagiev* Gas-phase oxidation of 2-picoline with a “green oxidizer” – N2O AZ
0010 33 L Lee, Wu* Wafer removal rate and non-uniformity for chemical mechanical planarization using Ansys Fluent TW
0011 11 L Liang, Wu* Development of a new predictive blast furnace model with carbon reduction strategies TW
0012 74 P Bitchikh*, Smakghi, Meniai Thermodynamic models assessment for the determination of salicylic acid and paracetamol solubility’s in different solvents DZ
0013 25 L Fauziah*, Yeh A biomimetic MOF-on-COF ionic diode membrane as ultrahigh-performance osmotic energy generator TW
0014 55 P Fauziah*, Yeh Multilevel Janus sandwich architecture metal-organic framework membrane for accelerated dual-ion-selective transport in organic solutions TW
0015 27 N Moravkova* Optimization of cycle chemistry in CCGT with surface-active chemistry without amines for energy-saving technologies and reducing the burden on the environment SK
0016 51 P Kırbıyık Kurukavak*, Toprak, Tok, Yurdakul, Ersöz Effect of hetero-atom doping on the properties of carbon quantum dots for the detection of heavy metal ions TR
0017 36 L Najafi Lahiji*, Kulak, Vankelecom, Denayer Separation of light olefins and paraffins: appraising the adsorption performance of MOF-808 adsorbents BE
0018 64 P Lee, Hyun* Biophotovoltaic hydrogel embedding microalgae for long-term generation of electric power KR
0019 11 K Oluleye* Evaluating interventions for accelerating low to zero emission technologies from demonstration to market saturation UK
0020 62 L Arteaga Pérez*, Larrere, Chávez Delgado, Concha, Rueda Ordoñez, Segura, Norambuena Contreras, Casas Ledón Pyrolytic oils from mining waste tyres as encapsulated rejuvenators for asphalt self-healing: Process simulation and life cycle assessment CL
0021 64 K Singh*, Chetty, Rathilal, Tetteh Establishment of high lipid and hydrocarbon microalgae strains suitable for biodiesel production: culturing and screening of microalgae ZA
0022 13 N Palma*, Sepúlveda, Carvajal, Kalm, Arias Removal of pharmaceutical trace organic components with granulated activated carbon, in solutions containing up to four components CL
0023 82 K Harmsen*, Bos An alternative approach to teaching chemical reaction engineering NL
0024 35 L Wang*, Tao, Wang, Liu Intensification of non-Newtonian fluids chaotic mixing by modulating structural interfaces in confined flow fields CN
0025 15 K Leonzio*, Triantafyllou, Shah Optimization and analysis of an integrated direct air capture and Fischer-Tropsch process for diesel production IT
0026 15 K Axon, Darton* A systems view of energy security: assessing risk in energy scenarios, and the roles of demand reduction and biofuels UK
0027 54 L Mondragon, Ramos, Sta. Agueda, De Los Reyes, Agcaoili, Ylagan, Abedejos, Dugos* Development and characterization of hydrogel from decellularized whole porcine kidney PH
0028 75 K Abro* Hydrodynamic parameters and bubble characteristics in CO2 absorption column PK
0029 11 L Zamani, Vafajoo* Exploring the feasibility of solar power systems for low-consumption upstream oil and gas facilities: A case study of Line Breaker Valves (LBV) stations IR
0030 36 L Polat* Redox-mediated electrochemical separation of boron ions in aqueous media under continuous flow conditions TR
0031 67 L Santacruz, Davila*, Vega Assessment of antioxidant activity and phenol content in oil obtained from defective green coffee beans (Coffea arabica) using supercritical CO2 CO
0032 23 L Marques*, Lopes, Mendes High-performance proton exchange membrane water electrolyzer using low-loading iridium oxide supported on tungsten trioxide as anode catalyst PT
0033 44 L Azenha*, Pereira, Mendes Synthesis, structure, and electronic properties of CuZn catalysts for enhanced electrochemical reduction of CO2 PT
0034 27 P Behzadi*, Noei, Azimi, Anaraki-Ardakani Experimental evaluation of free chlorine adsorption from circulating water in cooling towers by activated carbon in a fixed bed column IR
