Lectures C

C1 – Monday morning
Continuous Processing and Miniaturisation, Mixing

Fluid flow and microfluidics, multiphase flow

Monday, 9:00-10:00 – Congress Opening

C1.1   11:00   Keynote lecture: Influence of interfacial mobility on bubble motion, collision kinetics and stability of liquid films at interfaces - experiment and modeling. J. Zawala (J. Haber Inst. Catal. Surf. Chem., Krakow, PL) [322]

C1.2   11:20   Effect of the surfactant length on oxygen mass transfer in bubbly flow. *G. Lebrun, G. Hébrard, N. Dietrich (Univ. Toulouse, FR) [41]

C1.3   11:40   Analysis of mechanisms of fish-hook effect occurrence in small-size hydrocyclones classifiers. *A. V. Krokhina, V. A. Lvov, A. V. Fatova (Bauman State Tech. Univ., Moskva, RU) [125]

C1.4   12:00   Integrating reciprocating mixing with filter paper in a centrifugal microfluidic system for DNA extraction. A. Fathi, *M. Saadatmand, L. Parsa Yeganeh1 (Sharif Univ. Technol., Tehran, IR; 1Iran. Biol. Res. Cent., Tehran, IR) [166]

C1.5   12:20   Towards 3D CFD simulation of two-phase flow in rotating packed bed (RPB) for CO2 capture. *P. Béard, V. Penin, P. Alix (IFP Energies Nouvelles, Solaize, FR) [178]

Lunch break

C2 – Monday afternoon
Continuous Processing and Miniaturisation, Mixing

Fluid flow and microfluidics, multiphase flow

C2.1   14:30   Bubble columns operated in the heterogeneous regime: towards a new understanding of their hydrodynamics. Y. Mezui, *M. Obligado, A. Cartellier (Univ. Grenoble, FR) [188]

C2.2   14:50   Experimental investigation of a single bubble rising in a stagnant liquid. *I. K. Kure, H. A. Jakobsen, J. Solsvik (Norweg. Univ. Sci. Technol., Trondheim, NO) [204]

C2.3   15:10   Intensification of the separation of isothermal ternary gas mixtures containing carbon dioxide in the diffusion-convective mode. V. N. Kossov, *O. V. Fedorenko1, M. K. Asembaeva1, V. Mukamedenkyzy1, A. K. Zhusanbaeva (Kaz. Nat. Pedag. Univ., Almaty, KZ; 1Inst. Exp. Theor. Physics, Almaty, KZ) [217]

C2.4   15:30   Mass transfer to the volume of the gel from the system of artificial microchannels. *A. Vyazmin, B. Pokusaev1, D. Nekrasov, N. Zakharov1, D. Khramtsov, N. Shumova (MIREA-Russian Technol. Univ., Moskva, RU; 1Moscow Polytech. Univ., Moskva, RU) [258]

C2.5   15:50   Consequences of anomalies of aqueous solutions of simple alcohols for bubble behaviour and multiphase reactors design. *P. Basařová, J. Crha, K. Sladká, S. Kordač Orvalho1 (Univ. Chem. Technol. Prague, Praha, CZ; 1Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [338]

C3 – Tuesday morning
Continuous Processing and Miniaturisation, Mixing

Fluid flow and microfluidics, multiphase flow

C3.2   10:00   Mechanism of bubble breakup after interaction with a vortex-ring. *M. Zedníková, P. Stanovský, S. Orvalho, T. Trávníčková (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [385]

C3.3   10:20   Two-phase flow in NETmix reactors. *I. S. Fernandes, M. S. C. A. Brito, Y. A. Manrique, M. M. Dias, J. C. B. Lopes, R. J. Santos (Univ. Porto, PT) [487]

C3.4   10:40   Study of slurry bubble column hydrodynamics. *S. Orvalho, M. Hashida1, P. Stanovský, M. Zedníková, L. Kulaviak, M. Ruzicka, A. Tomiyama1 (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ; 1Kobe Univ. , JP) [504]

C3.5   11:00   Hydrodynamics and local mass transfer characterization under gas-liquid-liquid slug flow in a rectangular microchannel. *Y. Liu1, J. Yue1, C. Xu, S. Zhao, C. Yao, G. Chen (Dalian Inst. Chem. Phys., CN; 1Univ. Groningen, NL) [560]

C3.6   11:20   Evaluation and comparison of oxygen absorption performance of several fine bubble generators. R. Ikemoto, *J. R. Alcantara-Avila (Kyoto Univ., JP) [591]

Lunch break

C5 – Wednesday morning
Continuous Processing and Miniaturisation, Mixing

Mixing – It is always counted!

