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Papers accepted by the Scientific Committee by 25 October 2020 are presented in the List of Accepted Papers

In the table below are listed additional contributions received after this date, which will be largely accepted as posters. Exceptionally, very good contributions could be still assigned for oral presentation.

Dark coloured contributions have been edited by the administrator of data base to conform to formal requirements.

If you might find any error in inscription of your paper (which has already been denoted in the table as edited), please download and upload your summary again. This will notify automatically the administrator of data base. If your paper is not denoted as edited in the table, the reason may be:

  • summary is missing, or
  • summary is incomplete, or
  • summary does not conform with requirements, or
  • there is some problem with the editing - in this case please contact the Organising Committee ( to resolve the problem.

Table below can be sorted according to the column content by clicking on column heading. For more convenience you can filter the table according to the topic. Please select topic from drop-down menu and wait for the result. Individual searches in the table can be made by pressing CTRL and F.

Notes and explanations
  • Topic = administrative number of the topic (click here)
  • Form = form of presentation requested by author: L – lecture, P – poster, N – no preference. The Scientific Committee will decide about final form of presentation
  • Author team = list of surnames with speaker denoted by asterisk
  • Title = title of paper
  • Country = country of the corresponding author. For the list of country codes click here

Individual searches in the table can be made by pressing CTRL and F.

Total number of papers: 172
TopicFormAuthor TeamTitleCountry
67 L Saroha, Dires* Removal of reactive orange 4 dye from synthetic solution using electrocoagulation IN
83 P Sumikawa*, Maria Corrêa Bueno, Medeiros de Lima Thermodynamic evaluation of partial oxidation of methane to methanol BR
0559 31 P Sardashti Birjandi, Shahraki, Razzaghi, Karimiyan, Darbandi* Investigation and simulation of convection section of a refinery distillation unit furnace with CFD SE
0560 33 L Liu*, Yue, Xu, Zhao, Yao, Chen Hydrodynamics and local mass transfer characterization under gas-liquid-liquid slug flow in a rectangular microchannel NL
0561 81 L Medina*, Ibanez Abad, Eranen, Warnå, Tolvanen, Salmi Microkinetics modelling revolution: hydrochlorination of glycerol in a semibatch reactor FI
0562 81 L Perez Sena*, Warnå, Eranen, Tolvanen, Estel, Leveneur, Salmi Semibatch technology improves the direct epoxidation of fatty acid esters FI
0563 26 P Castro, Albo*, Rodriguez, Camarillo, Rincon, Irabien TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized in supercritical medium for continuous CO2 photoelectrocatalytic conversion ES
0564 56 L Begimova*, Akhelova, Berillo Development of non-liposomal carriers in drug delivery systems KZ
0565 67 P Begimova*, Muzdybayeva Exhaust gases in the environment and their impact on human health KZ
0566 81 L Valaei*, Bartke Kinetics study and modelling of multi-step propylene/ethylene impact copolymerization DE
0567 67 L Al-Kaabi*, Al-Ansari, Mackey Life cycle assessment for brine outfall and sludge disposal from desalination QA
0568 33 L Shamloo, Mojtaba*, Masoud An investigation of droplet-based mixing on a rotating microfluidic device IR
0569 42 L Jones* Enabling Continuous Improvement in Process Hazard Analysis US
0570 26 P Sanchez-Tovar*, Fernandez-Domene, Herrero-Perez, Pasqual-Cerisuelo, Gonzalez-Alfaro, Vercher, Chafer-Ortega, Badia, Garcia-Anton Fabrication of TiO2 membranes with three step electrochemical anodization: influence of lactic acid ES
0571 26 P Sanchez-Tovar*, Blasco-Tamarit, Fernandez-Domene, Arlandis-Ferrandis, Garcia-Anton, Pasqual-Cerisuelo, Badia, Chafer-Ortega Formation of TiO2-WO3 hybrid nanotubes by anodization and electrodeposition. Influence of H2O2 content ES
