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In the Table below are listed contributions which were accepted for presentation by 25 October 2020. Hitherto submitted but not accepted papers are presented in the List of Additional Papers

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Total number of papers: 494
TopicFormAuthor TeamTitleCountry
0001 84 P Yaghobi, Vafajoo* Oxidative coupling of methane: An artificial neural network modeling IR
0003 25 L Zamani, Vafajoo* A feasibility study for solar system utilization in an upstream oil and gas facility IR
0004 84 P Oliveira, Costa, Nucci* Application of Z and Laplace transforms to modelling a bioprocess using an airlift bioreactor BR
0005 84 P Nascimento, Caillaux Filho, Andrade, Nucci* Decision support system based on Fuzzy Logic for the quality of the finished product of a microbrewery BR
0006 23 L Valverde, Espin*, Duran-Olivencia, Ebri Role of particle size on the cohesive behavior of limestone powders at high temperature ES
0007 23 P Valverde, Espin*, Ebri Tensile strength and compressibility of fine CaCO3 powders. Effect of nanosilica addition ES
0009 31 P Hsu*, Tseng A stochastic simulation of the adsorption of colloidal particles in a cascade system TW
0010 81 KL Salmi, Freites Aguilera*, Russo, Warnå, Tolvanen, Eranen, Leveneur Advanced modelling of fatty acid epoxidation process à la Prileschajew FI
0011 32 KL Suerz*, Eranen, Kumar, Aho, Warnå, Murzin, Salmi Dehydration of ethanol in microreactor: kinetics and catalyst durability FI
0012 75 P Edwards, Moonisar, Riverol* Creating a Benfield fail-safe CO2 removal process. A reliability analysis TT
0013 34 P Hossienpour, Kazemeini* Developing an optimized microreactor geometry for catalytic conversion of ethyl mercaptan over a H-ZSM-5 catalyst IR
0015 22 L Reinsdorf*, Eranen, Salmi Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in alcohols: Understanding the role of organic and inorganic processes with transient studies FI
0017 83 P Bitchikh*, Smakghi, Meniai Modeling of ibuprofen in pure solvents using UNIFAC and NRTL DZ
0019 13 KL Saeid*, Russo, Tolvanen, Kumar, Eranen, Salmi Development of combined ozonation and catalytic technology for elimination of pharmaceuticals from wastewaters FI
0021 26 L Albo*, Garcia Visible-light driven CO2 reduction to methanol at Mo2C-doped TiO2 surfaces ES
0022 85 P Xu*, Li, Wang, Liu, Wang A novel flue gas desulfurization new technology CN
0023 85 P Wang, Liu, Wang, Li, Xu* Study on the regeneration of Fe3+ by electrochemical oxidation of Fe2+ on Ti-supported oxide electrode CN
0024 32 L Neukaufer*, Sarajlic, Rehfeldt, Klein, Grutzner 3D-printed packed columns under test: In search of the perfect distillation column for laboratory scale DE
0025 85 P Xu*, Li, Wang, Liu, Wang A novel flue gas desulfurization new technology - Improved Chiyoda flue gas desulfurization process CN
0026 82 P You*, Chen, Lee Energy efficient design of biobutanol purification process from acetone butanol ethanol fermentation TW
0027 82 P Tsau*, Lee, Chen Evolutional design of ethyl lactate production process via reactive distillation with pervaporation TW
0028 65 P Koltsova, Vasilenko*, Kalenov, Zhabenkova Experimental research and mathematical modeling of cultivation processes of halophilic algae and halobacteria communities RU
0029 81 P Ponomaryov, Pisarenko*, Shevchenko Kinetic modeling of propane dehydrogenation catalyzed by modified MFI zeolites RU
0030 81 P Pisarenko*, Ponomaryov, Mamchenkov Kinetic studies of the process of selective hydrogenation of methylacetylene in the propane-propylene fractions of pyrolysis gasses over efficient polymetallic catalysts RU
0031 54 P Barzegary, Kazemeini*, Farhadi, Rezaei, Keshavarz Propane dry reforming upon the NiO-MgO-SiO2 catalyst: Investigations of the Ni loading effects IR