0035 15 L Boon, de Groot*, Groot Obbink, Loman, van der Ham, Lange, van den Berg, Franke Process design for poly lactic acid chemical recycling NL
0036 75 L Ruiz Vasquez*, Bertrand, Ramiere Simulation of actinides and lanthanides oxalic precipitation in a vortex reactor: multi-compartmental approach FR
0037 75 L Lazman* Simultaneous Flash: the solution for effective Equation-Oriented simulation CA
0038 13 L Saththasivam*, Almarri Comparative performance analysis of air gap and direct contact membrane distillation for ultra-pure water recovery from boiler blowdown QA
0040 44 L Moghimpour Bijani*, Sahebdelfar, Mahboubi Effect of calcination temperature on catalytic performance of γ-Al2O3 in methanol dehydration to dimethyl ether IR
0041 44 L Rodríguez, Guerra, Vizuete, Debut, Almeida, Mora, Ponce* Engineered biochar as a catalyst for the production of diesel-like fuels from waste motor oil EC
0042 78 P Contreras-Valenzuela*, Roman-Olais Ergonomic and socially responsible procedure for redesigning industrial processes: A case study of the cartridge washing process MX
0044 69 P García-Martínez*, Pérez-Román, Hernández-Botello, Rodríguez Nava, Shafeeyan Carbon dioxide adsorption: isotherm and temperature effect on breakthrough curve MX
0045 35 L Touma*, Lebaz, Sheibat-Othman Centrifugal creaming study of concentrated oil-in-water emulsions FR
0046 35 L Touma*, Lebaz, Philippe, Sheibat-Othman Continuous turbulent liquid-liquid emulsification using open-cell solid foams FR
0047 64 K Gholami, Middelkamp, De Groot, Tijburg, Kersten, Franke, Schuur* Process comparisons for lactic acid: choline chloride deep eutectic solvent regeneration after pulping spruce chips NL
0048 27 N Xu* Recovering solvent from nonaqueous bitumen extraction waste by liquid/supercritical carbon dioxide CA
0049 67 L Ishfaq, Ahmad* Synthesis of graphene based ferrite composite for the removal of dyes from synthetic wastewater PK
0050 33 L Liu*, Hu, Yuan, Wang, Luo Modeling of microfluidic droplets from capillary embedded microchannel generators with tree-based machine learning methods CN
0051 26 L Merino-Garcia*, Abarca, Crespo, Díaz-Sainz, Albo Photoelectrochemical CO2 conversion to formate coupled with glycerol oxidation using optimized CaTiO3/WO3/BiVO4 photoanodes ES
0052 68 K Topka*, Jirátová, Čada, Naiko, Ostapenko, Balabánová, Koštejn, Maixner, Hubička, Kovanda Transition metal oxide catalysts supported on stainless steel meshes prepared by plasma jet sputtering: application to VOC oxidation CZ
0053 36 P Stoll*, Antonyuk Influence of the mask shape and the fit factor for FFP2 and FFP3 masks DE
0054 66 L Panepinto*, Ravina, Zanetti Municipal solid waste thermal treatment – An overview on the environmental aspects IT
0055 66 L Ravina*, Marotta, Piccirillo, Cerutti, Zanetti, Mori de Oliveira, Ruffino, Panepinto, Marini, Zanetti Experimental tests for acid flue gas emissions treatment in industrial applications IT
0056 74 L Sidarava*, Rehfeldt, Klein Thermodynamic modeling of mobile cryogenic tanks with a liquid-cooled thermal shield DE
0057 51 L Portugal Ochoa*, Miranda Zanardi Effect of the concentration of a foaming agent and ferric cross-linker on the structure of a pectin aerogel designed as a food matrix PE
0058 45 L Hachhach*, Russo, Simakova, Eränen, Murzin, Salmi Liquid flow impact on arabinose oxidation: experimental and numerical study FI
0059 51 N Sun* Development of nanocomposites with boron nitride nanomaterials for directional or isotropic thermal transport and related applications US
0060 75 L Lang*, Haseneder, Stenzel, Herdegen Optimization of the industrial wastewater treatment in a superstructure process synthesis exemplified for coke plants DE
0061 44 L Orrego A.*, Galvis-Nieto, Salgado Functionalized biopolymer support for high-potential industrial enzyme immobilization CO
0062 33 N Singh*, Karp, Belt, Liné Simulation of the motion of elongated air bubble in stagnant water flowing in 1° inclined pipe FR
