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Papers accepted by the Scientific Committee by 25 October 2020 are presented in the List of Accepted Papers

In the table below are listed additional contributions received after this date, which will be largely accepted as posters. Exceptionally, very good contributions could be still assigned for oral presentation.

Dark coloured contributions have been edited by the administrator of data base to conform to formal requirements.

If you might find any error in inscription of your paper (which has already been denoted in the table as edited), please download and upload your summary again. This will notify automatically the administrator of data base. If your paper is not denoted as edited in the table, the reason may be:

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  • summary does not conform with requirements, or
  • there is some problem with the editing - in this case please contact the Organising Committee ( to resolve the problem.

Table below can be sorted according to the column content by clicking on column heading. For more convenience you can filter the table according to the topic. Please select topic from drop-down menu and wait for the result. Individual searches in the table can be made by pressing CTRL and F.

Notes and explanations
  • Topic = administrative number of the topic (click here)
  • Form = form of presentation requested by author: L – lecture, P – poster, N – no preference. The Scientific Committee will decide about final form of presentation
  • Author team = list of surnames with speaker denoted by asterisk
  • Title = title of paper
  • Country = country of the corresponding author. For the list of country codes click here

Individual searches in the table can be made by pressing CTRL and F.

Total number of papers: 427
TopicFormAuthor TeamTitleCountry
26 P Kacem, Galai, Perez de los Rios, Quesada-Medina, Hernandez-Fernandez, Hernandez-Fernandez* New Efficient Laccase Immobilization for Microbial Fuel Cell Applications ES
26 P Perez de los Rios*, Hernandez-Fernandez, Quesada-Medina, Hernandez-Fernandez New Application of Polymer Ionic Liquid Membrane as Proton Exchange Membrane in Microbial Fuel Cell ES
26 P Galai, Hernandez-Fernandez, Kacem, Quesada-Medina*, Perez de los Rios Microbial Fuel Cell Application for Azoic Dye Decolorization with Simultaneous Bioenergy Production Using Stenotrophomonas sp. ES
22 L Dires*, Anil kumar Removal of reactive orange 4 dye from synthetic solution using electrocoagulation IN
81 L Boris, Vsevolod, Piotr* Dead-core solutions for slightly non-isothermal diffusion-reaction problems KZ
52 P Porgar, Rahmanian* Investigation of the role of aluminium oxide nanoparticles on water based fluid and improvement of thermal properties UK
12 P Kheirinik, Ahmed, Homayoonfard, Rahmanian* Techno-Economic analysis of carbon capture processes UK
31 L Arafah. S*, Ribeiro. E, Rodrigues. E, Pais. S Complete separation of the quaternary mixture of nadolol stereoisomers using preparative and simulated moving bed chromatography. PT
66 L Celik*, Deniz Effects of CUMOF types on CO2 separation properties of PEBA/CUMOF mixed matrix membranes TR
0010 81 L Salmi, Freites Aguilera*, Russo, Warnå, Tolvanen, Eranen, Leveneur Advanced modelling of fatty acid epoxidation process à la Prileschajew FI
0011 32 L Suerz*, Eranen, Kumar, Aho, Warnå, Murzin, Salmi Dehydration of ethanol in microreactor: kinetics and catalyst durability FI
0015 22 L Reinsdorf*, Eranen, Salmi Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in alcohols: Understanding the role of organic and inorganic processes with transient studies FI
0019 13 N Saeid*, Russo, Tolvanen, Kumar, Eranen, Salmi Development of combined ozonation and catalytic technology for elimination of pharmaceuticals from wastewaters FI
0021 26 L Albo*, Garcia Visible-light driven CO2 reduction to methanol at Mo2C-doped TiO2 surfaces ES
0024 32 L Neukaufer*, Sarajlic, Rehfeldt, Klein, Knosche, Paschold, Grutzner Optimization of 3D-printed packings: In search of the perfect lab scale distillation column DE