0572 55 L Kozdra*, Michalowski, Wojcik, Jacquet, Kargul Functionalized organometallic monolayers characterized by the modified SIMS technique PL
0573 66 L Yan*, Anguille, Bendahan, Moulin Absorption of VOCs using multichannel membranes containing ionic liquids from lab-scale to industry-scale FR
0574 81 N Quezada Feliz, Duran Martinez*, Ledoux, Polaert Carbon dioxide hydrogenation into methanol: from Cu/Zn catalyst pellets kinetics to process modelling FR
0575 32 N De La Cruz*, Ubiera, Polaert Sargasso pyrolysis under guided single-mode microwave cavity FR
0576 25 N San Jose*, Alvarez, Lopez Clean valorization of avocado seeds wastes in a conical spouted bed reactor ES
0577 24 P Ipsakis*, Konsolakis, Papaefthimiou Dynamic modeling and control assessment of an integrated reforming-solid oxide fuel cell system GR
0578 12 L Ipsakis*, Varvoutis, Lampropoulos, Marnellos, Papaefthimiou, Konsolakis Techno-economic assessment of a carbon neutral CCU circular approach based on RES-H2 and cement - CO2 emissions toward synthetic natural gas generation GR
0579 33 L Nasiri*, Shamloo, Akbari Design and simulation of a centrifugal-based inertial microfluidic device for cell separation IR
0580 61 L Bumba*, Drinek, Fajgar, Kastanek, Solcova Preparation and utilization of magnesium silicide and germanide from waste sources CZ
0582 75 L Ruzicka*, Herink Best engineering practice and frequent shortcomings in design and installation of relief valves CZ
0583 31 L Arafah*, Ribeiro, Rodrigues, Pais Complete separation of the quaternary mixture of nadolol stereoisomers using preparative and simulated moving bed chromatography PT
0584 33 L Amani, Shamloo*, Vatani Inertial separation and focusing of particles in an innovative microchannel IR
0585 23 L Zaghloul*, Kodama, Sekiguchi Hydrogen production via methane pyrolysis in molten metal bubble column JP
0586 84 L Turek*, Jegla, Ucekaj, Korcek Systematic design of integrated equipment for “waste-to-energy” processes CZ
0587 67 L Turingan*, Lintag, Ngan, Soriano, Orbecido Post treatment of acid mine drainage (AMD) using laboratory-prepared common mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) chitosan PH
0588 65 L Raghavendran*, Mackey The influence of specific divalent cation addition to highly saline activated sludge cultures – role of the monovalent to divalent ratio QA
0589 83 N Cerino*, Roussel, Polaert, Estel, Charton Towards a thermal treatment of coalescence inhibition in industrial solvent extraction FR
0590 25 N Wang*, Abdelouahed, Xu, Brodu, Taouk Enhanced hydrocarbons production from bio-oil hydrotreatment in acetone by nickel phosphide modified HZSM-5 FR
0591 33 L Ikemoto, Alcantara-Avila* Evaluation and comparison of oxygen absorption performance of several fine bubble generators JP
0592 24 L Reyes*, Abdelouahed, Mohabeer, Buvat, Taouk Evaluation of the energetic and exergetic potential of the catalytic deoxygenation of lignocellulosic biomass FR
0593 54 P Skendrovic*, Vrsalovic Presecki Optimization of reaction conditions in immobilization of aldolase on magnetic nanoparticles HR
0594 25 P Boukaous*, Djettene, Abdelouahed, Chikhi, Mohabeer, Taouk Catalytic deoxygenation of model compounds of bio-oil over Fe-HZSM-5 FR
0595 63 P Martin-Lara*, Blazquez, Piñar, Paucar, Calero Turning non-recyclable mixed plastic from municipal solid waste into valuable chemicals and carbon materials (VALORPLASTIC). Adsorptive properties of char to remove lead from aqueous solutions ES
0596 23 P Ehsan, Khan*, Hakeem, Al-Mansour, Al-Dawood, Harale, Alrashed, Paglieri, Yamani Development of high-temperature metallic dense membranes for hydrogen separation SA
0597 85 N Shorstkii* Cold filamentary microplasma pre-treatment as a new tool for drying acceleration of agricultural materials RU
0598 83 L Parmar*, Bendova, Wagner Impact of sample amount on heat capacity measurement by microcalorimeter and advanced data analysis by mathematical gnostics CZ