0032 54 KL Vajglova, Kumar*, Maki-Arvela, Eranen, Perula, Hupa, Nurmi, Toivakka, Murzin Synthesis and characterization of metal (Ru-, Pt-) modified and acidic Beta and Y microporous zeolites shaped catalysts for production of fine chemicals FI
0033 84 L Dasgupta, Atta* Intensifying a hydrotreating trickle bed reactor by flow modulation IN
0034 66 KL Stanovsky, Zitkova, Karaszova, Syc, Jansen, Gandara, McKeown, Izak* Flue gas purification with membranes based on the polymer of intrinsic microporosity and water swollen thin film composite membrane CZ
0036 65 P Solera, Sales, Perez* Anaerobic codigestion of sewage sludge: addition of glycerin as a cosubstrate for enhancing biogas production ES
0037 62 P Baia, Souza, Figueiredo* Effect of particle size of different biomaterials, temperature, time and biomaterial / urea ratio on the release rate of urea BR
0038 65 P Perez*, Sales, Solera Enzymatic pre-treatments to enhance the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge ES
0039 11 L Mutch*, McNeil, Iacoviello, Bailey, Neagu, Miller, Papaioannou, Hu, Shearing, Metcalfe Supported molten-carbonate membranes with self-forming silver dendritic functionality for high carbon dioxide flux UK
0040 81 L Eic*, Shirani Surface resistance effect analysis in carbon molecular sieves and zeolites using ZLC method CA
0041 33 L Lebrun*, Hebrard, Dietrich Effect of the surfactant length on oxygen mass transfer in bubbly flow FR
0043 35 P Liu*, Wei, Xiong, Sun, Yang, Tao, Wang Numerical simulation of flow field features in stirred tank by perturbed rigid-flexible impeller CN
0045 32 P Wang, Tan, Luo* Gas-liquid microflow for reaction process intensification CN
0046 11 L Weimann*, Boldrini, Gabrielli, Devendran, van der Velde, Kramer, Gazzani Decarbonization of the steel industry: interplay between electrification and carbon capture and storage NL
0048 31 P Khelassi* Assessment of interaction and control of binary distillation column UOP3CC DZ
0049 75 L Idrisheva, Daumova, Zhamanbaeva, Mashekenova, Yussubaliyeva* Researches on phenol sorption from wastewater by using different sorbents KZ
0050 21 P Wang*, Yu, Guo, Wang Advances in coal gasification technology and gaseous hydrocarbon conversion technology of ECUST CN
0051 13 P Rai, Sinha* Complete mineralization of tannery wastewater using dimensionally stable anode and graphite felt cathode IN
0053 33 P Wei*, Wang, Wu, Yu Velocity distribution of the turbulent vertical falling film at high Reynolds number CN
0054 81 L Wojtalik*, Orciuch, Makowski Experimental and theoretical studies on the nucleation and growth kinetics of MoS2 nanoparticles obtain by chemical wet synthesis for obtaining a high-quality product PL
0055 84 L Petrik*, Szepesi, Jarmai Experimental and numerical investigation on the air side heat transfer of finned tubes HU
0056 23 L Barmina, Kolmickovs, Valdmanis*, Zaķe Improvement of biomass gasification/combustion characteristics using the microwave pre-treatment of biomass pellets LV
0057 23 L Besagni*, Croci Experimental study of pilot-scale PCM storage for solar assisted heat pumps IT
0058 83 L Grahl*, Rieger, Berndt, Sonntag, Borner, Herdegen Characterization and modelling of mass transport and reactions in a three phase system CO2, brine and carbonate rock particles under high pressure conditions DE
0059 83 P Bensebia*, Kacel Liquid-liquid equilibrium data for ternary mixture of hexane + toluene + nonionic surfactant at 298.15K DZ
0060 82 P Bensebia*, Belabbes Potential use of non-ionic surfactant in the desulfurization of gas oil DZ
0061 26 L Dolai*, Kluson, Hejda, Stavarek Synthesis of g-C3N4 for photo catalytic application in a microreactor platform CZ
0063 84 L Alzyod*, Charton A detailed population balance modelling of pulsed solvent extraction equipment using the entire turbulence spectrum range FR