0029 81 P Ponomaryov, Pisarenko*, Shevchenko Kinetic modeling of propane dehydrogenation catalyzed by modified MFI zeolites RU
0030 81 P Pisarenko*, Ponomaryov, Mamchenkov Kinetic studies of the process of selective hydrogenation of methylacetylene in the propane-propylene fractions of pyrolysis gasses over efficient polymetallic catalysts RU
0032 54 N Vajglova, Kumar*, Maki-Arvela, Eranen, Perula, Hupa, Nurmi, Toivakka, Murzin Synthesis and characterization of metal (Ru-, Pt-) modified and acidic Beta and Y microporous zeolites shaped catalysts for production of fine chemicals FI
0034 66 N Stanovsky, Zitkova, Karaszova, Syc, Jansen, Gandara, McKeown, Izak* Flue gas purification with membranes based on the polymer of intrinsic microporosity and water swollen thin film composite membrane CZ
0039 11 L Mutch*, McNeil, Iacoviello, Bailey, Neagu, Miller, Papaioannou, Hu, Shearing, Metcalfe Supported molten-carbonate membranes with self-forming silver dendritic functionality for high carbon dioxide flux UK
0041 33 L Lebrun*, Hebrard, Dietrich Effect of the surfactant length on oxygen mass transfer in bubbly flow FR
0049 75 L Idrisheva, Daumova, Zhamanbaeva, Mashekenova, Yussubaliyeva* Researches on phenol sorption from wastewater by using different sorbents KZ
0054 81 L Wojtalik*, Orciuch, Makowski Experimental and theoretical studies on the nucleation and growth kinetics of MoS2 nanoparticles obtain by chemical wet synthesis for obtaining a high-quality product PL
0056 23 L Barmina, Kolmickovs, Valdmanis*, Zaķe Improvement of biomass gasification/combustion characteristics using the microwave pre-treatment of biomass pellets LV
0058 83 L Grahl*, Rieger, Berndt, Sonntag, Borner, Herdegen Characterization and modelling of mass transport and reactions in a three phase system CO2, brine and carbonate rock particles under high pressure conditions DE
0064 66 P Dmitrenko*, Liamin, Kuzminova, Penkova, Ermakov Development and study of novel green membrane based on sodium alginate modified by fullerene derivatives RU
0078 13 P Belaiba, Hodaifa* Tertiary treatment of urban wastewater through Chlorella vulgaris growth. pH influence in kinetic growth and biochemical composition ES
0080 35 L Alopaeus* Modeling surfactant polydispersity in liquid-liquid dispersions with population balances FI
0081 13 L Russo*, Broccoli, Vitiello, Turco, Tesser, Iesce, Jung, Di Serio Adsorption and heterogeneous photodegradation for the removal of ibuprofen from water IT
0086 65 P Tewinkel*, Fieg Concept for the development and optimization of a submerged aerated fixed-bed reactor for biological treatment of high saline process wastewater DE
0087 52 L Ungerer*, Garnweitner, Nirschl Process development for producing functional AZO thin films using X-ray scattering methods DE
0088 81 L Russo, Tesser, Rossano, Vitiello, Turco, Salmi, Di Serio* Chromatographic reactor application to levulinic acid esterification IT
0089 23 P Arshanitsa*, Akishin, Andersone, Telysheva, Valdmanis Effect of microwave pre-treatment on composition and thermal degradation characteristics of pre-treated lignocellulosic biomass LV
0092 75 L Garcia-Hernandez*, Elmoukrie, Leveneur, Gourich, Vernieres-Hassimi Global sensitivity analysis for thermal risk parameters: application to cottonseed oil epoxidation FR
0094 52 L Schaldach*, Schroder, Herdegen Identification of empirical correlations of the properties of bio-based formed (activated) carbons during their production DE
0095 81 P Russo, Mastroianni, Di Serio, Salmi, Tesser* Intraparticle modelling of non-uniform active phase distribution catalyst IT
0100 54 P Psenicka*, Zbuzkova, Vrablik Testing of alternative raw materials on a unit simulating FCC technology CZ
0101 91 P Askarova, Safarik, Bolegenova, Maximov, Nugymanova*, Bolegenova, Askarov The use of plasma activation of pulverized coal flow to reduce emissions of harmful substances during the combustion of high-ash coal at Kazakhstan's thermal power plants KZ
0102 91 P Stipek*, Skocilas Viscoelastic properties of collagen dough CZ
