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Papers accepted by the Scientific Committee are presented in the List of Accepted Papers

In the table below are listed additional contributions received after this date, which will be largely accepted as posters. Exceptionally, very good contributions could be still assigned for oral presentation.

Dark coloured contributions have been edited by the administrator of data base to conform to formal requirements.

If you might find any error in inscription of your paper (which has already been denoted in the table as edited), please download and upload your summary again. This will notify automatically the administrator of data base. If your paper is not denoted as edited in the table, the reason may be:

  • summary is missing, or
  • summary is incomplete, or
  • summary does not conform with requirements, or
  • there is some problem with the editing - in this case please contact the Organising Committee ( to resolve the problem.

Table below can be sorted according to the column content by clicking on column heading. For more convenience you can filter the table according to the topic. Please select topic from drop-down menu and wait for the result. Individual searches in the table can be made by pressing CTRL and F.

Notes and explanations
  • Topic = administrative number of the topic (click here)
  • Form = form of presentation requested by author: L – lecture, P – poster, N – no preference (this type will be assigned to poster session). The Scientific Committee will decide about final form of presentation
  • Author team = list of surnames with speaker denoted by asterisk
  • Title = title of paper
  • Country = country of the corresponding author. For the list of country codes click here

Individual searches in the table can be made by pressing CTRL and F.

Total number of papers: 27
TopicFormAuthor TeamTitleCountry
66 P garcia, quezada*, toledo, arumi Adsorption of phosphate on montmorillonite by molecular dynamics: effect of salt and d-spacing. CL
56 P Safranko*, Jandel, Kovacevic, Dutour Sikiric, Mandic, Széchenyi, Strelec, Jokic Preparation of Amino Acid-Functionalized Carbon Quantum Dots from Citric Acid – Efficient Fluorescent Nanoprobe for Selective Detection of Fe3+ Ions in Model Systems and in Well Water Samples HR
0405 64 P Karkeszová*, Antošová, Polakovič Influence of different types of cosolvents on the synthesis of tyrosol fructoside catalyzed by yeast β-fructosidases SK
0425 13 P Fortunato*, Hmoudah, Paparo, Trifuoggi, Tesser, Russo, Di Serio Adsorption of ibuprofen on activated carbon: experimental data validation using adsorption dynamic intraparticle model (ADIM) IT
0426 31 N Merchuk*, Garcia-Camacho, Lopez-Rosales Spherical horses and COVID or again perfect mixing v. plug flow IL
0427 69 P Ben Juma, Hassan Bek* Microstructure, mineralogy and physical properties of kaolin & metakaoling geopylemrs used for Solidification and stabilization of oil and gas drilling waste operations LY
0428 13 P Boluda-Botella, Saquete*, Martínez-Moya, Rodríguez-Llopis, Pérez-García, García-Quiles Study of the water electromagnetic treatment with the TK3K equipment: calcium carbonate forced precipitation experiments by adding Ca(NO3)2 and Na2CO3 in waters of different qualities ES
0429 13 P Paparo*, Uggeri, Trifuoggi, Russo, Carotenuto, Nicolais Adsorption kinetics of Iopamidol onto activated carbon IT
0430 57 P Spasic*, Manojlović, Jovanović, Sokić DNA as a sequence of quantum entangled electromechanical oscillators RS
0431 41 P Sokić*, Stojanović, Marković, Manojlović, Bugarčić, Milojkov, Spasic Structural-textural characteristics of sulfide minerals in polymetallic concentrate on their leaching in oxidative sulfuric acid solutions RS
0432 16 N Glassey* Advanced modelling techniques enabling faster bio-process development UK
0433 75 P Kulajanpeng*, Sheibat-Othman, Tanthapanichakoon, McKenna Multiscale modelling of multizone circulating reactor for propylene polymerization FR
0434 66 P Onga*, Kattel-Salusoo, Dulova Oxidation of dexamethasone by photochemical processes in aqueous matrices: A comparative study EE
0435 65 P Martín-Quijano, González-Revuelta, Gorri* Purification of pharmaceutical solvents by pervaporation: a case study ES
0436 44 P Matijašić*, Ivković, Duplančić, Kurajica Statistical analysis of specific surface area and conversion ability of manganese-doped ceria HR
0437 35 P Bai*, Fonte, Kowalski, Rodgers A real-time mixing time prediction method for stirred tank geometries without available full-sized flow field profile UK
0438 75 P Tyrański*, Orciuch, Makowski Computational fluid dynamics of influence of process parameters and the geometry of catalyst fibres on the ammonia oxidation process and degradation of the catalyst gauze PL
0439 73 L Shebli*, Elakrimi Characterization of Libyan crude oils and its heavy fractions LY
0440 11 L Sasson* Novel approach in destruction of organic pollutants in air, soil and water (plenary lecture) IL
0441 53 P Dridi, Van Hecke, Benali* Solid dispersions of quercetin-PEG matrices: miscibility prediction using solubility parameters and experimental validation FR
0442 12 P Laasonen*, Ruuskanen, Niemelä, Koiranen, Ahola Electrochemical reduction of CO2 to solid carbon by molten salt electrolysis in a coaxial-type reactor FI
0443 23 P Balcu*, Macarie, Taranu, Gherman, Sfirloaga Structural and electrochemical studies of reed from the Danube in order to obtain green energy RO
0444 16 P Barcelo*, Filipe, Nakach, Re Impact of coupling shear and thermal stresses during spray drying on protein stability FR
0445 66 P Sarti*, Rodrigues, Mello Electro-oxidation of lignin from sugarcane bagasse as a pretreatment for biogas generation BR
0446 68 P Duplančić*, Mužina, Kurajica VOC oxidation over copper doped ceria nanocatalysts HR
0447 31 P Ribeiro*, Manrique, Barreiro, Lopes, Dias Pickering emulsions: batch vs continuous production using the static mixer NETmix PT
0448 51 P Ribeiro*, Manrique, Barreiro, Lopes, Dias Water-in-oil Pickering emulsions from sodium oleate surface modified nano-hydroxyapatite PT

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