0063 75 L Luo*, Lan, Shi, Gao, Zhang A deep learning and CFD based predict model for MIP riser flow characteristics CN
0064 15 K Arora*, Toor, Wanchoo Eco-friendly fiberboard panels from fermented organic manure IN
0065 31 L Metawea, Mukherjee, Walker, Albadarin* Study of process parameters that enable direct spray drying synthesis of UiO-66-NH2 LB
0066 43 L Hamdan*, Zeaiter Ultra-stable Ni-Zn/USY for low temperature methane pyrolysis LB
0067 41 L Nakagawa*, Matsumoto, Taichi Hydrogen production through the catalytic decomposition of CH4 over Fe/Al2O3 JP
0068 23 L Chen*, Cheng Biofuel from hydrotreatment of soybean oil with nickel-molybdenum bimetallic catalysts on alkali-treated zeolite ZSM-5 TW
0069 32 N Hosseini*, Di Felice CFD simulation of high gas flow rate in a large-scale rotating packed bed IT
0070 66 P Lee, Cheng, Fan* Structural influence of micropollutants on the chemically oxidative degradation by hydroxyl radicals TW
0071 26 L Yang*, Sun, Lin Design strategy of metal foam flow field in proton exchange membrane fuel cell CN
0072 72 L Lin*, Zhang, Yang, Qiu, Norinaga Enhancement of coke resistance in dry reforming of methane through open-cell foam catalyst with hierarchical pore structure CN
0073 75 L Valenzuela* Implementation of the unit cell of the metal-organic framework UIO-66 in NAMD for molecular dynamic simulation CL
0074 23 L Wang*, Yang, Qiu Investigation on catalytic distillation dehydrogenation of perhydro-benzyltoluene: Reaction kinetics, modeling and process analysis CN
0075 74 P Bazile, Daridon* Measurement of viscosity in diesel-biodiesel blends under high pressure conditions FR
0076 71 L Zhang*, Lin, Zhang, Li, Chen, Norinaga Numerical simulation on the regulation of temperature distribution in fixed bed reactor for CO2 methanation CN
0077 25 L Barros*, Raston, Heydari Scaling up green production of sustainable biofuels AU
0078 35 L Al Yahmadi, Vakili-Nezhaad*, Al Maamari Surface tension of binary crude oil blends: Measurement and correlation OM
0079 73 L Riaz*, Uusi-Kyyny, Pokki, Alopaeus Upgrading of chemically recycled plastic waste by distillation FI
0080 27 L Trescher*, Mogalle, Ränger, Seidel, Ludl, Bortz, Grützner Pareto-optimal dividing wall columns under thermodynamic and technical uncertainties DE
0081 13 L Paparo*, Trifuoggi, Uggeri, Nicolais, Di Serio, Russo Process intensification for removal of new pharmaceutical compounds from water IT
0082 63 P Kacar, Vardar, Demirel* Determination of microplastic and microbial composition in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) employing a rotating biological contactor (RBC) unit TR
0083 73 N Lukas* Development of a liquid splitter for an additively manufactured, laboratory-scale dividing wall column (DWC) DE
0084 41 L Küchen*, Olszok, Weber, Turek In situ axially-resolved measurement of CO intermediate product formation in CO2 methanation DE
0085 13 L Mutsvene*, Chetty, Kumari, Bux Valorisation of sewage sludge for sustainable bioenergy recovery through hydrothermal treatment ZA
0086 25 L Yeh* Towards ultrahigh osmotic energy harvesting by covalent-organic framework based ionic diode membranes TW
0087 58 L Bufalini*, Campardelli Innovation in probiotic encapsulation strategies using emulsion based techniques IT
0088 62 L Keller*, Hlawitschka Solvent extraction of sulfuric acid from lithium-ion battery leachate AT
0089 76 K Russo*, Taddeo, Tesser, Salmi, Di Serio Process intensification applied to overcome thermodynamic equilibrium conversions for reversible reactions: levulinic acid esterification IT
0090 15 L Fernandes*, Holz, Loureiro, Duarte, Fagg, Mendes Electrochemical interpretation of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stack for simultaneous nitrous oxide valorization using diluted ammonia fuel PT
0091 33 L Silva*, Campos, Araújo Enhanced slug flow dynamics: inclined to curved tube hydrodynamics PT
