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Notes and explanations
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TopicFormAuthor TeamTitleCountry
0001 69 P Shaimardanova*, Shaimardanov, Kulenova, Sadenova Analysis of modern achievements on the introduction of elements of the precision farming system KZ
0002 27 N Panepinto*, Zanetti Environmental comparison between two different MSW thermal treatment options: direct combustion and gasification IT
0004 64 N Chihambakwe*, Chirwa Reduction and removal of Cr (VII) by pure cultures isolated from the eManzana sulfur hot spring, South Africa ZA
0005 11 L Hernández*, Belinchón, Santiago, Moya, Navarro, Hospital-Benito, Paramio, Lemus, Palomar Multiscale solvent – ionic liquid catalyst selection for developing CO2 conversion processes to cyclic carbonates ES
0006 69 L Higuita*, Diaz A biological alternative for the final disposal of seized cocaine: the case of biodegradation using a continuous stirred tank bioreactor CO
0007 22 L Ben tahar, Mimoun* Coke production from the Algerian petroleum residues DZ
0008 45 K Salmi*, Russo, Freites Aguilera Solid foams as structured catalysts – interaction of intrinsic kinetics and external mass transfer FI
0009 58 L Hosseini*, Berdyshev The kinetics of elastic deformation in polymeric films under loading IR
0011 75 L Alvear*, Fortunato, Orabona, Reich, Russo, Di Serio, Haase, Salmi Transient behaviour and modelling of trickle bed reactors: alkene epoxidation with hydrogen peroxide FI
0012 41 L Freites Aguilera, Tolvanen*, Lindroos, Wikström, Eränen, Salmi A green and intensified pathway to epoxidized fatty acids: application of enzymatic technology and ultrasound irradiation FI
0013 25 L Ashrafi*, Mostafavi, Navarri Analysis of DME production from current and CO2 conversion technologies CA
0014 56 L Desmond*, Phan, Gentile Critical overview on the green synthesis of carbon quantum dots and their application for Glioblastoma Multiforme cancer therapy UK
0015 52 L Düsenberg*, Schmidt, Bück Enhanced powder deposition through charge control substances in additive manufacturing DE
0016 44 K Vajglová*, Mäki-Arvela, Kumar, Eränen, Peurla, Hupa, Murzin How to synthesize shaped bifunctional catalysts with a spatially controlled distance between active sites? FI
0017 58 L Unger*, Schmidt, Bück Parameter study for the production of semi-crystalline polymeric particles via LLPS and precipitation DE
0018 23 L del Río*, Bermejo, Martin Green and blue hydrogen generation in a semi-continuous fashion by activating the metal-water-splitting with CO2 capture derivatives and solvents ES
0019 43 K Vajglová, Kumar*, Mäki-Arvela, Eränen, Peurla, Angervo, Murzin Metal modified extrudate shaped catalysts for production of green fuel components: Catalytic process, reaction mechanism, catalyst deactivation and regenerations FI
0020 25 L Yeh* Realization of ionic diodes at the submicrometer scale for ultrahigh osmotic energy generation TW
0021 41 L Perret*, Boukis, Sauer Methods of reaction and reactor engineering to adjust product ratios and increase efficiency of syngas fermentation with Clostridium ljungdahlii DE
0022 32 L Mastroianni*, Russo, Vajglová, Eränen, Murzin, Salmi Oxidation of alcohols promoted by gold in a microreactor: kinetic and modelling study FI
0023 51 P Düsenberg*, Esper, Schmidt, Peukert, Bück Production of glass flake reinforced PBT-PC composites via co-comminution in a stirred media mill DE
0024 71 L Ben Tahar*, Mimoun Coke production from heavy fractions and Algerian oil residues DZ
0025 13 N Ben Tahar*, Saoud, Mansour Environment and water treatment DZ
0026 75 L Balsamo*, De Tommaso, Iuliano, Montagnaro Fractal-like intraparticle diffusion model for the description of cadmium adsorption onto fly ashes IT