0064 66 P Dmitrenko*, Liamin, Kuzminova, Penkova, Ermakov Development and study of novel green membrane based on sodium alginate modified by fullerene derivatives RU
0065 32 P Vasilev, Abiev*, Kumar Effect of circular pin-fins geometry and their arrangement on the pressure drop and heat transfer in microchannel heat sink RU
0066 82 L Keneni*, Bahiru, Marchetti Effects of different extraction solvents on the amount of oil extracted from Jatropha seeds and the potential of de-oiled seed residues as a heat provider NO
0067 33 P Mohamed*, Benkreira Mitigation of paraffin wax in oil production facilities LY
0069 33 P Elbousiffi*, Mohamed Rheology: Tool for chemicals performance evaluation and selection LY
0070 85 KL Craig*, Holmes Selective heat treatment of ores: Shaking up the economics of mineral recovery US
0071 65 P Ghobadi-Nejad*, Sadeghzadeh, Hejazi, Ghazvini, Yaghmaei Studying immobilization of laccase from Trametes hirsuta on CMC coated magnetic nanoparticles IR
0072 54 P Keneni*, Hvoslef-Eide, Marchetti Biodiesel production from Jatropha oil using recyclable an anion-exchange resin: optimization of the process NO
0074 21 L Ahn*, Kim Optimal design of supply chain network for microalgae-based biodiesel production under uncertainty in carbon dioxide emission KR
0076 26 L Jay*, Chirwa, Tichapondwa Synthesis and characterisation of novel BiOCl–C3N4 heterojunction visible light induced photocatalyst prepared via ionic liquid-assisted solvent thermal route ZA
0078 13 P Belaiba, Hodaifa* Tertiary treatment of urban wastewater through Chlorella vulgaris growth. pH influence in kinetic growth and biochemical composition ES
0079 84 L Kelani*, Abdur Rakib, Al Musharfy Predictive model of delayed coker unit for studying variations in feed AE
0080 35 KL Alopaeus* Modeling surfactant polydispersity in liquid-liquid dispersions with population balances FI
0081 13 L Russo*, Broccoli, Vitiello, Turco, Tesser, Iesce, Jung, Di Serio Adsorption and heterogeneous photodegradation for the removal of ibuprofen from water IT
0083 32 L Petrazzuoli*, Rolland, Mekki-Berrada, Schuurman Choosing the right packing in millimetric packed bed reactors under gas-solid conditions FR
0084 12 L Mondal, Samanta, Bandyopadhyay* Activated hindered amine solvent for less energy intensive and economic post - combustion carbon dioxide capture IN
0086 65 P Tewinkel*, Fieg Concept for the development and optimization of a submerged aerated fixed-bed reactor for biological treatment of high saline process wastewater DE
0087 52 L Ungerer*, Garnweitner, Nirschl Process development for producing functional AZO thin films using X-ray scattering methods DE
0088 81 L Russo, Tesser, Rossano, Vitiello, Turco, Salmi, Di Serio* Chromatographic reactor application to levulinic acid esterification IT
0089 23 P Arshanitsa*, Akishin, Andersone, Telysheva, Valdmaniss Effect of microwave pre-treatment on composition and thermal degradation characteristics of pre-treated lignocellulosic biomass LV
0091 85 L Rouhollahi*, Mehrabani-Zeinabad, Alemrajebi Experimental study of electro-hydrodynamic drying of tomato and process optimization IR
0092 75 L Garcia-Hernandez*, Elmoukrie, Leveneur, Gourich, Vernieres-Hassimi Global sensitivity analysis for thermal risk parameters: application to cottonseed oil epoxidation FR
0093 54 P Aghamammadova, Nagieva, Gasanova, Nagiev* dentification of coherently synchronized character of cyclohexane biomimetic oxidation by hydrogen peroxide AZ
0094 52 L Schaldach*, Schroder, Herdegen Identification of empirical correlations of the properties of bio-based formed (activated) carbons during their production DE
0095 81 L Russo, Mastroianni, Di Serio, Salmi, Tesser* Intraparticle modelling of non-uniform active phase distribution catalyst IT