0599 63 P Martin-Lara*, Blazquez, Perez, Muñoz-Batista, Moreno, Arjandas, Calero Life cycle assessment of mechanical recycling of post-consumer polyethylene flexible films based on a real case in Spain ES
0600 83 P Parmar*, Bendova, Wagner Measurements of heat capacity of carbon nanotube ionanofluids prepared from series of ionic liquids and advanced data analysis by mathematical gnostics CZ
0601 32 L Shorstkii*, Koshevoi Pulsed electric field assisted sunflower oil pilot production in continuous mode RU
0602 26 L Martin-Lara*, Blazquez, Tavio, Calero, Muñoz-Batista Light-matter interaction modelling of CeOx-TiO2 nanocomposites obtained using a solvent-free waste biomass-template method ES
0603 55 L Roques-Carmes*, Velandia-Rodriguez, Ramos, Lebrun, Lemaitre, Sadtler, Marchal Chemical product design methodology applied to Pickering emulsions FR
0604 85 L Tsiotsias*, Charisiou, Bakagianni, Goula Highly active and stable Ni-doped CaZrO3 and SrZrO3 perovskites for the dry reforming of ethane GR
0605 54 N Alaei Kadijani*, Zolfaghari Reducing the acidity of crude oil compounds by aqueous solution IR
0606 66 N Guillen-Burrieza*, Muster-Slawitsch, Platzer Ammonia separation via Membrane Distillation (MD). Experiences and perspectives AT
0607 91 P Davykoza*, Szafran Analysis of performance of microfluidic dye-sensitized solar cell PL
0608 65 L Grebennikova, Sulman*, Matveeva Carrier influence on activity of biocatalysts based on oxidoreductase enzymes RU
0609 54 L Slezackova*, Peller, Mikulec, Banic, Blasko, Hajekova Catalytic co-hydroprocessing of polyunsaturated vegetable oils/AGO mix-tures over NiMo/Al2O3 catalysts SK
0610 54 P Telbayeva, Makayeva, Shaimerden, Yergaziyeva*, Dossumov, Maratovna Catalytic decomposition of methane on iron composites KZ
0611 22 L Jamil*, Al-Rawashdeh Conceptual methodology for thermal coupling of oxidative and non-oxidative methane to chemicals reactors QA
0612 63 N Pavlas*, Somplak, Gregor, Putna Contributions to Modelling Future Changes in Waste Management CZ
0613 81 L Bykov, Demidenko, Nikoshvili*, Sulman, Kiwi-Minsker Hydrogenation of benzene-toluene mixture using catalysts based on noble metal nanoparticles stabilized by hyper-cross-linked aromatic polymer RU
0614 65 L Lugovoy*, Chalov, Kosivtsov, Sulman Investigation of the thermal stability of flax processing waste and their derivatives RU
0615 67 L Lorio*, Turingan, Delantar, Alorro, Beltran, Orbecido Lab-scale passive treatment of copper mine drainage using limestone and low-grade nickel ore layered media PH
0616 54 P Mambetova*, Dossumov, Yergaziyeva, Ziyatkhan, Kuanish, Baizhomartov Non-oxidative dehydrogenation of ethanol on copper catalysts KZ
0617 52 P Mackin-Mohamour*, Roques-Carmes, Sadtler, Zhou, Velandia Rodriguez, Gaucher, Marchal, Sapin-Minet, Parent Particulate strategies to optimize encapsulation and drug release of a hydrophilic peptide FR
0618 55 L Fojtaskova*, Panek, Obalova Preparation of selected mono- and di- cationic ionic liquids derived from 1-methylimidazole, pyridine, 3-methylpyridine, 4-benzylpyridine and their possible applications CZ
0619 65 N Queiroz*, Gois, Martins Production of biogas by anaerobic digestion of crude glycerol BR
0620 54 L Stepacheva*, Dmitrieva, Schipanskaya, Sulman, Matveeva Silica-modified polymers as a catalyst support for deoxygenation process RU
0621 23 L Nguyen* The synthesis and characterization of an imidazolium-based zwitterionic salt with two ether functional groups as an electrolyte additive for li-ion batteries VN
0622 54 L Manaenkov*, Kislitsa, Ratkevich, Kosivtsov, Matveeva The use of WO3-ZSM-5 zeolites in the dehydration of monosaccharides in an aqueous medium RU
0623 41 P Sumikawa*, Bueno, de Lima Thermodynamic evaluation of partial oxidation of methane to methanol BR
0624 66 L Dmitrenko*, Zolotarev, Penkova Development and investigation of novel green high-performance membranes based on hydroxyethyl cellulose/sodium alginate for pervaporation dehydration RU