0027 13 L Igboamalu*, Mashifana, Okonkwo The application of nanoparticle and nanosensor to create a multi-purpose effect for the treatment and reuse of industrial effluent ZA
0028 75 L Quezada*, Saavedra, Jeldres Searching for affinity between materials and polymers in saline solutions by molecular dynamics tool CL
0029 69 P Delgado, Llanos, Fernandez Morales* Bioelectrochemical recovery of Cu from acid mine drainage ES
0030 64 L Meramo*, Fantke, Gonzalez-Delgado, Sukumara Integrating the environmental and economic performance of bio-based products: An assessment of chitosan production DK
0031 41 L Perez-Sena*, Leveneur, Estel, Salmi Kinetic and reactor modelling of epoxide carbonation on heterogenized catalysts FI
0032 26 L Zamani, Vafajoo* A feasibility study for solar system utilization in an upstream oil and gas facility IR
0033 28 L Kozdra*, Florczak, Opaliński, Szałański, Wójcik, Możdżonek, Michałowski Improvement of solid polymer electrolyte ionic conductivity - high energy mixing application PL
0034 65 L Čížek, Yalcinkaya, Cuřínová, Kohout, Izák* Chiral composite membrane for enantiomer separation CZ
0035 74 L Lukianova*, Lukianov, Hrubý Experimental study of homogeneous nucleation of water in carbon dioxide carrier gas CZ
0036 41 L Russo*, Taddeo, Esposito, Tesser, Di Serio Catalytic screening and kinetic investigation of ethyl levulinate ketalization with glycerol IT
0037 62 L Keller*, Bart, Hlawitschka Recycling of lithium-ion batteries: From the equilibrium study to the continuous operation AT
0038 65 L Nedjad, Eić* Developing a fast-screening technique to find the optimum gas adsorbent CA
0040 32 P Chen*, Tseng, Lee Design and control of n-butyl acetate esterification process via reactive Higee distillation configuration TW
0041 53 L Leong* Phase state of 0.45 wt. % Laponite dispersion aged for 9 years: transforming from isotropic liquid to attractive gel AU
0042 45 K Russo*, Freites Aguilera, Salmi Shallow beds are not plug flow reactors – analysis of kinetic data in the presence of axial dispersion effects IT
0043 73 L Hamamah*, Grützner Toward Understanding the Fluid Dynamics of Annular Centrifugal Extractors, CINC V 02 as an example. DE
0044 31 L Otaola*, Mottelet, Guénin, Luart, Leturia Development of 3D printed microreactors for organometallic catalytic reactions FR
0045 75 L Gendera*, Ludwig CFD modelling of a double-pipe heat exchanger with turbulators using the porous media approach PL
0046 13 P Tesser*, Russo, D'Angelo, Salvi, Tarallo, Trifuoggi, Di Serio Fluoride adsorption on hydroxyapatite: from batch to continuous operation IT
0047 74 L Chen*, Ching Phase equilibria of thermoelectric Bi-Sb-Se-Te quaternary system TW
0048 66 L Gheju*, Balcu Removal of hexavalent chromium by use of Fe0-sand mixtures RO
0049 41 N Murphy*, Willis, O'Malley Using the integrated form of metabolic flux analysis to better understand the material balance and kinetics throughout a cell UK
0050 41 P Zelić*, Povijač, Tomašić, Gomzi Photocatalytic degradation of acetamipride in a rotating photoreactor – determination of reactive species HR
0051 64 L Trinca*, Vilardi Economic and energetic analysis of an agro-industrial waste to hydrogen valorization plant IT
0052 71 K Peters*, Silva, Teixeira, Teixeira Meeting the challenge to resolve biomass combustion in industrial furnaces LU
0053 25 P Chen, Hsu* Reducing the influence of ion concentration polarization in salinity gradient power through applying a negative pressure difference TW
0054 41 L Mikhaylova*, de Oliveira, Merdrignac, Berlioz-Barbier, Nemri, Pirngruber Kinetic calculation of nitrogen-containing species transformations in vacuum gas oils hydrotreatment using (ESI+/-)-FT-ICR/MS data FR
0055 63 N Saczek*, Zivkovic, Wang, Mamlouk, Pramana Bubbles and oil utilisation in microplastic capture from water UK