0092 58 L Keller*, Chmelař, Mrázek, Zubov Objective morphological characterization of porous hyaluronan films CZ
0093 27 L Saquib, Julian, Suhardi, Setiadi* Breathing new life into textile dyeing wastewater: harnessing intermittent aeration for enhanced treatment in a cutting-edge downflow hanging sponge column with hollow fibre submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor ID
0094 51 L Han*, Seo, Burla, Lee Development of an innovative HFC-125a hydrate extinguisher on Class B fires KR
0095 13 L Kato*, Sakai, Kansha Effect of the droplet size on the decomposition of organic compounds using mist and photocatalyst JP
0096 64 L Fogarin, Neto, Sabino, Bérgamo, Moreno, Silva, Dussán* Investigating the influence of solvents on the efficacy of phenolic compound extraction from spent coffee grounds BR
0097 36 L Appelhaus*, Jasch, Scholl Modeling of fluid dynamics in wiped film evaporators during evaporation DE
0098 51 P Choi, Hyun* Reversible transition of transparency with a cellulose nanofiber/silicon nanoparticle composite film KR
0099 71 L Pawanipagar*, Ghasemzadeh, Spallina, D'Agostino Single step conversion of glycerol to acrylic acid using membrane reactor: optimizing parameters and model validation UK
0100 64 L Mirizadeh*, Casazza, Converti Removal of tetracycline and crystal violet by magnetic chitosan-lipid free Chlorella vulgaris biocomposite IT
0101 15 L Moldes*, López-Prieto, Vecino, Pérez-Cid, Cruz Assessment of a pilot-scale biosurfactant extract from corn milling industry byproduct for sustainable pesticide formulations ES
0102 64 L Duque*, Cañadas, Higueras, Iglesias, Manzanares Solvent-reactive green extrusion for the processing and valorization of vine shoot residue ES
0103 58 L Tanaguzov*, Bekenova, Glazhdinova, Begimova Thermosensitive polymers as a component for synthesize of thermoregulated transdermal patch with dandelion extracts (Taraxacum Officinale) KZ
0104 74 K Lee*, Pratama Recycling of resolving agent and solvent by water-based reactions and phase diagrams: chiral resolution study of racemic ibuprofen TW
0105 75 L Malek*, Fricke Generate and optimize flowsheets from a paper using Artificial Intelligence (AI) DE
0106 55 L Carichino*, Lionetto, Maffezzoli, Esposito Corcione PLA-PET copolymer by transesterification process IT
0107 64 L Cañadas*, Duque, Álvarez, Iglesias, Manzanares Advances in fractionation of vine shoot: pretreatment with ionic liquids to foster sugar production and bioproduct recovery ES
0108 12 L Burla*, Han, Seo, Lee Carbon dioxide capture and storage via boric acid, an inorganic catalyst for CO2 hydrates KR
0109 72 L Tolepbergen*, Mukamedenkyzy, Akberdiev Development of convective flows in initially diffusionally unstable gas mixtures KZ
0110 74 L Xu*, Nichita, Moncorgé Hybrid Brent and Newton algorithms in nested two-phase isenthalpic flash calculations for CO2 storage simulations FR
0112 72 L Kossov, Fedorenko*, Asembaeva, Seydaz Description of diffusion instability in gas mixtures containing components with real properties at different pressures KZ
0113 15 L Karunanayake*, Brütsch, Meunier, Salman Evaluating the sustainability of competing granulation technologies UK
0114 36 L Xu*, Xu Molecular simulation study on pore structure design of membrane materials and strengthening mechanism for low-carbon paraffin/olefin separation CN
0115 26 L Capitão*, Ivanou, Mendes Rethinking dye-sensitized solar cell design with carbon paper counter electrodes PT
0116 14 L Mohamad*, Al-Asady, Meunier, Felder, Salman Improving the shelf life through work hardening in food powder via roller compaction UK
0117 31 L Ma*, Washino, Al-Asady, Salman Mechanistic insights into the shape evolution and influencing factors of repose angle heaps of different dairy materials UK
0118 74 P Li*, Sanders, Salman Model for single droplet drying of milk and its constituents at critical boiling temperatures UK
