Lectures B

B1 – Monday morning
Energy First (Second ... )

Photochemistry, photocatalysis, electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry, solar cells and solar powered technologies, fuel cells

Monday, 9:00-10:00 – Congress Opening

B1.1   11:00   Keynote lecture: Semiconducting polymers as photocatalysts for solar-driven hydrogen evolution from water. H.-H. Chou (Natl. Tsing Hua Univ., Hsinchu, TW) [329]

B1.2   11:20   Visible-light driven CO2 reduction to methanol at Mo2C-doped TiO2 surfaces. *J. Albo, G. García1 (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES; 1Univ. La Laguna, Tenerife, ES) [21]

B1.3   11:40   Synthesis of molybdenum disulphide-carbon nanomaterials nanocomposites in the impinging jet reactor and their electrochemical performance. *Z. Bojarska, M. Mazurkiewicz-Pawlicka, Ł. Makowski (Warsaw Univ. Technol., Warszawa, PL) [367]

B1.4   12:00   Solution-processable polymeric precursors to semi-amorphous carbon nitride films: a promising approach to anchoring catalytic metallocomplexes and nanoparticles to metallic and carbon-based electrode supports for electrocatalysis. *O. Dubov, J. Font Capafons (Univ. Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, ES) [390]

B1.5   12:20   Study of electrostatic and adhesive forces in dielectric systems: anti-dust solutions for photovoltaics. *J. Sklenářová, S. Jantač, J. Kosek (Univ. Chem. Technol. Prague, Praha, CZ) [463]

B1.6   12:40   A multichannel device for high throughput photocatalysts testing. *I. S. O. Barbosa, M. S. C. A. Brito, B. F. Oliveira, I. S. Fernandes, M. J. Sampaio, J. L. Faria, C. G. Silva, R. J. Santos (Univ. Porto, PT) [475]

Lunch break

B2 – Monday afternoon
Energy First (Second ... )

Photochemistry, photocatalysis, electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry, solar cells and solar powered technologies, fuel cells

B2.1   14:30   Keynote lecture: Photocatalytic degradation of triclosan: study of the operating conditions and assessment of potential formation of organo-chlorinated by-products. *S. Schröder, M. F. San Román, I. Ortiz (Univ. Cantabria, Santander, ES) [472]

B2.3   14:50   A cold plasma reactor for partial oxidation of methane. *S. Müller, M. Kohns, E. Ströfer, H. Hasse (Tech. Univ., Kaiserslautern, DE) [489]

B2.4   15:10   Utilization of titanium dioxide/UV light photocatalysis for decomposition of organic acid pollutants. *S. Henke, S. Gillarova, V. Pour, A. Hinková, B. Hajdari, Z. Bubnik, P. Kadlec, M. Sluková (Univ. Chem. Technol. Prague, Praha, CZ) [501]

B2.5   15:30   Light-matter interaction modelling of CeOx-TiO2 nanocomposites obtained using a solvent-free waste biomass-template method. *M. A. Martín-Lara, G. Blázquez, C. Tavío, M. Calero, M. J. Muñoz-Batista (Univ. Granada, ES) [602]

B2.6   15:50   Solvent assisted 2D mesoporous g-C3N4 modification for catalytic application. *S. Dolai, P. Kluson, S. Hejda, P. Stavarek (Inst. Chem. Proc. Fundam., Praha, CZ) [730]

B3 – Tuesday morning
Energy First (Second ... )

Photochemistry, photocatalysis, electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry, solar cells and solar powered technologies, fuel cells

B3.2   10:00   Urban wastewater from primary treatment as culture medium for Chlorella vulgaris biomass production. A. Belaiba, *G. Hodaifa (Univ. Pablo Olavide, Sevilla, ES) [739]

B3 – Tuesday morning
Energy First (Second ... )

Energy self-sufficiency

B3.3   10:20   Evaluation of the energetic and exergetic potential of the catalytic deoxygenation of lignocellulosic biomass. *L. Reyes, L. Abdelouahed, C. Mohabeer, J. C. Buvat, B. Taouk (Normandie Univ., Rouen, FR) [592]

B3.4   10:40   Sustainable energy harvesting system for power and water production in desert climate. *A. Amhamed, A. Abotaleb, D. Almasri, A. Elrayyah, M. Al-Kuwari1 (Hamad Bin Khalifa Univ., Doha, QA; 1Ministry Municip. Envir., QA) [466]

Lunch break

B4 – Tuesday afternoon
Energy First (Second ... )

Clean energy – not the produced/used one!

B4.1   14:00   High-pressure 1-butene oligomerization to clean liquid fuels on HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst with hierarchical porous structure. *Z. Tabernilla, S. Izaddoust, M. Díaz, J. Valecillos, J. Bilbao, A. T. Aguayo, E. Epelde (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [440]

B4.2   14:20   Methyl oleate as a potential solvent for scrubbing of tars from coal-derived syngas. *I. Y. Mir, P. V. Kherdekar, D. Bhatia (Indian Inst. Technol., Delhi, IN) [669]

B4.3   14:40   Clean valorization of avocado seeds wastes in a conical spouted bed reactor. *M. J. San José, S. Álvarez, R. López (Univ. Pais Vasco, Bilbao, ES) [576]

B4.4   15:00   Enhanced hydrocarbons production from bio-oil hydrotreatment in acetone by nickel phosphide modified HZSM-5. *J. Wang, L. Abdelouahed, J. Xu, N. Brodu, B. Taouk (Normandie Univ., Rouen, FR) [590]