0056 64 L Shaikh*, Rashid, Mackey Simultaneous treatment of fuel synthesis wastewater and resource recovery using PNSB based biofilm technology QA
0057 44 P Yergaziyeva*, Kutelia, Dossumov, Dzigrashvili, Eristavi, Nadaraia, Jalabadze, Gventsadze, Tsurtsumia, Kukava, Gventsadze, Anissova, Mambetova Development of micro/nano/mesoporous granulated natural raw materials-based new catalyst systems with the transitive elements’ for the DRM reaction KZ
0058 73 L Lösch*, Boldt, Krause, Lerche, Antonyuk Small scale filtration experiments by analytical multisample photo-centrifugal filtration (ACF) DE
0060 82 L Alfutimie*, Khudr Transferable lessons extracted from novel teaching and supporting chemical engineering students at the University of Manchester UK
0061 72 L Flaischlen*, Wehinger Influence of fixed bed structure on the local transport phenomena DE
0062 64 L Mkhonto*, Chetty Fuel-grade hydrocarbons production from spent coffee grounds oil using catalyst calcium oxide synthesised from chicken eggshells ZA
0063 34 L Di Serio*, Russo, Hreczuch Micreoreactor modelling for ethoxylation reactions; a starting point to design a pilot plant IT
0064 35 L Sirasitthichoke, Salloum, Armenante* Power dissipation and power numbers for a retreat-blade impeller (RBI) in a stirred vessel provided with single pharmaceutical-type baffles US
0065 41 L Yan*, Meng, Zhou, Liu, Feng, Chen, Chen, Yang Tailoring facets of α-Mn2O3 microcrystalline catalyst for enhanced selective oxidation of glycerol to glycolic acid CN
0067 64 L Bijok*, Alopaeus Multiscale modelling of biomass fractionation processes by considering the heterogeneous nature of the feedstock FI
0068 42 L Reinsdorf*, Alvear, Schmidt, Kumar, Salmi Solvent effect in the epoxidation of propene using hydrogen peroxide over Ti-silicalite materials with in-situ FTIR-ATR spectroscopy FI
0069 15 L Segneri*, Verdone, De Filippis, Vilardi Waste to chemicals: technical-economic analysis of an hydrothermal liquefaction process IT
0070 23 N Portella*, Alberti, Carneiro, Paludo, Sieciechowicz, Bragança, Portella Design and environmental sustainability of 100 kWp solar photovoltaic plant float modules: a case study at Santa Clara HPP, southern Brazil BR
0071 23 K Alberti*, Portella, Paludo, Carneiro Environmental risks in the production of solar photovoltaic energy in floating systems of hydroelectric plants: case study at Santa Clara HPP, with 100 kWp BR
0072 64 L Cheenkachorn, Narataraksa, Prapainainar, Hunpinyo* Focusing bio-pellets agricultural waste relevant for pilot-scale applications: transportable gasification for syngas/IC engine CHP applications in challenging LCOE TH
0073 36 L Arafah*, Ribeiro, Rodrigues, Pais Combining preparative fixed-bed and simulated moving bed chromatography at normal-phase and high pH reversed-phase to achieve complete separation of the quaternary mixture of nadolol stereoisomers PT
0074 69 P Muñoz-Batista*, Martín-Lara, Blázquez, Pérez, Solís, Calero Creating value from non-recycled mixed plastic waste: PYROMIX project ES
0075 60 K Harmsen*, Verkerk Industrial-Urban symbiosis by new design and co-operation method NL
0076 69 P Osias, Chen* Synthesis of cobalt-embedded zeolites for removal of rhodamine B in wastewater by sulfate radical-based advanced oxidation process TW
0077 43 L Muñoz-Batista*, Solís, Martín-Lara, Blázquez, Pérez, Calero Toward understanding the photo-oxidation properties of boron-modified g-C3N4: Light-matter interaction modelling ES
0078 43 L Parra*, Portillo, Ateka, Saiz, Ereña, Aguayo Effect of feed composition on catalyst regeneration in the direct production of olefins from H2 + CO + CO2 mixtures ES
0079 41 L Canamas*, Du, Guichardon, Montagnier, Hubaud pH tracking to study the impact of amine choice on kinetics during polyurea microcapsules formation FR