0119 35 N Wang*, Sanders, Salman Spontaneous particle motion in static bulk water UK
0120 78 L Jara Echeverría, Nieto-Márquez*, Rivas Seijas, Sánchez Redondo, Atanes Sánchez, Díaz López Upgrading fly ash from municipal solid waste incineration ES
0121 73 N Quinchuela, Nieto-Márquez*, Díaz López Exergy analysis of process configurations for phenols recovery from wastewater ES
0122 42 P Nieto-Márquez*, Díaz López, Mehmandoustesfahani Photocatalytic activity of Fe doped TiO2 thin films under visible light ES
0123 14 L Dewulf*, Hausmann, Bozon, Niederreiter, Salman Particle phantom packaging: particle microstructure engineering for integrated edible packaging in sustainable consumer foods UK
0124 69 N Freitas*, Syron From HRAPs to biofilm systems: evolution and prospects in microalgae-based wastewater treatment technologies IE
0125 64 P Guendouz*, Rezzaz-Yazid, Sadaoui Effect of stirring speed on the co-digestion process of date pedicels and cattle manure DZ
0126 14 L Adiletta*, Sambucci, Valente, Russo Evaluation of improving shelf-life and quality of fresh tomato by using different chitosan-based edible coatings IT
0127 69 L Gallard*, Wantz, Hebrard, Bouchoux, Valentin Phytosterols and lipids for CH4 capture FR
0128 62 P Marcos-García, Fernández-González, Rumayor*, Irabien Technical and environmental assessment of neodymium recycling from secondary sources ES
0129 12 L Rumayor*, Fernández-González, Laso, Domínguez-Ramos, Irabien The transition to a defossilized e-methanol production: A dynamic-LCA of electrochemical CO2 conversion strategies ES
0130 60 N Pan*, Tseng, Lin, He Advances in electrodialysis-based technologies for water-energy-carbon nexus TW
0131 74 P Bispo*, Santana, Santos, Marinho, Rodrigues, Santos, Hartmann, Pessoa A critical evaluation of thermodynamics models for hydrogen storage using Aspen plus BR
0132 76 L Luisa*, Schneider, Paschetag, Jasch, Azizi, Plinge, Marzilgert, Göttl, Scholl, Fricke Process design and optimization using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) DE
0133 64 L Fittkau*, Baganz, Hass A new biogas digital twin for agricultural anaerobic digestion processes DE
0134 75 L Bana*, Lamadie, Charton, Lucor, Sheibat-Othman A physics-informed machine learning network to solve the population balance equation FR
0135 23 L Colelli*, Verdone, Bassano, Vilardi Analysis and modelling of the methanation process biological for power to gas applications IT
0136 66 L Caido, Lesidan, Cadondon, Bulan, Roque, Vallar, Galvez* Analysis of air quality trends before, during, and after the COVID-19 lockdowns along Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines PH
0137 56 L Kiyomoto*, Sakai, Kansha Application of magnetic phase transition in energy harvesting temperature sensors JP
0138 35 L Žák*, Moucha Axial dispersion in stirred tank reactor CZ
0139 82 L Appl, Fittkau, Baganz, Hass* BioRefineryTrainer – A new training simulator for biorefineries DE
0140 11 P Colelli*, Verdone, Bassano Carbon dioxide capture and conversion technologies: a review IT
0141 31 L Mastroianni*, Di Serio, Salmi, Russo Comprehensive reverse flow reactor model for fluid-solid systems FI
0142 73 L Ashour*, Stucke, Lukas, Grützner Contact angles of standard distillation mixtures under saturated atmosphere: conventional vs 3D-printed surfaces DE
0143 71 K Klapal*, Hlawitschka Design of gas disperser for power to gas processes in bubble columns AT
0144 41 L Duval*, Lalleman, Pino Herrera, Lamadie, Guézennec, Magnaldo, Schaer Development of in situ methods for measuring dissolution kinetics : application to the leaching and bioleaching of cobaltiferous pyrite FR
0145 72 L David Pour, Krasovitov, Fominykh*, Hashemloo, Kharaghani, Tsotsas, Levy Effect of gas absorption/desorption on drying of acoustically levitated wet porous particle IL
0146 76 L Rodriguez-Castillo*, Alonso-Macías, Téllez-Pérez, Cardador-Martínez Effects of instant controlled pressure drop on amaranth phytochemicals and antioxidant capacity MX