0625 85 P Siakavelas*, Georgiadis, Charisiou, Yentekakis, Goula Dynamic adsorption – desorption measurements of a commercial molecular sieve for the separation of C2H4, C2H6, CO2, CO and CH4 GR
0626 24 P Tungatarova, Baizhumanova*, Zheksenbaeva, Sarsenova Environmentally friendly combustion of methane of natural gas in the catalytic heat generators KZ
0627 81 P Sokic, Stojanovic, Markovic, Manojlovic*, Kamberovic, Spasic Influence of structural-textural characteristics of chalcopyrite with other minerals on its leaching by hydrogen peroxide in sulphuric acid RS
0628 85 L Losak*, Letal, Nad, Pernica, Sukacova Innovations in design and evaluation methods CZ
0629 62 N Sepulveda*, Nuñez, Vanegas Methodology to determine the viability of solar photovoltaic energy projects in sacred territories of the indigenous communities of the Colombian Caribbean Coast CO
0630 84 P Klajmon*, Jiriste Modelling the thermodynamics of ionic liquids: a comparison of PC-SAFT and COSMO-RS CZ
0631 81 P Manojlovic*, Kamberovic, Gavrilovski, Spasic, Sokic, Markovic Oxidation of aluminum powdered waste RS
0632 85 L Siakavelas*, Charisiou, Yentekakis, Polychronopoulou, Goula Oxidative coupling of methane reaction on Li/Mg-CeO2 catalysts GR
0633 52 P Gustafik*, Peciar, Krok, Jezso, Macho, Fekete Thermomechanical analysis of pharmaceutical powder during uniaxial compaction SK
0634 63 L Grabowski*, Pietrobelli, Martins Application of WWTP sludge in eco-friendly mortar BR
0635 11 P Cerveny*, Vybiral, Hemerka, Mares Concentration and size distribution of solid particle emissions from oxy-fuel combustion of biomass in a fluidized bed CZ
0636 67 N Mehdi*, Kannan Synthesis of leach resistant and pH tolerant metal organic frameworks for adsorption of heavy metal ions IN
0637 91 P Belluati*, Jelinek, Trunov, Bleha, Soos A porous polypyrrole stationary phase with immobilized lipase for batch and flow reactors CZ
0638 56 L Bures*, Boura, Zubov, Kosek Cahn-Hilliard modelling of thermally induced phase separation of micro cellular scaffolds CZ
0639 54 L Doluda*, Brovko, Lakina Catalytic bioethanol to hydrocarbons transformation over hierarchical mixed structure MFI, BEA and Mord zeolites RU
0640 23 L Smirnov*, Alekseeva, Yakovlev, Kikhtyanin, Kubicka Catalytic hydrotreatment of pyrolysis liquids using phosphorus modified nickel-based catalysts CZ
0641 23 P Platosova*, Rusin Control of digestion with dissolved hydrogen CZ
0642 52 P Hladek*, Lizonova, Balouch, Stepanek Phospholipid-stabilised nanocrystals as carriers for active targeting CZ
0643 82 L Gutperl*, Jasch, Scholl Distillative separation efficiency measurements with non-volatile components at elevated viscosities DE
0644 85 L Meloni*, Martino, Palma Distributed hydrogen production through an ultracompact methane steam reforming reactor based on microwaves susceptible structured catalysts IT
0645 66 L Mirfendereski*, Ibrahim, Mohammadi Effect of operating conditions on the pervaporation separation of aromatics from multicomponent industrial organic mixtures IR
0646 66 L Ahmari, Mirfendereski* Enhancement of the performance of hollow-fiber membrane contactors for CO2 absorption using amine nano-fluids IR
0647 35 L Masuda*, Iyota, Ohmura Global convection characteristics of conical Taylor-Couette flow with shear-thinning fluids JP
0648 68 L Komarkova*, Sajfrtova High pressure extraction of bioactive compounds from Rhodiola rosea root CZ
0649 83 L Rafalko*, Grzybowski, Dzienis, Mosdorf, Adamowicz Image analysis of flow maldistribution during boiling in parallel minichannels PL
0650 54 L Malisova*, Hornacek, Hajekova, Mikulec, Hajek Impact of divalent metal addition to Mg/Al mixed oxides catalytic activity in transesterification of Camelina sativa oil SK
0651 23 L Valecillos*, Iglesias, Valle, Remiro, Bilbao, Gayubo Insights into the reaction pathways in the ethanol steam reforming at low temperature on a NiAl2O4 derived catalyst ES