0080 60 L Wada*, Vincent, Mackey Converting fuel-synthesis process water to aquaculture feed in arid regions: A potential circular economy powered by purple non-sulfur bacteria QA
0081 76 L Rouhollahi*, Mehrabani-Zeinabad, Alemrajabi Experimental study of electro-hydrodynamic drying of tomato and process optimization IR
0082 74 L Haase*, Fitschen, Orvalho, Zedníková, Schlüter Determination of volumetric mass transfer coefficients kLa in aerated stirred tank reactor and bubble column by means of the dynamic pressure step method DE
0083 66 L Kholisa*, Matsena, Chirwa In situ bioreduction of hexavalent chromium contaminated water using a microbial culture barrier ZA
0084 43 L Rodríguez, Trueba*, Vela, Crespo, Palos, Gutiérrez, Arandes Acidity effect on reaction yields and product composition comparison in VGO hydrocracking on NiW catalysts supported on Y zeolites ES
0085 62 L Kremser*, Gerl, Pellis, Guebitz Bio-recycling of plastic and aluminium from multilayer packaging waste using biogenic sulfuric acid AT
0086 11 L Baqain*, Neshumayev, Konist Experiences in sulfur capture from Ca-rich fuel conversion in oxy-fuel circulating fluidized bed combustion EE
0087 13 L Wójcik*, Dąbrowska, Kozdra, Binder, Strupiński, Stępniewski, Wysmołek, Michałowski Experimental indication for desalinating properties of porous boron nitride PL
0088 67 L Topiař*, Sajfrtová, Sovová Fractionation of hydrolysed plant oils using supercritical carbon dioxide CZ
0089 41 L Cogliano*, Russo, Turco, Santacesaria, Di Serio, Salmi, Tesser Revealing the role of stabilizers in H2O2 for the peroxyformic acid synthesis and decomposition kinetics FI
0090 64 L Quartinello*, Guebitz Step-wise enzymatic approach for recovery of building block from textile waste blends AT
0091 64 P Siracusa*, Quartinello, Pellis, Guebitz Study of enzymatic hydrolysis mechanisms of distinct bio-based synthetic polyesters AT
0092 64 P Mihalyi*, Quartinello, Guebitz Membrane separation processes for recycling of cellulase enzymes in depolymerization of textile waste AT
0093 31 L Gössl*, Deitmann, Menges-Flanagan Scalable continuous synthesis of organozinc reagents and their immediate subsequent coupling reactions DE
0094 73 L Verma*, Mitchell, Guo, Hodnett, Heng Influence of pre-exponential factor on templated nucleation of peptides UK
0095 23 L Cheenkachorn, Narataraksa, Prapainainar, Hunpinyo* A hybridized mini off-grid project for remote area electrification – Two BMC lessons learned in Thailand TH
0096 33 L Zong*, Yue Effect of nanoparticle addition on the mass transfer of gas-liquid slug flow in microreactors NL
0097 35 N Yao, Liu*, Tao, Wang Enhancement of solid-liquid suspension performance in an elliptical stirred tank with a rigid-flexile impeller CN
0098 72 L Zak*, Moucha, Paglianti, Montante Evaluation of curved blade impeller by flow regimes and mixing time by local measurements in stirred tank reactors CZ
0099 44 K Yadav*, Das In-situ DRIFTS analysis of cyclohexane oxidation in vapor phase over FeMnOδ/Al2O3 catalyst: Role of mixed metal oxides IN
0100 65 L Cabezas*, Merlet, Romero, Quijada-Maldonado, Pino, Araya-Lopez, Zurob, Plaza In-situ recovery of butanol from ABE fermentation solution by hydrophobic deep eutectic solvent perstraction in tubular membranes assisted with vacuum CL
0101 23 L Maggi*, Bremer, Sundmacher Multiperiod design optimization of a flexible power-to-methanol process DE
0102 42 L Mudassar*, Brösigke, Bischoff, Repke, Schomäcker Systematic study on the influence of the distance between two active sites of a bifunctional heterogeneous catalyst DE
0103 66 L García Becerra*, Toledo Ramírez, Quezada Escalona, Arumí Ribera A sustainable alternative to reduce excess nutrients in lakes, through montmorillonite CL