0147 13 N Zažímal, Plašienka, Atri, Montfort, Homola* Enhancing photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceutical pollutants in wastewater using air plasma-treated g-C3N4: Insights from ab initio simulations CZ
0148 60 L Ino*, Sakai, Kansha Evaluation of profit-oriented waste gas utilization system for NOX gas JP
0149 76 L Teresa-Martínez*, Cardador-Martínez, Alonzo-Macías, Téllez-Pérez Impact of instant pressure drop technology on cardamom fatty acid profile MX
0150 15 P Segneri*, Verdone Integrated strategies for circular economy: a review of innovative approaches for decarbonization of chemical processes IT
0151 82 L Caccavale*, Gargalo, Gernaey, Krühne JuST: Julia simulation tutorials for process systems engineering applications DK
0152 41 L Meng*, Kebir, Leveneur Kinetic modeling comparison on the epoxidation of cottonseed oil and the corresponding fatty acid methyl ester FR
0153 36 L Giustacori*, Brunazzi Mass transfer characterization of a Reverse Jet Scrubber IT
0154 64 P Pérez Román*, Rocha Ríos, Altuzar Villatoro, Manzano Zavala, García Martínez Modeling and analysis of biogas production from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste generated in different cities around the world MX
0155 64 L Mishra*, Vitelli, Tamer, Tartakovsky, Budman Monitoring the effect of oxidative stress on pertactin productivity in Bordetella Pertussis cultures: A mechanistic approach CA
0156 25 L Alves*, Atashi, Pereira, Dias, Prieto, Mendes Nanostructured SiO2-supported Ni-Fe catalysts loaded onto a planar slab reactor for stable catalytic methane splitting PT
0157 31 L Ono*, Sasayama, Kosaka, Morimoto, Matsuoka, Kuramoto Numerical investigation of spatiotemporal CO2 capture and hydrogenation behaviors in fixed and moving bed reactors using a dual-function material JP
0158 52 L Cuervo*, Otalora, Rojas, Herrera, Serrato Obtaining 3D printing filament based on additive polylactic acid with polyethylene glycol (PEG) and/or lactic acid oligomers (OLA) from whey CO
0159 13 L Seo*, Han, Burla, Lee Purification of various wastewater by hydrate-based purification process KR
0160 65 K Laitinen*, Huotari, Jauhiainen Removal of halogens from plastics pyrolysis oil by adsorption FI
0161 75 P Mancera-Apolinar*, Mendoza, Andersson, Riascos Simulation of mass transfer and hydrodynamics in a sieve tray distillation column using Computational Fluid Dynamics CO
0163 27 L Dubois, Djettene, De Weireld, Thomas* Study of an integrated CO2 capture and conversion unit to methanol: process simulation, evaluation and optimization BE
0164 75 L Fröhlich*, Staubach, Illner, Repke Study on CO production by reverse water-gas shift reaction with membrane purification in the scope of load flexible operation DE
0165 11 L Micciancio*, Di Palma, Rosa, Vilardi Synthesis and CO2 absorption capacity of distillated water based nanofluids IT
0166 71 L Sakurai*, Feng, Sakai, Kansha The effect of walls in reforming the semi-batch reactor from a heterogeneous approach JP
0167 72 K Simon*, Cazin, Morchain, Augier, Liné TOMOPTV to investigate hydrodynamics in a mixing tank FR
0168 31 L Sasayama*, Ono, Kosaka, Liu, Chen, Mochizuki, Matsuoka, Kuramoto Utilization of circulating fluidized bed system for continuous CO2 capture and selective conversion to CH4 or CO JP
0169 75 L Segneri*, Borgogna, Verdone, Vilardi Waste to chemicals: modeling analysis of high temperature and direct melting gasification IT
0170 75 L Yewale*, Yang, Nazemifard, Papageorgiou, Rielly, Benyahia Self-optimization of multistep reactions using reinforcement learning strategies UK
0171 69 N Fois*, Pisu Pilot scale testing of humic acid extraction from Sulcis coal IT
0172 32 L Homem Alves César Ribeiro*, Rouzineau, Meyer Application of triply periodic minimal surfaces (TPMS) on the design of new reactive distillation column packings FR