0096 23 P Gargalo*, Carvalho, Gernaey Optimal design and planning of a solid waste to bioenergy supply chain: the case of Denmark DK
0097 31 L Grechushkin*, Lvov Probabilistic-statistical model of ion-exchange process of water treatment in column RU
0098 23 L Kheloufi*, Bobocioiu, Kefaifi, Medjahed, Kerkar Quartz sandstone enrichment in combined technologies DZ
0099 53 P Malikova, Ali-zadeh, Nagiev* Semiconductor electrodes for biomimetic sensors AZ
0100 54 P Psenicka*, Zbuzkova, Vrablik Testing of alternative raw materials on a unit simulating FCC technology CZ
0101 91 P Askarova, Safarik, Bolegenova, Maximov, Nugymanova*, Bolegenova, Askarov The use of plasma activation of pulverized coal flow to reduce emissions of harmful substances during the combustion of high-ash coal at Kazakhstan's thermal power plants KZ
0102 91 P Stipek*, Skocilas Viscoelastic properties of collagen dough CZ
0103 35 L Kapranova*, Bahaeva, Stenko, Lebedev, Tarshis General approach to stochastic modeling of mixing solid dispersed components in rarefied flows by the energy method RU
0104 35 P Kapranova*, Stenko, Bahaeva, Lebedev, Cherpitsky The effect of granulometric composition of bulk materials on the mixing process by a rotary spray RU
0105 33 L Kapranova*, Lebedev, Melzer, Neklyudov, Brykalov Stochastic study of factors for increasing the capacity of the control valve taking into account hydrodynamic cavitation RU
0106 67 P Dehghani Mohammad Abadi*, Ghobadi Nejad, Yaghmaei Bioremediation of soil contaminated by polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) IR
0108 31 P Kozhevnikov*, Chibiryaev, Martyanov Continuous-flow methods for dissolution of silica-containing minerals by supercritical aliphatic alcohols producing tetraalkyl orthosilicates RU
0109 81 L Golman*, Andreev, Skrzypacz Dead-core solutions for slightly non-isothermal diffusion-reaction problems KZ
0110 13 P Mori*, Mzinyati, Tsuchia Degradation of methylene blue in aqueous solution by titania particles deposited on screen using electrophoretic deposition JP
0111 91 P Strouhal*, Jurena, Jegla Development of an innovative approach to the study and modelling of flue gas fouling of heat transfer surfaces by solid pollutants CZ
0112 13 P Tabana*, Labuschagne, Tichapondwa Magnesium-aluminium based layered double hydroxide clays infused with transition metals for photocatalytic degradation of phenol ZA
0113 81 P Liu*, Chen, Yue Mass transfer characterization during liquid-liquid extraction under slug flow in microreactors NL
0114 54 P Begimova*, Tungatarova Morphology and structure of active centers and particles of iron-containing catalysts with urea and glycine KZ
0115 66 L Ma, Chen* Organic solvent nanofiltration via a continuous film of UiO-66-type metal-organic framework on polymeric support SG
0117 82 L Rasmussen*, Nielsen, Mansouri, Zhang, Abildskov, Huusom Reactive cyclic distillation DK
0118 11 L Darton*, Yang Removing carbon dioxide from the air to stabilise the climate UK
0119 91 P Lange*, Fieg Shape optimization of additively manufactured structured packings for distillation columns DE
0121 84 L Kuehlbach*, Baganz, Hass Towards a mathematical model for tumor cell extravasation DE
0122 33 L Kuehlbach*, Mueller, Baganz, Hass Tumor cell extravasation in a microfluidic device DE
0123 11 L Aina*, Du Plessis, Mjimba, Brink Waste valorization: Effect of membrane separation on the production of calcium oxide from eggshells via calcination ZA
0124 31 L Basan*, Coccola, De Prada, Mendez A MILP-based rolling horizon framework for reactive scheduling in power-intensive processes: a case of air separation units AR
0125 33 L Krokhina*, Lvov, Fatova Analysis of mechanisms of fish-hook effect occurrence in small-size hydrocyclones classifiers RU