0104 56 L Kansha*, Kiyomoto, Sakai Design of innovative energy harvesting wireless sensors based on magnetic phase transition JP
0105 41 L Trueba*, Palos, Vela, Rodríguez, Crespo, Gutiérrez, Arandes Effect on product distribution and kinetics of co-feeding plastics to vacuum gasoil hydrocracking process ES
0106 15 P Hernández-Pérez, Montañés*, Martí-Calatayud, Pérez-Herranz Electrochemical recovery of Sb from a waste effluent generated in the copper production industry ES
0107 22 L Mohamed*, Benkreira, Elbousiffi Mitigation of paraffin wax in crude oil production facilities LY
0108 75 L Alimin*, Charoensaeng, Shiau, Suriyapraphadilok Modeling of single surfactant adsorption on the silica surface using customized neural networks model TH
0109 73 L Waibel*, Trescher, Ränger, Grützner Multiple dividing wall column in pilot scale: Design features and first experimental results DE
0110 41 L Taddeo*, Vitiello, Tesser, Eränen, Salmi, Russo, Di Serio Nonanoic acid esterification: from batch to continuous operation IT
0111 15 P Hernández-Pérez, Montañés*, Martí-Calatayud, Pérez-Herranz Preliminary study about the recovery of Bi from effluent wastes generated in the copper production ES
0112 31 L Arthur*, Rahmanian Process simulation of twin-screw granulator: Effect of screw configuration on granule size distribution UK
0114 13 L Kato*, Sakai, Sato, Kansha The proposal of a process design of a novel wastewater treatment process using UV, US, TiO2, and mist JP
0116 32 L Haydar*, Blel, Gentric Experimental study of global hydrodynamics and gas-liquid mass transfer with Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquid phases in a thin gap bubble column FR
0117 41 L Di Menno Di Bucchianico, Cipolla, Buvat, Casson Moreno, Leveneur* Kinetic model assessment for the n-butyl levulinate production from the alcoholysis of 5-HMF FR
0118 23 P Tungatarova*, Baizhumanova, Zhumabek, Kaumenova, Manabayeva Production of "blue" hydrogen from methane on catalysts prepared by the SHS method KZ
0119 81 L Chuenban, Rugsong, Hunpinyo* Recalling the concepts of modelling framework, analysis and operation for filtration models in a rotary vacuum drum filter (RVDF) for chemical engineering students TH
0122 64 L Satya, Harimawan, Keryanti, Johir, Vigneswaran, Setiadi* A simple local equilibrium model to predict breakthrough curves of cadmium biosorption on a fixed bed adsorber reactor filled with dried Aphanothece sp biomass ID
0123 33 P Hiruta*, Kushimoto, Ishihara, Kano Analysis for non-Newtonian flow mechanisms of concentrated slurries JP
0124 23 L Akimoto*, Nakaiwa, Keigo Development of small-scale ORC for distributed energy supply system JP
0125 33 P Suzuki*, Kushimoto, Ishihara, Kano Development of a new model for wet ball milling under highly viscous condition JP
0127 11 L Landa*, Remiro, Valecillos, Bilbao, Gayubo Effect of sorbent type in the sorbent enhanced steam reforming (SESR) of raw bio-oil with NiAl2O4 spinel derived catalyst ES
0128 64 L Maulana, Adiandri, Boopathy, Setiadi* Extraction, characterization, and biosurfactant properties of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) from textile wastewater activated sludge ID
0129 69 P Orozco-Agamez*, Kafarov, Peña Ballesteros, Romero, Medrano, Leon Bermudez Gums and lignins as natural corrosion inhibitors: A critical review CO
0130 33 L Grohn*, Oesau, Heinrich, Antonyuk Influence of liquid content on the particle dynamics in a rotor granulator DE
0131 25 L Kákonyi*, Bárkányi, Chován, Németh Model of RDF processing in a gasification reactor HU
0132 82 L Schaer*, Laurent Peer evaluation in chemical reaction engineering courses at ENSIC: Presentation and interest of such a methodology? FR
0133 41 L Garzon Losik*, Lalleman, Magnaldo, Schaer Continuous dissolution process: application to mixed (U,Pu) oxides FR