0103 35 L Kapranova*, Bahaeva, Stenko, Lebedev, Tarshis General approach to stochastic modeling of mixing solid dispersed components in rarefied flows by the energy method RU
0105 33 L Kapranova*, Lebedev, Melzer, Neklyudov, Brykalov Stochastic study of factors for increasing the capacity of the control valve taking into account hydrodynamic cavitation RU
0109 81 L Golman*, Andreev, Skrzypacz Dead-core solutions for slightly non-isothermal diffusion-reaction problems KZ
0111 91 P Strouhal*, Jurena, Jegla Development of an innovative approach to the study and modelling of flue gas fouling of heat transfer surfaces by solid pollutants CZ
0117 82 L Rasmussen*, Nielsen, Mansouri, Zhang, Abildskov, Huusom Reactive cyclic distillation DK
0118 11 N Darton*, Yang Removing carbon dioxide from the air to stabilise the climate UK
0119 91 P Lange*, Fieg Shape optimization of additively manufactured structured packings for distillation columns DE
0123 11 N Aina*, Du Plessis, Mjimba, Brink Waste valorization: Effect of membrane separation on the production of calcium oxide from eggshells via calcination ZA
0125 33 L Krokhina*, Lvov, Fatova Analysis of mechanisms of fish-hook effect occurrence in small-size hydrocyclones classifiers RU
0126 43 L Appl*, Fittkau, Moser, Hass Comparison of fixed feeding profiles, RQ feedback control and adaptive model-based control for aerobic Saccharomyces cerevisiae fed-batch cultivations DE
0127 54 P Dlaskova Jaklova*, Vrablik Comparison of the processes of deactivation CZ
0129 52 N Soto*, Verna, Rasmuson Crystal growth kinetics of Tolbutamide in organic solvents IE
0130 81 L Golman, Andreev, Skrzypacz* Dead-core and non-dead-core solutions for diffusion-reaction problems with power-law kinetics KZ
0131 54 L Lu*, Grenman, Estel, Kumar, Leveneur Determination of the heat capacity of selected catalysts and catalyst supports FR
0132 65 L Espinosa-Pardo*, Subra-Paternault, Harscoat-Schiavo Development of a biorefinery scheme from corn germ: oil, protein and final residue properties FR
0133 84 L Portillo*, Ateka, Bilbao, Ereña, Aguayo Direct olefins production from CO2 using In2O3-ZrO2/SAPO-34 bifunctional catalyst ES
0136 54 L De Paz Carmona*, Tisler, Svobodova, Vondrova Effect of phosphorus addition on sulfur-free mono- and bi-metallic carbide catalysts for the hydrotreating of middle distillates and vegetable oils CZ
0137 56 P Matousek*, Jisa, Cerny Effect of polyphosphoric acid on properties of bituminous binders with depolymerised PE wax CZ
0138 52 L Diaz*, Charton, Ode, Doreau, Puel Experimental assessment of the influence of particle properties in filtration. Development and validation of a pilot for nuclear fuel fabrication FR
0140 23 P Silva*, Peixe Improvement of biogas burning in a sugar-ethanol plant BR
0142 75 L Vrablik*, Hidalgo, Cerny Marine fuels stability as a challenge for 2020+ CZ
0143 43 L Moser*, Moller, Kuchemuller, Deppe, Hernandez Rodriguez, Gassenmeier, Ifrim, Frahm, Portner, Hass Model-assisted design of experiments - concept, software and applications DE
0144 84 P Moser*, Appl, Portner, Hass Modelling and optimizing small-scale parallelized bioreactors as a tool for scale-up of biotechnological processes DE
0147 33 L Hallac*, Bayly, Muller, He, MacLeod Predicting the breakage of elongated particles in agitated pharmaceutical dryers UK
0148 23 L Lu*, Lagerquist, Eklund, Leveneur, Estel, Grenman Reductive catalytic fractionation of semi-industrial wood based lignin FR
0151 84 L Fluch, Brunner, Meitz*, Gorter, Wilk, Ponweiser, Klug The development of a holistic optimisation approach for the operation and design of hybrid energy supply system in industry AT
0156 65 L Garcia-Mendoza*, Espinosa-Pardo, Savoire, Harscoat-Schiavo, Subra-Paternault Valorisation of walnut press-cake by optimizing the phenolic extraction FR
0159 63 P Menden*, Hass Degradation and valorization of post-consumer textile fiber materials DE
0162 21 L Silva*, João, Silva Excess-heat recovery and upgrade: Chemical heat pumps for a lower carbon footprint PT