0126 43 L Appl*, Fittkau, Moser, Hass Comparison of fixed feeding profiles, RQ feedback control and adaptive model-based control for aerobic Saccharomyces cerevisiae fed-batch cultivations DE
0127 54 P Dlaskova Jaklova*, Vrablik Comparison of the processes of deactivation CZ
0128 31 P Lebedev*, Denisova, Menshutina Continuous supercritical drying process modeling RU
0129 52 KL Soto*, Verna, Rasmuson Crystal growth kinetics of Tolbutamide in organic solvents IE
0130 81 P Golman, Andreev, Skrzypacz* Dead-core and non-dead-core solutions for diffusion-reaction problems with power-law kinetics KZ
0131 54 P Lu*, Grenman, Estel, Kumar, Leveneur Determination of the heat capacity of selected catalysts and catalyst supports FR
0132 65 L Espinosa-Pardo*, Subra-Paternault, Harscoat-Schiavo Development of a biorefinery scheme from corn germ: oil, protein and final residue properties FR
0133 84 L Portillo*, Ateka, Bilbao, Ereña, Aguayo Direct olefins production from CO2 using In2O3-ZrO2/SAPO-34 bifunctional catalyst ES
0134 82 L Kallai*, Szepesi, Mizsey Dynamic simulation model and controlling of a rectification column HU
0135 22 P Cheng*, Yu, Lee Dynamic simulation of the styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) co-polymerization process under emergent situations TW
0136 54 L De Paz Carmona*, Tisler, Svobodova, Vondrova Effect of phosphorus addition on sulfur-free mono- and bi-metallic carbide catalysts for the hydrotreating of middle distillates and vegetable oils CZ
0137 56 P Matousek*, Jisa, Cerny Effect of polyphosphoric acid on properties of bituminous binders with depolymerised PE wax CZ
0138 52 L Diaz*, Charton, Ode, Doreau, Puel Experimental assessment of the influence of particle properties in filtration. Development and validation of a pilot for nuclear fuel fabrication FR
0139 52 L Schutz*, Aschl High and low temperature ring shear powder testing AT
0140 23 P Silva*, Peixe Improvement of biogas burning in a sugar-ethanol plant BR
0141 84 P Pletnev*, Gozhimov, Polosin, Liventsov, Feygin Integration of KT-NIMFA and ISS CNFC software systems for solving the problems of visualization of the radiochemical industry technological processes RU
0142 75 L Vrablik*, Hidalgo, Cerny Marine fuels stability as a challenge for 2020+ CZ
0143 43 L Moser*, Moller, Kuchemuller, Deppe, Hernandez Rodriguez, Gassenmeier, Ifrim, Frahm, Portner, Hass Model-assisted design of experiments - concept, software and applications DE
0144 84 L Moser*, Appl, Portner, Hass Modelling and optimizing small-scale parallelized bioreactors as a tool for scale-up of biotechnological processes DE
0146 83 L Coetzee*, Knoetze, Schwarz Numerical modelling of high pressure phase behaviour data using artificial neural networks ZA
0147 33 L Hallac*, Bayly, Muller, He, MacLeod Predicting the breakage of elongated particles in agitated pharmaceutical dryers UK
0148 23 L Lu*, Lagerquist, Eklund, Leveneur, Estel, Grenman Reductive catalytic fractionation of semi-industrial wood based lignin FR
0149 67 P Wieczorek*, Turala Research on the purification of air stream contaminated with xylene using a biotrickling filter with bed of expanded clay PL
0151 84 L Fluch*, Brunner, Gorter, Wilk, Ponweiser, Klug The development of a holistic optimisation approach for the operation and design of hybrid energy supply system in industry AT
0152 81 L Øyen*, Haug-Warberg, Jakobsen, Solsvik The differential Gibbs and Helmholtz reactors for ideal and non-ideal gases and selected applications NO
0153 33 P Svetlov, Abiev*, Shevchenko, Ilin The effect of surfactants on the synthesis of polymer microspheres in a microfluidic chip RU
0154 67 P Avdeenkova*, Makarova, Nikulina, Tsirulnikova, Pishaeva The study of directed phytoextraction of mercury with various chelating complexes RU