0134 42 P Zibert, Huš*, Likozar Activation of the nitrogen molecule over titanium dioxide and ruthenium- doped titanium dioxide clusters in the ground and excited states SI
0135 43 L Crespo, Palos, Trueba, Rodríguez, Vela, Gutiérrez, Arandes* Assessing the behaviour of an spent FCC catalyst as support of noble metals for hydrocracking of a hydrotreated light cycle oil ES
0136 41 L Perez Ortiz*, Gottheil, Penteado, Karsten, Illner, Esche, Schomäcker, Repke Autothermal reactor concept for oxidative coupling of methane: experimental and model-based analysis DE
0137 23 P Torrez Herrera, Korilli, Gil* Catalytic performance of hexaaluminates synthesized from aluminum saline slag wastes in the production of syngas from biogas ES
0138 23 P Baizhumanova*, Zhang, Kaumenova, Manabayeva, Tungatarova, Zheksenbaeva Catalytic reforming of biogas to produce environmentally friendly high-effective fuels KZ
0140 13 L Jourdan*, Kanniche, Neveux, Potier Compartmental modelling of biofouling in industrial cooling circuits FR
0141 69 L Inayat*, Inayat, Schwieger, Lestinsky Chemical recycling of waste polypropylene via thermo-catalytic pyrolysis over HZSM-5 catalysts CZ
0143 42 P Kovačič, Likozar, Huš* Excited states effects on CO2 photo-reduction over Cu (111) and TiO2 anatase (101) and rutile (110) surfaces: a first principles investigation SI
0144 65 N Iragena Dushime*, Bachelart, Abou Alfa, Pino Perez, Platel, Hort Experimental adsorption isotherms of CH4 and CO2 pure gases on commercial (CNR-115) and new modified (CNR-115-ox and CNR-115-ox-am) activated carbons FR
0145 75 L Ishihara*, Franks, Kano Fracture analysis of wet particulate materials by particle simulation JP
0146 43 P Babor*, Tišler, Skálová, Hidalgo Herrador Liquefaction of waste rendering fat using iron containing catalysts CZ
0147 41 L Huš*, Oberlintner, Likozar, Novak Mechanism of nanocellulose acetylation with acetic anhydride in pyridine: insight from first-principles calculations SI
0148 43 L Tabernilla*, Ateka, Bilbao, Aguayo, Epelde Mild pressure ethylene oligomerization to liquid hydrocarbons on a HZSM-5 zeolite based catalyst ES
0151 41 L Baco*, Klinksiek, Zakaria, Garcia Hernandez, Mignot, Legros, Held, Casson Moreno, Leveneur Solvent effect investigation on the acid esterification of levulinic acid by ethanol throughout a kinetic and thermodynamic combined approach FR
0152 41 L Car*, Škarica, Horvatić, Ištef, Tomašić Study of BTEX oxidation using 3D printed ceramic monolithic catalysts HR
0153 23 P Kaumenova*, Kassymkan, Zhumabek, Sarsenova, Erkibaeva, Tungutarova, Baizhumanova Synthesis of catalytic systems for the production of valuable petrochemical products KZ
0155 83 L Hass*, Appl, Schoop-Zipfel, Baganz Teaching control in biochemical engineering using a dynamic enzymatic hydrolysis process model and the control and automation software WinErs DE
0158 64 L Fittkau*, Ochs, Appl, Moser, Baganz, Hass Towards a new seed train model for biotechnological production processes DE
0159 75 L Kuncheekanna*, Jakobsen, Knuutila Uncertainties in solvent-based CO2 capture absorber modelling: An in-depth comparison of global uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis methodologies NO
0160 43 L Kostyniuk*, Bajec, Likozar Direct conversion of glycerol into glycidol and/or ethanol in a gas phase packed bed reactor over cesium-treated ZSM-5 catalysts at ambient pressure SI
0161 66 L Barla*, Raghuvanshi Bio-mitigation of flue CO2 by chemolithotrophs in a continuous bubble column reactor: Product evaluation studies and kinetic modeling IN
0162 67 L Zachová*, Sajfrtová, Cuřínová, Sovová The kinetic study of pressurized liquid extraction from plant material CZ
0163 53 L Hesse*, Antonyuk DEM simulation of powder compaction with cohesive elastic-plastic contact behavior DE