0166 33 L Fathi, Saadatmand*, Parsa Yeganeh Integrating reciprocating mixing with filter paper in a centrifugal microfluidic system for DNA extraction IR
0167 84 L George*, Bockelmann, Schmalhorst, Gerstle, Beton, Torkuhl, Lindermeir, Wehinger Optimal design of metal foam catalyst carriers by detailed CFD DE
0171 35 L Moon*, Pang, Adema, van der Stel, Schott Segregation of multi-components mixtures in blast furnace: a review NL
0173 82 N Gutierrez-Oppe*, Salas-Chavez, Huillca-Mamani, Pacheco-Meza, Hanco-Mullisaca, Barraza-Llallacachi, Cardenas-Malaga Study of glycerin dehydration using ethyl lactate as a biodegradable solvent PE
0176 13 L Yenkie, Pimentel, Orosz*, Cabezas, Friedler The P-graph approach for systematic synthesis of wastewater treatment networks HU
0178 33 L Beard*, Penin, Alix Towards 3D CFD simulation of two-phase flow in rotating packed bed (RPB) for CO2 capture FR
0180 23 L Beard*, Noel, Balz, Noel, Teixeira Validation of CFD simulation of thermal energy storage (TES) in two pilot scale packed-beds of gravels FR
0181 81 L Faria*, Miguel, Rodrigues, Madeira A membrane reactor for the methanation of CO2: Modelling and simulation PT
0182 83 L Nichita* Efficient and reliable two-phase equilibrium calculations at VTN conditions FR
0185 52 L Faria*, Trujillano, Rives, Miguel, Rodrigues, Madeira Alkali metal-promoted (Na, Cs and K) hydrotalcites for high temperature CO2 capture from flue gas in cyclic adsorption processes PT
0187 83 L Ayuso*, Navarro, Larriba, Delgado Mellado, Garcia-Somoza, Garcia, Rodriguez, Coutinho, Carvalho BTX/alkanes separation by extractive distillation with tricyanomethanide-based ionic liquids. Experimental and CPA EoS modeling ES
0188 33 L Mezui, Obligado*, Cartellier Bubble columns operated in the heterogeneous regime: towards a new understanding of their hydrodynamics FR
0189 52 N Lokhat*, Carsky Carbon foam supported nickel and nickel oxide catalysts for hydrogenation and adsorption ZA
0195 68 P Hojnik Podrepsek, Knez, Leitgeb* Control of enzyme activity in food products after supercritical carbon dioxide treatment SI
0196 54 P Zbuzkova*, Jaklova, Vrablik, Cerny, Bringlerova Co-processing of alternative and standard feedstocks in hydrotreating units CZ
0197 53 L Khalighi, Saadatmand* Characterization of bio-printed thick scaffold for application in heart tissue engineering IR
0203 31 L Durr*, Otto, Przywara, Antos, Kienle Experimental analysis and modelling of product formation in continuous pan granulators DE
0204 33 L Kure*, Jakobsen, Solsvik Experimental investigation of a single bubble rising in a stagnant liquid NO
0205 14 L Bukamba Tshanga, Malumba Kamba, Van Engenland, Debaste* Experimental study and modelling of the drying kinetics and sorption isotherm of Cirina forda caterpillar BE
0210 84 L Dixon*, O'Malley, Willis Identification of the structure and parameters of kinetic models using Mixed Integer Linear Programming UK
0211 55 P Vasic*, Knez, Leitgeb Immobilization of alcohol dehydrogenase onto carboxymethyl dextran coated magnetic nanoparticles via epoxy cross-linking SI
0212 75 L Godunova*, Grishina Impact assessment of surfactants on the reaction rate of liquids for intensification of oil recovery with the carbonate rock surface RU
0213 35 L Celan*, Milanovic, Cosic, Kuzmanic Impact of simultaneous application of mechanical stirring and ultrasound irradiation on nucleation kinetics of borax decahydrate HR
0216 32 L Gojun*, Salic, Zelic Integrated microsystem for biodiesel production HR
0217 33 L Kossov, Fedorenko*, Asembaeva, Mukamedenkyzy, Zhusanbaeva Intensification of the separation of isothermal ternary gas mixtures containing carbon dioxide in the diffusion-convective mode KZ
0218 35 L Brito*, Fonte, Santos Mixing of liquids with dissimilar viscosities in T-Jets PT
0220 81 P Nemec, Placha*, Koci Modeling of internal transport limitation in catalytic particulate filter CZ
0228 72 L Vermorel*, Stepanek Opportunities for students and young researchers to boost their careers through European Research Council projects BE
