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Papers accepted by the Scientific Committee are presented in the List of Accepted Papers

In the table below are listed additional contributions received after this date, which will be largely accepted as posters. Exceptionally, very good contributions could be still assigned for oral presentation.

Dark coloured contributions have been edited by the administrator of data base to conform to formal requirements.

If you might find any error in inscription of your paper (which has already been denoted in the table as edited), please download and upload your summary again. This will notify automatically the administrator of data base. If your paper is not denoted as edited in the table, the reason may be:

  • summary is missing, or
  • summary is incomplete, or
  • summary does not conform with requirements, or
  • there is some problem with the editing - in this case please contact the Organising Committee ( to resolve the problem.

Table below can be sorted according to the column content by clicking on column heading. For more convenience you can filter the table according to the topic. Please select topic from drop-down menu and wait for the result. Individual searches in the table can be made by pressing CTRL and F.

Notes and explanations
  • Topic = administrative number of the topic (click here)
  • Form = form of presentation requested by author: L – lecture, P – poster, N – no preference (this type will be assigned to poster session). The Scientific Committee will decide about final form of presentation
  • Author team = list of surnames with speaker denoted by asterisk
  • Title = title of paper
  • Country = country of the corresponding author. For the list of country codes click here

Individual searches in the table can be made by pressing CTRL and F.

Total number of papers: 23
TopicFormAuthor TeamTitleCountry
16 P Gomes, Arcanjo, Leal, Rosifini, Vieira* Reduced platelet adhesion after coating TiO2 nanotubes with sulfated chitosan BR
36 P Quintella, Oliveira, Silva, Costa, Azevedo, Cavalcante, Vieira* Adsorbent aerogels derived from biomass - Bacterial Cellulose - for the removal of oil and its derivatives BR
0488 64 N Xenios, Weilandt, Hatzimanikatis, Kokossis* An integrated approach to maximize process and strain efficiency in biochemical processes: the case of bioplastics production GR
0491 73 L Solar, Saavedra*, Toledo Bubble coalescence tracking in a dynamic bubbling system using computational image processing techniques CL
0492 10 N Schlögl* No energy transition without chemistry (plenary lecture) DE
0493 75 N Elmisaoui*, Elmisaoui, Khamar Computational modeling of an industrial preneutralizer gas-liquid reactor with new spargers design for inhencing the reacting flow hydrodynamics MA
0494 64 P Meramo*, Pasutto, Fantke, Sukumara Developing a toolbox for assessing the economic and environmental sustainability performance of bio-based products at early design stages DK
0495 31 P Silva*, Albuquerque, Pereira Granular mixing effects on recycling of steelmaking by-products using microwave heating PT
0496 36 L Sharma*, Thaokar, Juvekar Population balance modelling of an electrocoalescer IN
0497 74 P Pavlíček, Bogdanić*, Wichterle Isothermal vapor-liquid equilibria in the 2-propanol + water and 2-methylpropan-2-ol + water systems CZ
0498 37 L Buczko*, Kemmerling, Backhaus, Deshmukh, Brüll Ultrasound in reactive extrusion synthesis of polyurethanes DE
0499 75 L AlHajji*, Alsharyan Digitalization of operation management business process; insight into the designed manufacturing plant SA
0500 11 P Kafková*, Ondrejíčková, Brisudová Changes in phytosterols, steryl glycosides and waxes content during the storage of biodiesel produced from oil mixture SK
0501 37 L Ramirez*, Lutz, Dreyer, Reichmann Ultrasound and microwave-assisted synthesis of zeolites in a continuous oscillatory baffled reactor FR
0502 37 L López-Buendía, Gigirey*, Chiarotti, Albuquerque, Schmidt, Martínez, Catalá-Civera, Centelles Vilalta, Gianntopoulos, Van Reusel, Brau Electrification of energy intensive industries through microwave production: case of product from ceramic, cement and steel industries ES
0503 37 L López-Buendía*, Gigirey, García-Baños, Botella, Martínez, Godes, Marx, Schmidt Mineral transformation during microwave heating for materials with different dielectric behaviour from ceramic, cement and steel sector and implication for production ES
0504 36 P Montero*, Perrucci, Jand, Maschietti Modeling and validation of direct injection of an alkaline solution into gas stream pipeline in co-current configuration for sweetening of sour gases DK
0505 75 L Aslanoglou, Kokossis*, Anastasakis Modelling of non-conventional streams in the context of circular economy – the case of hydrothermal liquefaction GR
0507 33 P Skocilas, Štancl, Štípek*, Žitný Determination of rheological properties of collagen matter using large amplitude oscillation shear experiments CZ
0508 64 L Rashid*, Shaikh, Mackey An integrated approach for resource recovery from juice industry wastewater and biomass production using purple non-sulfur bacteria QA
0509 81 N Bogle* Ethics in chemical engineering UK
0510 36 P Svoboda*, Svoboda, Henke, Gillarová, Růžička, Sluková Data pre-processing for equilibrium dispersive model parameters determination modeling preparative chromatography separation of mannitol, glucose, fructose, and sucrose from the mixture CZ
0511 74 P Bureš*, Zubov, Kosek, Válek, Bobák Cahn-Hilliard modelling of hollow fibers morphology CZ

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