0173 53 K Salehi*, Prasad, Bradley Impact of temperature on powder's bed surface roughness in additive manufacturing UK
0174 74 K Santana*, Da Silva, Dos Santos, Marcelino Neto, Morales Effect of pipe diameter in vertical downward annular flow BR
0175 75 L Salucci*, Grenman, Salmi, Di Serio, Tesser, Russo Intraparticle model for non-uniform active phase distribution catalysts in different reactor systems FI
0176 67 L Tamargo*, Magallanes-Nava Dihydrolevoglucosenone as a neoteric bio-based solvent for green and sustainable materials PH
0177 31 L Hou*, Salman Continuous wet granulation for pharmaceutical production: Effect of process time on twin screw powder caking using high percentage of lactose UK
0178 71 K Salmi*, Russo, Cogliano, Freites Aguilera, Alvear, Tolvanen Epoxidation of double bonds – mechanism, kinetics, transport phenomena and reactor technology FI
0179 28 L Richtr*, Bures, Mazur, Zubov, Michal, Pocedic Mathematical modelling for up-scale of the flow batteries CZ
0180 43 K Kumar*, Vajglova, Simakova, Eränen, Mäki-Arvela, Peurla, Murzin Fine chemicals synthesis using clay extrudates catalytic materials: evaluation of reaction mechanism, physico-chemical and catalytic properties FI
0181 74 L Heringer, Wapperom, Secuianu, Voskov, Nichita* A new three-phase phase equilibrium calculation method for CO2 storage in depleted reservoirs FR
0182 73 L Sa* Controlling CO2 hydrate formation characteristics by using environment-friendly amino acids for carbon capture and storage applications KR
0183 27 L Tyraskis*, Sumbharaju, Saric, van Delft Radically electrified e-methanol production via cl-HPAD purification NL
0184 66 L Mukherjee*, Parmar, Meikap The overall hydrodynamic study related to the pressure drop and efficient removal efficiency of gaseous and particulate matter within a low-cost self-primed venturi scrubber having environmental sustainability and zero discharge emissions IN
0185 42 L Kornas*, Mlekodaj, Tabor, Wierzbicki, Sklenak, Pilar, Tvorynska, Lemishka, Dedecek Activation of molecular oxygen over binuclear iron sites in various zeolite topologies CZ
0186 11 L Fernandez*, Garcia, Diaz, Abanades, Garcia, Pericet-Camara Advanced CO2 capture process in energy-intensive industry through high temperature chemical looping to obtain ultra-high pure CO2 ES
0187 25 L Parmar*, Mukherjee, Meikap Use of waste biomass for pyrolytic conversion to energy and sustainability IN
0188 75 L Shen, Zhao, Xi*, Yuan Mechanism and kinetics study on polymerization of bio-derived polycarbonate from isosorbide: identification on the reactivity of diols with asymmetric hydroxyls CN
0189 22 L Raab*, Fotachov, Melchior, Vu, Storck, Oesterschulze, von Harbou, Bart Enhanced heat transfer due to dropwise condensation caused by hierarchical structuring of polymer composites DE
0190 27 L Lee*, Tantai, Lee Design of site-wide trigeneration systems with energy loss considerations TW
0192 33 L Düll*, Happ, Häber, Deutschmann Optimized surface structures for intensification of CO2 absorption in a falling film absorber – a combined experimental and numerical study DE
0193 41 L Kircher*, Döppel, Votsmeier Accelerating kinetic model discovery by global reaction neural networks with embedded stoichiometry and equilibrium DE
0194 53 L Sun*, Salman Amorphicity control of lactose particles by spray drying UK
0195 23 L Gao* Catalysts facilitated by spent lithium batteries for efficient hydrogen generation TW
0196 55 L Miranda-Zanardi*, Cutipa-Cotacallapa, Llacho-Sarco Controlled release of iron in alginate and pectin aerogels PE
0197 43 L Colín-Luna*, Zamora-Rodea, Vazquez-Flores, Aguilar-Pliego, de los Reyes, Ángeles-Beltrán, López Medina, Contreras-Larios, González Brambila, Tapia-Medina Effect of the H/C ratio in the hydrotreatment of eugenol-oleic acid blend to obtain renewable jet fuel using Ni-Pd catalysts on Zr-pillared clays MX
0198 66 L Garcia, Roque*, Vallar, Galvez, Biona Evaluating health and economic outcomes from particulate matter reductions across three transition scenarios of Philippine Public Utility Jeepneys PH