0232 85 N Georgiadis*, Charisiou, Yentekakis, Goula An equilibrium and kinetic study based on hydrogen sulfide adsorption tests using an industrial zeolite GR
0234 54 P Blazek, Placha*, Koci, Svoboda, Novak, York Preparation and microstructure characterization of washcoated catalytic monolith filters CZ
0236 31 L Brito*, Sanchez-Salvador, Sousa, Monte, Manrique, Blanco, Santos Production of emulsions in continuous impinging jets mixers for the food industry PT
0237 55 P Spasic*, Manojlovic, Jovanovic Quantum aspects of electrocoalescence process RS
0240 21 L Axon, Darton* Risks in fuel supply chains: insights into long-term energy security UK
0241 84 N Jisa*, Cerny Simple empirical model for prediction of visbreaking conversion and product yields CZ
0242 52 P Soto*, Heffernan, Hodnett, Rasmuson Study of the crystal growth kinetics of Curcumin form I in isopropanol IE
0246 81 N Platosova*, Rusin Control of digestion with dissolved hydrogen CZ
0247 54 L Vela Diaz, Lezcano, Trueba*, Palos, Azkoiti, Gutierrez Tuning the operating conditions in the hydrocracking of a blend of HDPE and VGO to promote the formation of automotive-fuel ES
0249 35 L Wojtas*, Krzosa, Adamek, Orciuch, Makowski Application of population balance to modelling particle breakdown in batch homogenizers PL
0250 84 L Placha*, Koci, Isoz, Sourek, Hlavaty, Price, Thompsett CFD model of filtration in catalytic particulate filters CZ
0252 63 L Meriño*, Ortega, Martinez, Albis Evaluation of energetic potential of coconut (cocos nucifera) and mayze (zea mays) agroindustrial waste CO
0258 33 L Vyazmin*, Pokusaev, Nekrasov, Zakharov, Khramtsov, Shumova Mass transfer to the volume of the gel from the system of artificial microchannels RU
0259 84 L Eppinger*, Aglave Packed bed reactors: from particle-resolved to multi-tubular reactor simulation DE
0260 63 L Esteves*, Kessas, Kara, Maheut, Hemati Parametric study of biomass and waste steam gasification in a bubbling fluidized bed between 700 and 850°C FR
0261 15 L Sepulveda*, Blanco, Polo Trends analysis and review of the scientific structure of sustainable production CO
0263 54 L Vajglova*, Kumar, Peurla, Hupa, Semikin, Sladkovskiy, Murzin Effect of Pt location in Beta-Bindzil extrudates on their catalytic stability in hydro-isomerization of straight chain paraffinic hydrocarbons FI
0265 32 N Harmsen*, Verkerk Breakthrough in process intensification - Part I NL
0266 82 L Vagi*, Jinsong, Meszaros, Kolay Kovacs, Sanz, Szekely Extraction of bioactives from white mulberry (Morus alba L.) seeds, an industrial by-product HU
0269 31 L Ribeiro*, Manrique, Barreiro, Lopes, Dias Continuous production of Pickering emulsions using a novel static mixer – NETmix: comparison with batch mode PT
0271 84 L Nafees*, Abdul Rasid Kinetic approaches for simulation of SOFC fuel cell system MY
0273 23 L Nafees*, Abdul Rasid Modeling and simulation of waste gas based SOFC fuel cell system MY
0274 32 L Moreira*, Manrique, Martins, Rodrigues, Lopes, Dias The NETmix technology, a novel approach for continuous production of melamine based microcapsules for textile application PT
0276 66 P Dmitrenko*, Penkova, Plisko Membranes with hierarchical structure: development and investigation RU
0278 82 L Yucelen, Huseyibas, Vagi*, Garai, Horvath, Szekely, Guvenc Investigation of obtaining valuable components from ‘Katırbaşı’ pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) wastes by different extraction methods HU
0282 44 L Alfano*, Benassi, Gaspari, Cottini, Di Renzo, Di Maio Analysis of fluid flow and particle dispersion in simplified Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI) through CFD-DEM simulations IT
0283 82 L Vagi*, Tolner, Marton, Molnar, Tiringer, Horvath, Szekely Optimization of extraction of bioactives from sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) woody waste HU
0284 67 L Martin-Marroquin*, Garrote, Hidalgo, Corona A new system based in heterotrophic microalgae for the treatment of effluents generated by the fruit and vegetable processing industry ES
0285 15 P Hidalgo*, Sanz-Bedate, de la Fuente, Buhigas Sustainable mobility model based on empirical data to manage traffic emissions ES