0652 44 L Horakova*, Koci Manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients using continuous flow chemistry and photochemistry CZ
0653 75 L Bueno*, Lechuga, Salas, Loaiza Minimum ignition energy of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) dust cloud in air PE
0654 81 N Nguyen*, Heinonen, Kaspereit, Sainio Model-based design of reactor-separator processes for production of oligosaccharides with controlled degree of polymerisation UK
0655 66 P Plisko, Bildyukevich, Burts, Kuzminova*, Penkova Modification of polyacrylonitrile ultrafiltration membranes by poly(acrylic-co-maleic acid) RU
0656 66 L Kuzminova*, Zolotarev, Dmitrenko, Penkova Novel green pervaporation membranes based on polyvinyl alcohol/hydroxyethyl cellulose/fullerene derivatives for enhanced industrial dehydration RU
0657 84 L Gaikwad, Sharma, Singh* Performance investigation of a cyclone separator using machine learning and computational fluid dynamics IN
0658 55 L Ramos*, Sadtler, Marchal, Lemaitre, Benyahia, Roques-Carmes Rheological behaviour of Pickering emulsions: Effect of emulsification process on the particles interfacial distribution and emulsion viscosity profile FR
0659 65 N Menden*, Sprafke, Born, Nelles, Schneider Standardized small scale biogas plants for pig manure fermentation with integrated methane enrichment, digestate and wastewater treatment DE
0660 23 P Charisiou*, Siakavelas, Douvartzides, Wang, Liu, Papadakis, Polychronopoulou, Goula Syngas production via the biogas steam reforming reaction over a commercial Ni/MgAl2O4 catalyst GR
0661 66 P Kuzminova*, Penkova Synthesis of novel highly efficient membranes based on sodium alginate for pervaporation dehydration of industrial mixtures RU
0662 54 L Korolova*, Kikhtyanin, Kubicka The impact of rehydration on the catalytic behavior of Mg-Al hydrotalcites in aldol condensation CZ
0663 52 P Chvila*, Balouch, Zuza, Stepanek Towards biocompatible nanoformulations of neurosteroids: Preparation of zuranolone nanoformulations CZ
0664 75 N Hasdemir*, Koksal, Yerli, Yılmaz Tüpraş Flare Monitoring System TR
0665 66 L Drouin*, Nasser, Simon, Moulin Usage of ultrafiltration membrane processes for marine wastewater treatment FR
0666 65 N Meriño*, Salgado, Delgado Use of native species of the Colombian Caribbean for the extraction of components used in eco-friendly personal care products CO
0667 84 L Topka*, Decosterd, Tsiros, Menu, Vergnes, Vahlas, Caussat An innovative methodology for the determination of an apparent kinetic model for the chemical vapor deposition of multifunctional SiOxNy films FR
0668 85 L Heinonen*, Sainio Hydroxy carboxylic acids from alkaline spent pulping liquors FI
0669 25 L Mir*, Kherdekar, Bhatia Methyl oleate as a potential solvent for scrubbing of tars from coal-derived syngas IN
0670 55 P Kashima* Superior hydrophobic biopolymer membrane prepared from calcium alginate with surface hydrolysis with organosilicon JP
0671 11 L Hernandez*, Santiago, Moya, Navarro, Hospital-Benito, Lemus, Palomar Amino acid-based ionic liquid catalysts for effective CO2 valorization to carbonates ES
0672 82 L Mihalovits*, Kőrosi, Szekely Application of Hansen solubility parameters in description of selectivity of gas antisolvent fractionation with supercritical CO2 – alcohol mixtures HU
0673 52 L Goncalves*, Estevinho, Rocha Biopolymer-based delivery systems for controlled release of retinoic acid using spray-drying technology PT
0674 65 P Hornacek*, Mikulec, Blasko, Hudec Catalytic hydrotreatment of wheat straw lignin residue to cycloalkanes and aromatics SK
0675 84 P Shcherban, Grishina, Lyubimenko* Computer modeling of interactions of antiturbulent additive to high viscosity oil products with paraffins and asphaltenes RU
0676 35 L Maluta*, Buffo, Marchisio, Montante, Paglianti, Vanni Drop size distribution of dilute liquid-liquid mixtures in stirred tanks: an experimental and numerical study IT
0677 84 L Kherdekar*, Roy, Bhatia Energetics of the hydrolysis of carbonyl sulphide on metal oxides by ab-initio simulations IN