0156 65 L Garcia-Mendoza*, Espinosa-Pardo, Savoire, Harscoat-Schiavo, Subra-Paternault Valorisation of walnut press-cake by optimizing the phenolic extraction FR
0157 26 L Gomez Llanos*, Ramos Huerta, Ruiz Martinez, Morales Perez, Castillo Araiza Assessment of iron doping effect on the structural and optical properties of titanium dioxide: generation of reactive species and photodegradation MX
0158 65 P Pinto*, Ribeiro, Giordano, Farinas Attenuation of the negative impact of inhibitors on the production of second generation ethanol in biorefineries by washing process BR
0159 63 P Menden*, Hass Degradation and valorization of post-consumer textile fiber materials DE
0160 25 L Umar, Aboelazayem, Saha* Enhancing oxidation stability of biodiesel produced from waste cooking oil via supercritical methanolysis UK
0161 67 P Gomez Ceballos*, Zapata Benabithe, Lara Martin, Velasquez Jimenez, Quintana Marin Evaluation of removal of pharmaceutically active compounds by hyperbranched lignin polymers CO
0162 21 L Silva*, João, Silva Excess-heat recovery and upgrade: Chemical heat pumps for a lower carbon footprint PT
0163 33 L La Forgia*, Herø, Solsvik, Jakobsen Experimental investigation and visual characterization of single particle breakup in turbulent flow conditions NO
0164 11 L Olaniyan, Saha* Heterogeneous catalytic synthesis of chloromethyl ethylene carbonate from carbon dioxide and epichlorohydrin using a novel Zr/ZIF-8 catalyst UK
0165 15 L Svobodova* Industrial scale co-processing of used cooking oil in a gas oil hydrotreating unit CZ
0166 33 L Fathi, Saadatmand*, Parsa Yeganeh Integrating reciprocating mixing with filter paper in a centrifugal microfluidic system for DNA extraction IR
0167 84 L George*, Bockelmann, Schmalhorst, Gerstle, Beton, Torkuhl, Lindermeir, Wehinger Optimal design of metal foam catalyst carriers by detailed CFD DE
0169 26 P Moja*, Kubeheka, Tichapondwa, Chirwa Photocatalytic degradation of phenol using visible light activated Bi₂S₃/AgX (X= Cl & Br) heterojunction catalysts ZA
0171 35 L Moon*, Pang, Adema, van der Stel, Schott Segregation of multi-components mixtures in blast furnace: a review NL
0172 54 L Papageridis, Charisiou, Bakagianni, Douvartzides, Goula* Selective catalytic deoxygenation of palm oil to renewable diesel over Ni supported on Al2O3 and La2O3-Al2O3 catalysts: An investigation of process parameters GR
0173 82 P Gutierrez-Oppe*, Salas-Chavez, Huillca-Mamani, Pacheco-Meza, Hanco-Mullisaca, Barraza-Llallacachi, Cardenas-Malaga Study of glycerin dehydration using ethyl lactate as a biodegradable solvent PE
0174 33 L Romanov, Kasparova, Vobecka, Slouka, Pribyl* Synthesis of antibiotics and optically active compounds in multi-phase microfluidic devices CZ
0175 67 L Makarova*, Fedoseev Technology for the immobilization of mercury in solid waste, taking into account the principles of green chemistry RU
0176 13 L Yenkie, Pimentel, Orosz*, Cabezas, Friedler The P-graph approach for systematic synthesis of wastewater treatment networks HU
0178 33 L Beard*, Penin, Alix Towards 3D CFD simulation of two-phase flow in rotating packed bed (RPB) for CO2 capture FR
0179 12 L Shukla*, Mikkola Unusual temperature-promoted carbon dioxide capture in deep-eutectic solvents: the synergetic interactions SE
0180 23 L Beard*, Noel, Balz, Noel, Teixeira Validation of CFD simulation of thermal energy storage (TES) in two pilot scale packed-beds of gravels FR
0181 81 P Faria*, Miguel, Rodrigues, Madeira A membrane reactor for the methanation of CO2: Modelling and simulation PT
0182 83 L Nichita* Efficient and reliable two-phase equilibrium calculations at VTN conditions FR
0183 81 P Dorantes-Landa*, Hernandez-Aguirre, Hernandez-Martinez, Castillo-Araiza A RANS based pseudo-continuous model to describe hydrodynamics in a packed bed with low tube-to-particle diameter ratio MX