0164 64 L Chetty*, Moodley, Armah Effect of biochar on anaerobic co-digestion of sugar milling wastewater with sewage sludge for biogas production ZA
0165 82 L Plesu, Ramírez, Bonet, Badia, Iborra, Soto* Learning Analytics introduction in the Chemical Engineering subject of the chemistry undergraduate degree of the University of Barcelona for the teaching/learning/assessment process improvement ES
0166 68 L Hospital-Benito*, Lemus, Moya, Santiago, Paramio, Palomar Molecular and process modeling to identify optimal reaction enthalpies of aprotic N‑heterocyclic anion-based ionic liquids for CO2 capture ES
0167 42 K Soto*, Castro, Bringué, Fité, Iborra, Tejero Synthesis of isosorbide via d-sorbitol dehydration catalyzed by acidic ion-exchange resins ES
0168 35 L Tyl*, Jasińska, Krzysztoforski, Roubinek A new closure method for parallel and competitive-consecutive reaction schemes with finite rates PL
0170 82 L Toyoda, Garcia-Fracaro, Gallagher, Tehreem, Abegão, Glassey* Learning analytics in VR-based chemical training: operator apprentice perspectives UK
0171 76 L Mosebach*, Sonntag, Wolff Maximizing efficiency and transparency in batch processing with simulation-driven predictive decision support DE
0172 66 L Anand*, Raghuvanshi, Gupta Simultaneous removal of CO2 and NOx with a mixed consortium of bacterial culture and FTIR study IN
0173 33 L Gebouský*, Mařík, Haidl Hydraulic model of liquid-gas ejector pump CZ
0174 28 L Richtr*, Gráf, Mazúr, Bureš, Pocedič, Kosek Influence of turbulence promoters on zinc electrodeposition in alkaline zinc-air flow battery CZ
0175 73 L Ashour*, Neukäufer, Sarajlic, Rehfeldt, Klein, Meinicke, Hallmann, Paschold, Knösche, Grützner Pushing the limits in distillation laboratory applications: Miniaturized and scalable column through additive manufacturing DE
0176 66 L ُPartani*, Noruzi Kohneh Qochan Evaluation of partitioning and accumulation of heavy metals in subtropical coastal wetlands crossing mangroves’ habitats IR
0177 55 N Záchenská*, Zemanová Electrochemical preparation of Ni-Fe-W catalyst for alkaline water electrolysis SK
0178 15 L Orjuela Yepes*, Solano Meza, Gomez Rosales, Rodrigo Clavero, Ilarri Feasibility study on the integration of sago fiber in plastic waste mixtures via technology watch, mechanical characterization and environmental analysis CO
0179 68 L Topka*, Soukup, Hejtmánek, Kupčík, Balabánová, Šolcová Polybenzimidazole nanofibrous electrospun mats as an efficient support for noble metal catalysts CZ
0180 41 L Galand*, Schuurman, Girard, Rivallan, Daudin Transient kinetics of selective hydrodesulfurization over supported (Co)MoS catalysts FR
0182 52 L Zavřel*, Novák, Kroupová, Beveridge, Štěpánek, Ruphuy Development of 3D-printed hydroxyapatite/polycaprolactone composite scaffolds for bone regeneration CZ
0183 33 L Mezui, Obligado, Cartellier* Hydrodynamics of bubble columns in the heterogeneous regime: meso-scale structures, relative velocities and their scalings FR
0184 66 N Rosca*, Hlihor, Cozma, Simion, Gavrilescu Use of response surface methodology and artificial neural network approach for empirical modelling and optimization of Cr(VI) biosorption by microbial biomass RO
0185 64 L Matukaitis*, Survyla, Masaitis, Zlatkus, Vaitkus A hybrid model for estimation of target protein production in batch culture of recombinant E. coli LT
0186 36 L Paas*, Lösch, Nikolaus, Antonyuk Particle fractionation using a cross flow with superimposed electric field DE
0187 34 L Ribeiro*, Manrique, Barreiro, Lopes, Dias Vitamin E-loaded hydroxyapatite Pickering emulsions produced using a static mixer – NETmix: New product design for fortified food applications PT
0188 33 L Obligado*, Lefebvre, Mezui, Gluck, Cartellier A new Doppler optical probe for phase detection, bubble velocity and size measurements: investigation of a bubble column in the heterogeneous regime FR