C5.1   10:00   Keynote lecture: Modeling surfactant polydispersity in liquid-liquid dispersions with population balances. V. Alopaeus (Aalto Univ., FI) [80]

C5.2   10:20   General approach to stochastic modeling of mixing solid dispersed components in rarefied flows by the energy method. *A. B. Kapranova, D. D. Bahaeva, D. V. Stenko, A. E. Lebedev, M. Y. Tarshis (Yaroslavl State Tech. Univ., RU) [103]

C5.3   10:40   Predicting the breakage of elongated particles in agitated pharmaceutical dryers. *F. S. Hallac, A. E. Bayly, F. L. Muller, Y. He, C. S. MacLeod1 (Univ. Leeds, UK; 1Astra Zeneca, Macclesfield, UK) [147]

C5.4   11:00   Segregation of multi-components mixtures in blast furnace: a review. *J. Moon, Y. Pang, A. Adema1, J. van der Stel1, D. Schott (Delft Univ. Technol., NL; 1Tata Steel Strip Prod. Mainland Europe, IJmuiden, NL) [171]

C5.5   11:20   Impact of simultaneous application of mechanical stirring and ultrasound irradiation on nucleation kinetics of borax decahydrate. *A. Čelan, I. Milanović, M. Ćosić, N. Kuzmanić (Univ. Split, HR) [213]

C5.6   11:40   Mixing of liquids with dissimilar viscosities in T-Jets. *M. S. C. A. Brito, C. P. Fonte1, R. J. Santos (Univ. Porto, PT; 1Univ. Manchester, UK) [218]

Lunch break

C6 – Wednesday afternoon
Continuous Processing and Miniaturisation, Mixing

Mixing – It is always counted!

C6.1   14:00   Application of population balance to modelling particle breakdown in batch homogenizers. *K. Wojtas, R. Krzosa, R. Adamek, W. Orciuch, Ł. Makowski (Warsaw Univ. Technol., Warszawa, PL) [249]

C6.2   14:20   Numerical study of mixing performance of a novel ‘Y-U’ sar micromixer. M. R. Mahmud (Independent Univ. Bangladesh, Dhaka, BD) [524]

C6.3   14:40   Global convection characteristics of conical Taylor-Couette flow with shear-thinning fluids. *H. Masuda, H. Iyota, N. Ohmura1 (Osaka City Univ., JP; 1Kobe Univ. , JP) [647]

C6.4   15:00   Drop size distribution of dilute liquid-liquid mixtures in stirred tanks: an experimental and numerical study. *F. Maluta, A. Buffo1, D. Marchisio1, G. Montante, A. Paglianti, M. Vanni1 (Univ. Bologna, IT; 1Politecnico, Torino, IT) [676]

C6.5   15:20   Reconstruction of the 3D hydrodynamics in a stirred tank using POD. *C. L. Mayorga, J. Morchain, A. Liné (INSA, Toulouse, FR) [687]

C6.6   15:40   Calibrated microencapsulation of octyl salicylate by polyurea shell via microfluidics: influence of the shell thickness on the UV absorbance. *J. Du, N. Ibaseta, P. Guichardon, B. Montagnier1, J.-C. Hubard2 (Aix-Marseille Univ., FR; 1Azur Isotopes, Marseille, FR; 2HelioScience, Marseille, FR) [381]

C7 – Thursday morning
Industry 4.0

Dynamic and modular operations in the digitalized industry – the way to flexible production

C7.1   10:20   Keynote lecture: New tray column design for flexible operation by enhanced operation ranges and reduced start-up times. H. Fasel, B. Bruns, *J. Riese (Ruhr Univ., Bochum, DE) [470]

C7 – Thursday morning
Industry 4.0

Digi systems modulations and automation

Thursday, 9:00-9:20 – Evaluation of Posters and Congress Closing Remarks

C7.2   10:40   Comparison of fixed feeding profiles, RQ feedback control and adaptive model-based control for aerobic Saccharomyces cerevisiae fed-batch cultivations. *C. Appl, C. Fittkau1, A. Moser, V. C. Hass (Furtwangen Univ., Villingen-Schweningen, DE; 1s&h Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Hamburg, DE) [126]

C7.3   11:00   Model-assisted design of experiments - concept, software and applications. *A. Moser, J. Möller1, K. B. Kuchemüller1, S. Deppe2, T. Hernández Rodriguez2, V. Gassenmeier2, G. Ifrim2, B. Frahm2, R. Pörtner1, V. C. Hass (Hochschule Furtwangen Univ., Villingen-Schwenningen, DE; 1Hamburg Univ. Technol., DE; 2Ostwestfalen-Lippe Univ. Appl. Sci. Art, Lemgo, DE) [143]

C7.4   11:20   Energy harvesting wireless sensors using magnetic phase transition. *Y. Kansha, M. Ishizuka (Univ. Tokyo, JP) [439]

Lunch break

C8 – Thursday afternoon
Industry 4.0

New stories on 4.0 Pharma and fine chemicals industry

C8.1   14:00   Analysis of fluid flow and particle dispersion in simplified Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI) through CFD-DEM simulations. *F. O. Alfano, A. Benassi1, R. Gaspari1, C. Cottini1, A. Di Renzo, F. P. Di Maio (Univ. Calabria, Rende, IT; 1Chiesi Farmaceutici SpA, Parma, IT) [282]

C8.2   14:20   Preliminary study of virtual reality application for chemical operators training on pilot plant procedure. *S. Garcia Fracaro, M. Wilk, J. Glassey1, K. Bernaerts2 (Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, DE; 1Newcastle Univ., UK; 2Kathol. Univ. Leuven, BE) [357]

C8.3   14:40   Systematic hybrid integration of computational chemistry in a multi-scale modeling framework. *N. Nazemzadeh, K. V. Gernaey, M. Andersson, S. S. Mansouri (Tech. Univ. Denmark, Lyngby, DK) [555]

C8.4   15:00   Manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients using continuous flow chemistry and photochemistry. *P. Horáková, K. Kočí (Tech. Univ., Ostrava, CZ) [652]

Thursday, 16:10 – Congress Closure

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