0199 12 L Costa*, Costa, Albuquerque, Pereira Implementing a network mixing technology for the ongoing generation of CO2 hydrates for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) PT
0200 74 L Staubach*, Fröhlich, Hoffmann, Illner, Repke Investigation of the thermodynamics for a novel e-methanol process with limited experimental data using the VTPR equation of state DE
0201 75 L Folden*, Aschmoneit Numerical modelling of coalescence frequency in bubbly multiphase flows DK
0202 69 L Caminada*, Corbetta, Ostuni, Menghini, Bialkowski Optimizing e-MeOH process for successful industrial implementation CH
0203 41 L Perez Sena*, Ciccarelli, Eränen, Medina, Cogliano, Di Serio, Wärnå, Leveneur, Russo, Salmi Semi-batch reactor modelling of a complex three-phase system: carbonation of epoxides on grafted catalysts FI
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0206 35 P Hsu*, Deng Using CFD to simulate the gas-liquid dispersion of two-stage mixing system with different impellers combination TW
0207 66 P Cadondon, Aguila, Morillo, Galvez* Heavy metal detection using a portable spectrophotometric method for water quality monitoring PH
0208 31 L García-Maza*, González-Delgado Water-Energy-Product (WEP) technical evaluation of hydrocracking process in a Latin-American refinery CO
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0213 76 P Sadenova*, Shoshay, Beisekenov Development of “green” technology for the extraction of metals from various sources KZ
0214 65 L Merlet*, Aguilera, Cabezas, Pino-Soto, Romero, Quijada-Maldonado Development of separation method utilizing composite ionic liquids-membranes for extracting aromas from agricultural by-products via COSMO-RS CL
0215 64 L Rojas Quimbaya*, Cuervo, Serrato Enhancing lactic acid production from milk whey: The role of lactose, nitrogen source and hydrolysis in fermentation process CO
0216 15 P Cruz*, Russo, Moldes, Vecino Evaluation of olive mill wastewater sludge for the direct production of bisourfactants ES
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0222 74 L Bazyleva*, Diky, Štejfa, Růžička NIST ThermoData Engine as a research support tool US
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0230 71 K Leveneur* Combining isothermal and adiabatic mode experiments for kinetic constants estimation: application to the hydrogenation of 5-HMF FR
0231 73 L Amano*, Louhi-Kultanen Process monitoring of freeze crystallization based on electrical conductivity of sulfate solutions FI
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0254 36 L Ashtiani*, Friess Thin film formation of biopolymer on magnetic graphene oxide via applying electrodeposition process for advancing of methylene blue dye removal CZ
0255 51 P Lee, Nguyen, Kim, Nah* Polarized ferroeletric polymer composite for absorption-dominant electromagnetic interference shielding KR
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0260 63 N Ali Ahmad*, Salam Investigating the adsorption of pharmaceuticals onto polyethylene microplastics in water LB
0261 66 L Raj*, Kumar, Samanta Construction of SnS2/MIL-88A(Fe) heterostructure for boosting charge transfer assisted with peroxymonosulfate for the efficient visible-light driven degradation of Norfloxacin IN
0262 64 P Herrera-Rodríguez, Parejo-Palacio, González-Delgado* Exergetic assessment of dual oil and biochar production from creole avocado in north-Colombia CO
0263 64 L Herrera-Rodríguez, Parejo-Palacio, González-Delgado* Inherent safety analysis and sustainability evaluation of dual production of oil and biochar from creole avocado CO
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0389 31 L Antep, Kaymak* Design and control of an energy efficient process for ethyl levulinate production using double reactive distillation columns TR

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