B4.5   15:20   Catalytic deoxygenation of model compounds of bio-oil over Fe-HZSM-5. *N. Boukaous, R. Djettene1, L. Abdelouahed1, M. Chikhi, C. Mohabeer1, B. Taouk1, A. H. Meniai (Univ. Constantine Algeria, DZ; 1Normandie Univ., Rouen, FR) [594]

B5 – Wednesday morning
Continuous Processing and Miniaturisation, Mixing

Continuous process design and optimization (batch to continuous, flow chemistry)

B5.1   10:00   Experimental analysis and modelling of product formation in continuous pan granulators. *R. Dürr, E. Otto2, M. Przywara1, D. Antos1, A. Kienle2 (Proc. Synt. Proc. Dyn., Magdeburg, DE; 1Rzeszow Univ. Technol., PL; 2Otto v. Guericke Univ., Magdeburg, DE) [203]

B5.2   10:20   Production of emulsions in continuous impinging jets mixers for the food industry. *M. S. C. A. Brito, J. L. Sanchez-Salvador, J. C. Sousa, M. C. Monte1, Y. A. Manrique, A. Blanco1, R. J. Santos (Univ. Porto, PT; 1Univ. Complutense, Madrid, ES) [236]

B5.3   10:40   Continuous production of Pickering emulsions using a novel static mixer – NETmix: comparison with batch mode. *A. Ribeiro, Y. A. Manrique, M. F. Barreiro1, J. C. B. Lopes, M. M. Dias (Univ. Porto, PT; 1Inst. Polit. Braganca, PT) [269]

B5.4   11:00   Process optimization – you can only improve what you understand. B. C. Seyfang (Univ. Appl. Sci., Bingen, DE) [499]

B5.5   11:20   Complete separation of the quaternary mixture of nadolol stereoisomers using preparative and simulated moving bed chromatography. *R. S. Arafah, A. E. Ribeiro, A. E. Rodrigues1, L. S. Pais (Inst. Polit. Braganca, PT; 1Univ. Porto, PT) [583]

B5.6   11:40   Gas plant intensification assessment via advanced mathematical modelling. *P. Furda, M. Variny, Z. Labovská, J. Labovský (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [679]

Lunch break

B6 – Wednesday afternoon
Continuous Processing and Miniaturisation, Mixing

Process intensification and miniaturisation

B6.1   14:00   Keynote lecture: Dehydration of ethanol in microreactor: kinetics and catalyst durability. *R. Suerz, K. Eränen, N. Kumar, A. Aho, J. Wärnå, D. Y. Murzin, T. Salmi (Åbo Akad. Univ., Turku, FI) [11]

B6.2   14:20   Optimization of 3D-printed packings: In search of the perfect lab scale distillation column. *J. Neukäufer, N. Sarajlic1, S. Rehfeldt1, H. Klein1, C. Knösche2, J. Paschold2, T. Grützner (Ulm Univ., DE; 1Tech. Univ., München, DE; 2BASF, Ludwigshafen, DE) [24]

B6.3   14:40   Integrated microsystem for biodiesel production. *M. Gojun, A. Šalić, B. Zelić (Univ. Zagreb, HR) [216]

B6.4   15:00   Additive manufacturing, residence time distribution characterization and flow chemistry applied to the development of microreactors. *F. Otaola, S. Mottelet, J. Terrien, E. Guénin, D. Luart, M. Leturia (Univ. Technol., Compiegne, FR) [379]

B6.5   15:20   The NETmix technology, a novel approach for continuous production of melamine based microcapsules for textile application. *A. C. G. Moreira, Y. A. Manrique, I. M. Martins1, A. E. Rodrigues, J. C. B. Lopes, M. M. Dias (Univ. Porto, PT; 1Devan Chemicals, Moreira da Maia, PT) [274]

B6.6   15:40   Numerical investigation of mass transport properties in a membrane based microcontactor. C. Adiche (Tech. Univ., Darmstadt, DE) [315]

B7 – Thursday morning
Continuous Processing and Miniaturisation, Mixing

Process intensification and miniaturisation

Thursday, 9:00-9:20 – Evaluation of Posters and Congress Closing Remarks

B7.1   10:20   Keynote lecture: Breakthrough in process intensification - Part I. *J. Harmsen, M. Verkerk (Harmsen Consultancy B.V., Zuidplas, NL) [265]

B7.2   10:40   Keynote lecture: Breakthrough in process intensification – Part II. J. Harmsen, *M. Verkerk (Harmsen Consultancy B.V., Zuidplas, NL) [293]

B7.3   11:00   Sizing of an intensified reactor for the catalytic oxidation of propylene to acrolein. *K. Gahfif, M. Chateau, J.-F. Portha, E. Schaer, G. Gauthier1, C. C. Rocha2, V. Belliere-Baca2 (Univ. Lorraine, Nancy, FR; 1Solvay SA, Bruxelles, BE; 2Adisseo France SAS, Antony, FR) [473]

B7.4   11:20   Multi-aspect comparison of ethyl acetate production pathways. *B. Šulgan, J. Labovský, Z. Labovská (Slovak Univ. Technol., Bratislava, SK) [692]

B7.5   11:40   Sargasso pyrolysis under guided single-mode microwave cavity. *R. De La Cruz, L. Ubiera, I. Polaert (Normandie Univ., Rouen, FR) [575]

Thursday, 16:10 – Congress Closure

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