0184 84 L Pudi*, Karcz, Andersson, Mansouri A systematic multiscale modeling framework for liquid-liquid phase transfer catalysis DK
0185 52 L Faria, Trujillano, Rives, Miguel*, Rodrigues, Madeira Alkali metal-promoted (Na, Cs and K) hydrotalcites for high temperature CO2 capture from flue gas in cyclic adsorption processes PT
0186 42 L Li*, Lan, Zhang, Guo Application of hybrid modelling in process optimization of thermal cracking of hydrocarbon CN
0187 83 L Ayuso*, Navarro, Larriba, Delgado Mellado, Garcia-Somoza, Garcia, Rodriguez, Coutinho, Carvalho BTX/alkanes separation by extractive distillation with tricyanomethanide-based ionic liquids. Experimental and CPA EoS modeling ES
0188 33 L Mezui, Obligado*, Cartellier Bubble columns operated in the heterogeneous regime: towards a new understanding of their hydrodynamics FR
0189 52 P Lokhat*, Carsky Carbon foam supported nickel and nickel oxide catalysts for hydrogenation and adsorption ZA
0190 81 L Seyfeli, Varisli* Catalytic activity of supported nickel catalyst in microwave focused reactor system: mesoporous carbon either as a support or as a microwave absorber TR
0191 33 P Kouadri Moustefai*, Boudjemaa, Bensebia CFD simulations of carbon monoxide conversion in a micro-channel DZ
0192 11 L Siakavelas, Charisiou, Polychronopoulou, Goula* CO2 methanation over Ni/CeO2 modified with Pr2O3: Effect of oxygen vacancies on catalytic performance GR
0193 13 L Tshemese*, Tichapondwa Competitive adsorption of chromium VI and phenol from wastewater onto exfoliated graphite ZA
0194 84 P Shcherban, Grishina, Lyubimenko, Godunova* Computer modeling of interactions of antiturbulent additive to high viscosity oil products with paraffins and asphaltenes RU
0195 68 P Hojnik Podrepsek, Knez, Leitgeb* Control of enzyme activity in food products after supercritical carbon dioxide treatment SI
0196 54 P Zbuzkova*, Jaklova, Vrablik, Cerny, Bringlerova Co-processing of alternative and standard feedstocks in hydrotreating units CZ
0197 53 L Khalighi, Saadatmand* Characterization of bio-printed thick scaffold for application in heart tissue engineering IR
0198 84 P Dai* Dynamic simulation of pulverized coal gasifier CN
0200 55 P Pridal*, Pridal, Cejka Effective coating of stainless steel surfaces by photocatalytic functional layers CZ
0201 84 P Bensebia*, Bensebia, Kouadri Moustefaï Estimation of infinite-dilution diffusivity for dense and supercritical fluids by different approaches : determinations and analysis DZ
0202 31 L Lehuen*, Delenne, Sadoudi, Duri, Ruiz Evaluation of power dissipation in a granular bed disturbed by an intruder a tool to design kneading operations FR
0203 31 L Durr*, Otto, Przywara, Antos, Kienle Experimental analysis and modelling of product formation in continuous pan granulators DE
0204 33 L Kure*, Jakobsen, Solsvik Experimental investigation of a single bubble rising in a stagnant liquid NO
0205 14 L Bukamba Tshanga, Malumba Kamba, Van Engenland, Debaste* Experimental study and modelling of the drying kinetics and sorption isotherm of Cirina forda caterpillar BE
0206 56 L Chi, Adiche* Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces on thermoplastic polymer films DE
0207 67 L Garbujo*, Lanza, Rohart, Lahougue, Gaudry, Ostuni, Biasi Fe-FER and Fe-ZSM5 catalysts for NOx/N2O abatement: the best industrial solution CH
0208 81 P Akca, Varisli* Formation metal carbides during ammonia decomposition reaction under microwave energy and their effects on the activity TR
0210 84 KL Dixon*, O'Malley, Willis Identification of the structure and parameters of kinetic models using Mixed Integer Linear Programming UK