0289 26 N Hoffmann*, Cid Onsite photovoltaic-powered wastewater treatment for use in the developing world: a design concept to full-scale manufacturing in five years US
0290 67 P Hidalgo*, Martin-Marroquin, Corona, Lopez Municipal waste management model that encourage recycling in remote areas ES
0291 82 L Lehrich, Adiche* Cost-optimal design of the distillation unit in the Andrussow process for the production of hydrogen cyanide DE
0292 85 L Jirasek*, Lukes Oxidation, chlorination and nitration ability of plasma-chemical reactive liquids CZ
0293 32 N Harmsen, Verkerk* Breakthrough in process intensification – Part II NL
0294 61 P Hidalgo*, Castro, Antolin, Alvarez The housing sector, a niche for business opportunities in the frame of circular economy ES
0298 71 L Bogle* Some trends and challenges in chemical engineering education in Europe UK
0299 68 P Stamenic*, Lukic, Tadic, Skala Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of Cannabis Sativa RS
0300 10 N Bogle* A role for chemical engineers in systems approaches to physiology and clinical medicine UK
0301 10 N Noel* Innovation in catalysis through use of microreactor technology NL
0302 10 N Drioli*, Macedonio Membrane engineering for a sustainable industrial growth, today and tomorrow IT
0304 10 N Zondervan* Processes and products: Two to tangle! DE
0307 65 P Cancela Carral*, Gesteira, Sanchez Bermudez, Valero, Alvarez Biocrude of bark and forest residues ES
0308 13 P Cancela Carral*, Rodriguez, Sanchez Bermudez, Alvarez, Valero Microalgae separation from water with green filters ES
0313 65 L Hidalgo*, Martin-Marroquin, Castro, Gomez, Garrote, Antolin Effect of alternative pretreatments on the digestibility of lignocellulosic biomass for biogas production ES
0315 32 L Adiche* Numerical investigation of mass transport properties in a membrane based microcontactor DE
0320 54 P Yergaziyeva*, Dossumov, Azat, Mambetova, Askaruly Conversion of ethanol over copper catalysts on rice husk KZ
0321 12 P Dossumov, Yergaziyeva*, Telbayeva, Myltykbayeva Ni-Co containing catalyst for dry reforming of methane KZ
0322 33 N Zawala* Influence of interfacial mobility on bubble motion, collision kinetics and stability of liquid films at interfaces - experiment and modeling PL
0323 54 N Lin, Fang, Chen* Study on solventless catalytic etherification of glycerol over calcium and lanthanum oxides supported on alumina TW
0324 54 P Soto*, Badia, Ramirez, Bringue, Fite, Iborra, Tejero, Cunill Optimization and green metrics analysis of the liquid-phase synthesis of sec-butyl levulinate by esterification of levulinic acid with 1-butene over Amberlyst™15 IE
0325 54 L Soto*, Alarcon, Guilera, Andreu Unravelling of the enhanced tolerance to sulfur poisoning by CeO2 presence in the CO2 methanation reaction IE
0327 52 P Kambara*, Yoneda, Naoe, Okano, Matsuda, Imai Filtration behavior of Pickering emulsions stabilized by stearate microparticles JP
0328 55 P Horiki*, Hamano, Sawai, Naoe, Imai Preparation of Pickering emulsions stabilized by antibacterial silver nanoparticle JP
0329 26 N Chou* Semiconducting polymers as photocatalysts for solar-driven hydrogen evolution from water TW
0330 11 L Wang*, Luo, Liu, Hu MoS2 purification process with low acid consumption CN
0333 55 L Chen*, Ramakrishnan, Kuo Quasicrystals: wetting properties and applications in OLED TW
0335 66 L Qazi*, Gomez-Coma, Albo, Druon-Bocquet, Irabien, Sanchez-Marcano Coupling of 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium cation based room temperature ionic liquids with membrane contactor; post combustion CO2 capture FR
0337 67 L Topka*, Gaalova Gold catalysts for the oxidation of volatile organic compounds CZ
0338 33 L Basarova*, Crha, Sladka, Kordac Orvalho Consequences of anomalies of aqueous solutions of simple alcohols for bubble behaviour and multiphase reactors design CZ
0343 54 L Berkovich* Friction Force Microscopy as a mean to provide direct nanoscale information on surface potentials of catalysts IL