0189 64 L Singh*, Chetty, Deenadayalu Extraction of caffeine from spent coffee grounds using ionic liquid ZA
0190 15 N Castro-Amoedo*, Abou Daher, Maréchal Integration of mineralisation in different industrial sectors CH
0191 35 L Fitschen*, Hofmann, Kuschel, Hoffmann, Wucherpfennig, Schlüter Characterization of heterogeneities in stirred tank reactors by means of 4D particle trajectories DE
0192 28 P Irfan* Lithium phenoxypropyl dipropanesulfonate imparts conducting solid polymer electrolytes with ultrahigh ionic conductivity for dendrite free lithium batteries CN
0194 67 L Wetterwald*, Leybros, Hertz, Sassi, Delrue, Fleury, Chambonniere, Sahut, SorigueE, Legeret Separation of lipids from wet microalgae: implementation of a coupled supercritical carbon dioxide extraction/fractionation device FR
0195 53 L Krull*, Marouazi, Kiesgen De Richter, Antonyuk An in-depth analysis of particle piles under vibration using the discrete element method DE
0196 33 L Etoumi* Crude oil compatibility and hydraulic investigation study LY
0198 67 L Andérez-Fernández*, Ferrero, Queiroz, Pérez, Álvarez, Martín, McGregor, Bermejo Formic acid production by means of simultaneous biomass and CO2 hydrothermal valorisation ES
0199 28 L Mazúr*, Spurný, Svoboda, Pocedič, Akrman, Kubáč Organic redox compounds for cheaper and greener flow batteries – a critical view CZ
0200 23 L Brito*, Pinto, Soria, Madeira Thermodynamic analysis of the steam reforming of biomass gasification gas for H2 production PT
0201 33 L Meller*, Krull, Schlegel, Tekavčič A modelling approach for the numerical simulation of disperse and resolved multiphase structures including morphology transfer DE
0202 31 L Barbosa*, Costa, Manrique, Dias, Faria, Santos, Silva, Brito ChannelCOMB device for mesostructured reactors and networks of reactors PT
0203 67 L Cerhová*, Topiař, Jandová, Sajfrtová Micronization of extracts from Leuzea Carthamoides using supercritical antisolvent CZ
0204 65 K Saeed*, Kashif Porous reduced graphene oxide based geopolymeric membrane with titanium dioxide coating for forward osmosis applications PK
0205 31 L Gillarová*, Henke, Svoboda, Krčová, Bubník, Kadlec, Pour, Sluková Possibilities of optimizing the purity of mannose in continuous chromatographic separation CZ
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0227 64 P Levy, de Albuquerque*, Macedo, Gonçalves, Rocha Immobilization of lipase B from Candida antarctica on the magnetized cashew apple bagasse lignin (NMP-Lig) aiming its application in the production of ethyl oleate BR
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0362 10 L Fernandez Rivas* Engineering empathy for the future of chemistry (plenary lecture) NL
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0403 10 L Grant* Advancing chemical engineering: What is our “NEXT”? (plenary lecture) US
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0420 75 P Cruz*, Fonte, Arafeh, De Simone, Oppong, Jeatt, Rodgers Prediction of viscosity of aged ice cream mixes using near-infrared and Raman spectroscopy models UK
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0424 10 K Kraume* Design of chemical processes with liquid multiphase systems - ways to green processes (plenary lecture) DE
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0439 73 L Shebli*, Elakrimi Characterization of Libyan crude oils and its heavy fractions LY
0440 11 L Sasson* Novel approach in destruction of organic pollutants in air, soil and water (plenary lecture) IL
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0448 51 P Ribeiro*, Manrique, Barreiro, Lopes, Dias Water-in-oil Pickering emulsions from sodium oleate surface modified nano-hydroxyapatite PT

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