0678 61 L Gout*, Monnot, Boutin, Vanloot, Claeys-Bruno, Moulin Experimental design methodology for optimal treatment of landfill leachate reverse osmosis concentrates by wet air oxidation FR
0679 31 L Furda*, Variny, Labovska, Labovsky Gas plant intensification assessment via advanced mathematical modelling SK
0680 54 L Pospelova*, Aubrecht, Kihtyanin, Kubicka How does synthesis method affect properties and activity of Cu/ZnO catalyst in ester hydrogenolysis? CZ
0681 52 L Ribeiro*, Estevinho, Rocha Microencapsulation of liposoluble vitamins for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications PT
0682 84 L Yewale*, Bhatia Model development for predicting the reduction of iron oxide by hydrogen spillover over Pt/TiO2 and Pt/Al2O3 IN
0683 85 L Zuza*, Balouch, Soltys, Beranek, Stepanek Modified silica particles as drug carriers for oral delivery CZ
0684 55 L Lyubimenko*, Frolov, Grishina, Stytsenko, Vinokurov New composite materials based on nanocellulose for solving petrochemical problems RU
0685 68 L Kőrosi*, Arany, Mihalovits, Beri, Szekely Organic modifiers affecting the melting point-reduction of a chiral sample in high-pressure carbon dioxide HU
0686 67 L Hospital-Benito*, Lemus, Moya, Santiago, Navarro, Hernandez, Palomar Process analysis overview of ionic liquids on CO2 chemical capture ES
0687 35 L Mayorga*, Morchain, Line Reconstruction of the 3D hydrodynamics in a stirred tank using POD FR
0688 13 L Yang*, Monnot, Eljaddi, Simonian, Ercolei, Moulin Semi-industrial ultrafiltration as tertiary treatment for water reuse : water quality and optimization of operating conditions FR
0689 71 L Schaer*, Feise, Glassey, Jahoda, Madeira, Meyer, Szekely, Wilk Development of EFCE Bologna Recommendations: History and latest version FR
0690 13 L Hariharan*, Bharathi Ganesan, Kannan Identification of globally optimal mixture-process variables in multi-objective optimization of multi-component adsorption IN
0691 81 P Oberlintner*, Likozar, Novak Kinetics and modelling of pyridine-catalyzed esterification of cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) and cellulose nanofibrils (CNFs) SI
0692 32 L Sulgan*, Labovsky, Labovska Multi-aspect comparison of ethyl acetate production pathways SK
0693 85 P Papageridis*, Charisiou, Goula Selective catalytic deoxygenation of methyl laurate as a model compound to hydrocarbons over Ni, Co and Cu monometallic catalysts supported on ZrO2: Effect of hydrotreating temperature GR
0694 81 L Suneja*, Roy Simulation of structure formed by industrially used trilobed shaped particles using Collision Guided Packing IN
0695 53 L dos Santos*, Belluati, Meyer, Necula, Wehr, Meier, Palivan Studying biochemical pathways in compartmentalized spaces created via double emulsion microfluidics CH
0696 85 L Moguel Castañeda*, Romero-Bustamante, Velazquez-Camilo, Puebla, Hernandez-Martinez Diagnosis and monitoring of sugar cane crystallization process by multifractal analysis of temperature time series MX
0697 23 L Mazur*, Bures, Charvat, Dundalek, Pocedic, Kosek Mitigating efficiency and capacity losses in vanadium redox flow battery CZ
0698 54 P Hornacek*, Hudec Preparation, characterization and application of hierarchical structured materials SK
0699 63 L Hajekova*, Vasilkovova, Hudec, Hornacek Catalytic cracking of polypropylene in two-stage laboratory reactor in the presence of natural clinoptilolite SK
0700 66 L Markova*, Vrablova Permeability measurements of biological membranes using the surface plasmon resonance imaging method CZ
0701 13 L Fedorockova*, Raschman, Sucik Targeted thermal activation of natural magnesite to prepare material with optimal reactivity for passive groundwater remediation technology SK
0702 65 L Le Loeuff*, Boy, Morancais, Bourgougnon, Lanoiselle Air impingement drying of macroalgae Sargassum muticum: Effects of the temperature and the air-drying velocity on the drying kinetics FR