0344 13 L Ashtiani*, Friess Synthesis and characterization of novel magnetic nanoparticles decorated with MOFs grafted from GO and O-SWCNTs for catalytic activity in water treatment CZ
0352 12 L Rahmanian*, Nair Effect of impurities on formation of carbon-dioxide hydrates UK
0357 44 L Garcia Fracaro*, Wilk, Glassey, Bernaerts Preliminary study of virtual reality application for chemical operators training on pilot plant procedure DE
0358 85 L Wang*, Song, Yu Enhanced the froth properties in KCl flotation CN
0362 81 L Grilc*, Hocevar, Prasnikar, Hus, Likozar Selective H2-free dehydroxylation of aldaric acids to adipic acid: Reaction pathway network and microkinetics SI
0365 67 P Hidalgo, Corona, Martin Marroquin* Effect of effective microorganisms on poultry, cattle and pig manure ES
0366 65 L Primozic, Vasic, Knez, Leitgeb* Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus fungi on substrates from agricultural wastes SI
0367 26 L Bojarska*, Mazurkiewicz-Pawlicka, Makowski Synthesis of molybdenum disulphide-carbon nanomaterials nanocomposites in the impinging jet reactor and their electrochemical performance PL
0370 52 P Porgar, Rahmanian* Investigation of the role of aluminum oxide nanoparticles on water based fluid and improvement of thermal properties UK
0374 85 L Patrascu*, Bildea, Kiss Enhanced reactive distillation process for dimethyl carbonate production by indirect alcoholysis of urea UK
0375 75 P Polednik*, Skrinsky Influence of vessel shape and volume on autoignition temperature of alcohol/air and Fischer-Tropsch mixtures CZ
0376 65 L Sibalic*, Salic, Zelic, Jurinjak Tusek, Tisma Lipase from Thermomyces lanuginosus: From production by solid-state fermentation to isolation HR
0377 75 P Skrinsky*, Ochodek, Rusin, Chamradova, Polednik, Bartosz, Jastrzembski The effect of low and high temperatures on the explosion characteristics of a biogas/air mixtures CZ
0378 75 P Helegda*, Skrinsky The role of burning velocity in the validity of the hybrid mixtures measured in 1m3 and 20 l chambers CZ
0379 32 L Otaola*, Mottelet, Terrien, Guenin, Luart, Leturia Additive manufacturing, residence time distribution characterization and flow chemistry applied to the development of microreactors FR
0381 33 L Du*, Ibaseta, Guichardon, Montagnier, Hubard Calibrated microencapsulation of octyl salicylate by polyurea shell via microfluidics: influence of the shell thickness on the UV absorbance FR
0383 68 L Sovova*, Pleskac, Topiar Enzymatic reactions of oils in supercritical carbon dioxide – pros and cons CZ
0384 75 N Lyagoubi, Vernieres-Hassimi*, Khalij, Estel Influence of the random deviation in operating conditions on the safety and reliability of a chemical reactor FR
0385 33 L Zednikova*, Stanovsky, Orvalho, Travnickova Mechanism of bubble breakup after interaction with a vortex-ring CZ
0390 26 L Dubov*, Font Capafons Solution-processable polymeric precursors to semi-amorphous carbon nitride films: a promising approach to anchoring catalytic metallocomplexes and nanoparticles to metallic and carbon-based electrode supports for electrocatalysis ES
0391 82 P Ulloa, Bringas, San Roman* Study of nickel and copper recovery from industrial acid solutions by chelating weak base resins ES
0392 75 L Ben Talouba, Balland*, Mouhab, Diop Synthesis of a bio-additive cetane improver by bio-fuel nitration with acetyl nitrate: Kinetic modelling and thermal stability study FR
0393 12 L Kheirinik, Ahmed, Homayoonfard, Rahmanian* Techno-economic analysis of carbon capture processes UK
0396 67 P Krejcikova*, Spacilova, Dytrych, Soukup, Marsik, Solcova Removal of diclofenac from water by sorption and photo processes CZ
0397 15 N Payet*, Carlu, Gourlia, Debard What are the key challenges for energy efficiency in industries? FR
0398 56 L Stasi, Giuri, La Villetta, Cirillo, Guerra, Maffezzoli, Ferraris, Esposito Corcione* An innovative method for the recycling of carbon-based ashes wastes as reinforcing fillers and catalysts for different polymers IT
0399 11 N Dubois, Mouhoubi, De Weireld, Thomas* CO2 capture applied in the cement industry: reducing the energy consumption of the post-combustion absorption-regeneration process BE