0211 55 P Vasic*, Knez, Leitgeb Immobilization of alcohol dehydrogenase onto carboxymethyl dextran coated magnetic nanoparticles via epoxy cross-linking SI
0212 75 L Godunova, Grishina, Masanov* Impact assessment of surfactants on the reaction rate of liquids for intensification of oil recovery with the carbonate rock surface RU
0213 35 L Celan*, Cosic, Kuzmanic Impact of simultaneous application of mechanical stirring and ultrasound irradiation on nucleation kinetics of borax decahydrate HR
0215 52 L Saberi*, Alamdari, Rasoolzadeh, Mohammadi Insights into kinetic inhibition effects of MEG, PVP and L-tyrosine on natural gas hydrate formation IR
0216 32 L Gojun*, Salic, Zelic Integrated microsystem for biodiesel production HR
0217 33 L Kossov, Fedorenko*, Asembaeva, Mukamedenkyzy, Zhusanbaeva Intensification of the separation of isothermal ternary gas mixtures containing carbon dioxide in the diffusion-convective mode KZ
0218 35 L Brito*, Fonte, Santos Mixing of liquids with dissimilar viscosities in T-Jets PT
0219 84 P Pletnev*, Gozhimov, Polosin, Liventsov, Goryunov, Feigin Modeling of crystal dissolving in a storage container of a linear crystallizer RU
0220 81 P Nemec*, Koci Modeling of internal transport limitation in catalytic particulate filter CZ
0221 75 P Mikaczo*, Szepesi, Simenalvi Modelling of propane explosion venting in case of various vent duct geometries HU
0222 84 L Zhang*, Lan, Shi, Gao Multi-scale modelling method of chemical process based on EMD-MRMS CN
0223 83 P Saberi*, Alamdari, Shariati, Mohammadi Natural gas hydrate equilibrium condition in presence of MEG aqueous solution : experimental measurement and thermodynamic modeling IR
0224 11 L Kumar Chaudhary*, Deo Ni-Co modified Al2O3 catalyst for O2-coupled dry reforming of methane IN
0225 32 P Chaouche*, Kouadri Moustefai, Bensebia, Sadi Numerical investigation of phenol nitration in continues flow microreactor DZ
0226 84 P Lebedev*, Menshutina Numerical simulation of submicron particles production via rapid expansion of supercritical solutions and ultrasonic dispersion RU
0228 72 L Vermorel*, Stepanek Opportunities for students and young researchers to boost their careers through European Research Council projects BE
0230 12 KL Voskov*, De Hoop Parametrization approach for reactive flow coupled with thermodynamic equilibria NL
0231 67 L Turingan, Singson, Melchor, Alorro, Beltran, Orbecido* Passive treatment of acid mine drainage using low grade nickel ore and other alkaline generating materials PH
0232 85 L Georgiadis*, Charisiou, Yentekakis, Goula An equilibrium and kinetic study based on hydrogen sulfide adsorption tests using an industrial zeolite GR
0233 44 L Pridal* Possibilities of treatment with modern experimental drugs in the Czech Republic and abroad CZ
0234 54 P Blazek, Placha*, Koci, Svoboda, Novak, York Preparation and microstructure characterization of washcoated catalytic monolith filters CZ
0235 54 P Iida*, Tatematsu, Okumura Preparation of CaWO4 catalyst using an in-liquid impinging stream micro-reactor JP
0236 31 L Brito*, Sanchez-Salvador, Sousa, Monte, Manrique, Blanco, Santos Production of emulsions in continuous impinging jets mixers for the food industry PT
0237 55 P Spasic*, Manojlovic, Jovanovic Quantum aspects of electrocoalescence process RS
0238 85 L Marhaenia*, Charoensaeng, Kitiyanan, Suriyapraphadilok Reduction of surfactant adsorption by combining alkaline and nanoparticles injection in enhanced oil recovery process TH
0239 13 L Dires*, Saroha Removal of reactive orange 4 dye from synthetic solution using electrocoagulation IN
0240 21 L Axon, Darton* Risks in fuel supply chains: insights into long-term energy security UK
0241 84 P Jisa*, Cerny Simple empirical model for prediction of visbreaking conversion and product yields CZ
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