0703 23 L Hudak*, Skryja, Ucekaj, Korcek Alternative fuels and emissions CZ
0704 81 N Martes Hernandez*, Abdelouahed, Taouk Catalytic cracking of tar over activated carbon for hydrogen-rich gas production FR
0705 84 L Pelcova*, Konopka, Kosek Collision behaviour of viscoelastic particles: Restitution coefficient CZ
0706 66 L Rostovtseva*, Pulyalina, Dubovenko, Vinogradova, Polotskaya Enhanced pervaporation properties of PPO-based membranes modified with star-like macromolecules and ionic liquids for effective lactic acid dehydration RU
0707 13 L Tous*, Masa, Vondra, Konecna, Prochazkova Integration of technologies for water and materials recovery from industrial waste water CZ
0708 65 L Dardavila*, Savidou, Georgiopoulou, Louli, Pappa, Voutsas, Stamatis, Magoulas Optimization of microalgae biomass magnetic harvesting process GR
0709 33 P Hernadez, Vizuete, Debut, Ponce* Photochemical growth of silver nanoparticles in a 3D printed reactor EC
0710 56 L Valor*, Montes, Garcia-Casas, Pereyra, Martinez de la Ossa Preparation of porous biodegradable PLGA scaffolds by supercritical CO2 for controlled rutin release ES
0711 84 L Zitkova*, Kroupa, Zubov, Kosek Study of particle deposition during electrospraying using Discrete Element Method CZ
0712 63 L Korotenko*, Syc, Gric, Baloch, Drapela Treatment methods for calcium-based APCr from MSWI CZ
0713 13 L Al-Qodah* Combined sustainable treatment methods for olive mills wastewater JO
0714 23 L Konvicka*, Vilimec Concept of technology for use of compression heat for electricity generation CZ
0715 84 L Yusuf* Development of a versatile process modelling framework using artificial intelligence KW
0716 56 P Martinez A.*, Quintana, Jaramillo Effect of the incorporation of lignin in the polymerization reaction of phenolic resins on the mechanical properties of particle board CO
0717 42 P Sumikawa*, de Lima Technoeconomic evaluation of a flex ethanol plant of sugarcane and corn in Brazil BR
0718 63 N Almeida Streitwieser*, Oña Villamil, Gutierrez, Mora, Bejarano Fast pyrolysis as a valorisation mechanism of secondary feedstocks and waste management – case of biomass and PE plastics EC
0719 31 P Zak*, Kracik, Moucha How accurate kLa can we offer? A sensitivity analysis for different batches from the viewpoint of the oxygen probe transient response rate CZ
0720 65 P Zamora-Rodea*, Mata-Guadarrama, Medina-Mendoza, Nuñez-Correa, Garcia-Martinez, Ramirez-Castelan, Colin-Luna Hydrodeoxygenation of canola oil using Pt, Pd, Ni, and Ni-Pd catalysts on Zr-PILC in the production of green diesel MX
0721 67 L Demirci Ulke, Aydin* Hydrothermally treated chitosan polyvinyl alcohol beads as chromate adsorbents TR
0722 81 P Sonntag*, Djukaj, Stepanek Mathematical model of in vitro controlled release of parent drug from prodrug nano-suspension CZ
0723 66 L Zach*, Izak, Syc Potential for membrane-based carbon capture from Waste-to-Energy flue gas CZ
0724 32 P Kracik*, Moucha, Zak Power consumption prediction for slightly viscous liquids in mechanically agitated vessels CZ
0725 68 L Herasme Grullon*, Ledoux, Burel, Bischoff Use of cyclocarbonate for the synthesis of monomers for the manufacture of innovative and bio-based materials FR
0726 65 P Sumikawa*, de Lima Technoeconomic evaluation of a flex ethanol plant of sugarcane and corn in Brazil BR
0727 84 N Olea*, Rosales, Quintriqueo, Romero, Pizarro, Ortiz, Quijada-Maldonaldo Theoretical prediction of selectivity in solvent extraction of La(III) and Ce(III) using β-diketones and ionic liquids via COSMO-RS calculations CL
0728 83 P Zamora-Rodea*, Medina-Mendoza, Nuñez-Correa, Tapia Medina, Ramirez-Castelan, Colin-Luna Thermodynamic analysis of the eugenol hydrodeoxygenation reaction system using the Lagrange multipliers method MX
0729 81 L Buitrago Rincon*, Sadtler, Mercado Ojeda, Marchal, Roques-Carmes, Pedraza Avella, Lemaitre Rheological stability of nanofluids: Effect of silica nanoparticles in biopolymer solutions FR

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