0401 66 L Merlet*, Flores, Cabezas, Romero, Quijada-Maldonado Design of a membrane perstraction extraction system for the removal of PCB from bovine’s milk through COSMO-RS CL
0402 14 L Morm, Hoeun, Phoem, In, Haut, Debaste* Drying characterization of white pepper (Piper nigrum L.): experiments and mathematical modeling BE
0403 68 L Pleskac*, Sovova Enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable oil in supercritical carbon dioxide and analysis of fatty acid profile in the reaction product CZ
0409 23 L Itaya*, Kusumoto, Matsushita, Kobayashi, Nakagawa Heat storage effect and high temperature generation in LiBr/H2O absorption heat pump using LiBr crystal fine particle slurry for exhaust heat recovery JP
0411 65 P Avdeenkova*, Pishсhaeva, Makarova, Saproshina Reclamation of landfills and solid municipal waste landfills using bioremediation methods RU
0415 33 P Dobrowolska, Sosnowski* Liquid atomization in medical nebulizers: droplet velocity characteristics PL
0419 68 L Sajfrtova*, Cerhova, Topiar, Jandova Micronization of extracts from sea buckthorn waste using supercritical antisolvent CZ
0420 23 L Quintero-Masselski*, Portha, Falk Ammonia as a hydrogen carrier: Process synthesis using superstructure optimization for the storage of renewable energy sources in chemical compounds FR
0423 66 L Cabezas*, Duran, Merlet, Romero, Quijada-Maldonado Development of silicone-coated hydrophobic deep eutectic solvent-based membranes for pervaporation of biobutanol CL
0424 12 P Baizhumanova*, Kaumenova, Kassymkan, Zheksenbaeva, Tungatarova Dry reforming of propane into important petrochemical products KZ
0429 83 L Krajakova*, Chaloupka, Kosek Two-phase and three-phase equilibria important for catalytic ethylene polymerization in liquids CZ
0431 12 L Papalas*, Antzaras, Kouris, Lemonidou Enhancing the sorption performance of CaO-based mineral and industrial waste resources for post-combustion CO2 capture GR
0433 56 P Kukralova*, Schneider, Kosek Differential Scanning Calorimetry for determining the morphological changes in polyethylene during sorption processes CZ
0438 24 L Kansha*, Sato Comparative study of carbon dioxide capture process for utilization JP
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0642 52 P Hladek*, Lizonova, Balouch, Stepanek Phospholipid-stabilised nanocrystals as carriers for active targeting CZ
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0644 85 L Meloni*, Martino, Palma Distributed hydrogen production through an ultracompact methane steam reforming reactor based on microwaves susceptible structured catalysts IT
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0652 44 L Horakova*, Koci Manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients using continuous flow chemistry and photochemistry CZ
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0673 52 L Goncalves*, Estevinho, Rocha Biopolymer-based delivery systems for controlled release of retinoic acid using spray-drying technology PT
0674 65 P Hornacek*, Mikulec, Blasko, Hudec Catalytic hydrotreatment of wheat straw lignin residue to cycloalkanes and aromatics SK
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0692 32 L Sulgan*, Labovsky, Labovska Multi-aspect comparison of ethyl acetate production pathways SK
0693 85 P Papageridis*, Charisiou, Goula Selective catalytic deoxygenation of methyl laurate as a model compound to hydrocarbons over Ni, Co and Cu monometallic catalysts supported on ZrO2: Effect of hydrotreating temperature GR
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0698 54 P Hornacek*, Hudec Preparation, characterization and application of hierarchical structured materials SK
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0700 66 L Markova*, Vrablova Permeability measurements of biological membranes using the surface plasmon resonance imaging method CZ
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0703 23 L Hudak*, Skryja, Ucekaj, Korcek Alternative fuels and emissions CZ
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