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TopicAuthor TeamTitleCountry
0001 m Palma, Martino* Aluminum foam based catalysts for the CO-WGS reaction IT
0004 n Wolosz*, Wernik Comparative study on heat generation during compressible airflow through heatproof nozzles PL
0005 f Ricca, Truda*, Palma Innovative catalysts for H2 conversion to SNG via CO2 methanation IT
0007 e Cormos, Szima, Fogarasi, Cormos* Economic assessments of hydrogen production processes based on natural gas reforming with carbon capture RO
0011 a Orozco*, Kafarov, Pena Methodology for the analysis of materials used in the petrochemical industry exposed to real atmospheres of refinery combustion. Case study: steel ASTM A335 P92 - Barrancabermeja refinery, Colombia CO
0012 g Esfandiari, Kazemeini* Investigating electrochemical behaviors of Ag@Pt core–shell nanoparticles supported upon carbon materials acting as PEMFC’s cathodes IR
0018 b Peletiri*, Rahmanian, Mujtaba Grading the impact of impurities in rich CO2 pipeline fluids UK
0020 k Jay*, Chirwa Reaction pathway analysis of phenol degradation by UV/TiO2 photocatalysis using the C-13 isotopic labeling technique ZA
0024 b Igboamalu*, Chirwa Cr(VI) remediation with inorganic As(III) as an electron sink immobilized in a ceramic bead packed bed biofilm reactor ZA
0027 j Matsenaa*, Igboamalu, Chirwa Phenol degrading and chromium (VI) reducing biofilm system: effect of shock-loading ZA
0028 a Loyola-Fuentes*, Jobson, Smith Fouling modelling and mitigation for crude oil heat exchanger networks using reconciled operating data UK
0030 j Ang, Duyag, Tee, Sy* A multiple input treatment type optimization model integrating reuse and disposal options for a wastewater treatment facility PH
0034 b Saldarriaga*, Freire, Freire Adjustment of the minimum spouting velocity in a conical spouted bed from artificial neural networks CO
0039 s How*, Ngan, Lam Graph theoretic approach to prioritise developmental risks in integrated biomass network MY
0040 i Sellitto*, Murakami Industrial symbiosis: a case study involving a steelmaking plant, a cement manufacturer, and a zinc smelting plant BR
0041 j Saldarriaga*, Patino, Lizarazo Kinetic study of spiny retamo (Ulex eurioaeus L.) waste oxidative pyrolysis CO
0042 j Saldarriaga*, Gallego, Lopez Kinetics parameters for composting process of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste with source separation CO
0045 b Anantpinijwatna* The application of an incorporated rate-equilibrium model for the production of Pyrethroid compound process TH
0046 i San Juan*, Sy, Tan A multi-objective optimization model for the design of a biomass co-firing supply network PH
0047 b Leal-Navarro, Mestre, Puerta, Peralta-Ruiz, Gonzalez-Delgado* Comparative parametric sensibility analysis of amine treatment units from two Latin American refineries CO
0048 h Ngan*, Lam, Promentilla, Yatim, Er Developing sustainability index for Malaysian palm oil industry with fuzzy analytic network process MY
0050 b Vilardi* Bimetallic nZVI-induced chemical denitrification modelling using the shrinking core mode IT
0051 j Srisuwan, Jubsilp, Srisorrachatr* The use of K2CO3 modified sunflower seed husks for removing of metal ions from industrial wastewater TH
0052 b Yaghobi, Vafajoo* Artificial neural network modeling of oxidative coupling of methane IR
0054 b Meng*, Yang Credit rating prediction modelling: evidence from Chinese small construction enterprises CN
0056 b Kolmickovs*, Barmina, Valdmanis, Zake, Kalis, Strautins Electric field effect on the thermal decomposition and co-combustion of straw pellets with peat LV
0057 n Sriromreun*, Sriromreun Experimental and numerical studies of heat transfer characteristics for impinging jet on dimple surfaces TH
0058 a Jain*, Bandyopadhyay Extending pinch analysis to address forbidden matches in resource allocation networks IN
0059 b Barmina, Kolmickovs*, Valdmanis, Zake, Kalis, Strautins Kinetic study of the thermal decomposition and co-combustion of straw pellets with coal LV
0060 n Sriromreun*, Sriromreun Numerical study on heat transfer enhancement in a rectangular duct with V-shaped ribs TH
0062 e Besagni*, Croci, Nesa Solar-assisted dual-source multifunctional heat pump: field tests results and thermodynamic analysis IT
0063 e Besagni*, Croci, Nesa Sub-critic and trans-critic ejector refrigeration: a screening of HFC/HFO mixtures as alternatives of high GWP refrigerants IT
0064 a Farrag*, Gadalla, Kamel, Ghallab, Fouad A novel graphical approach for mass exchange networks using composition driving force EG
0065 a Tan, Aviso*, Ng A source-sink model for optimum allocation of innovation portfolios PH
0066 d Kukulka*, Smith, Li, Zhang, Yan Condensation and evaporation characteristics of flows inside Vipertex 1EHT and 4LB enhanced heat transfer tubes US
0068 a Aviso, Lucas*, Tapia, Promentilla, Tan Identifying key factors to learning process integration through DEMATEL PH
0071 j Pietrelli, Francolini, Piozzi, Vocciante* Metals recovery from Printed Circuit Boards: the pursuit of environmental and economic sustainability IT
0072 s Aviso*, Demeterio, Lucas, Tan P-graph approach to planning human resource expansion for universities in transition PH
0074 n Peric, Dedic-Jandrek*, Nizetic, Garasic Numerical analysis of welding residual stresses and distortions in a T-joint fillet weld using preheating technique HR
0075 a Gholamzadeh Chofreh*, Goni, Klemes Guidelines for the implementation of sustainable enterprise resource planning systems (Part VI): Summary of a study CZ
0078 i Ivanov*, Dzhelil, Ganev, Dobruzhaliev Multi-period model of sustainable integrated of hybrid first and second generation bioethanol supply chains BG
0079 p Walmsley*, Lal, Varbanov, Klemes Relating bridge analysis for heat exchanger network retrofit identification to retrofit design CZ
0080 n Evans* The study of the effect of coal feeding pattern on combustion efficiency in pulverized coal combustion using CFD technique TH
0082 a Kamat*, Bandyopadhyay, Garg, Foo, Sahu Heat Integrated Water Regeneration Networks with Variable Regeneration Temperature IN
0083 g Koltsova, Vasilenko, Scherbakov, Fokina*, Bogdanovskaya Mathematical simulation of PEMFC platinum cathode degradation accounting catalyst’s nanoparticles growth RU
0085 d Petrik*, Szepesi Shell side CFD analysis of a model shell-and-tube heat exchanger HU
0087 n Mendoza*, Hwang Analysis of heat transfer effect on the design of a multi-tubular reactor: a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approach KR
0088 e Wukovits*, Kirchbacher, Miltner, Friedl Assessment of hybrid processes for bio-butanol purification applying process simulation AT
0089 h Xu*, Liu, Xu, Dai Evaluation of carbon emissions from maize production in China CN
0090 h Xu* Analysis and prediction of carbon emissions from wheat production in China CN
0091 e Palma*, Barba, Vaiano, Colozzi, Palo, Barbato, Cortese, Miccio Catalytic oxidative decomposition of H2S for hydrogen production IT
0094 f Beisl*, Loidolt, Miltner, Friedl Direct precipitation of Organosolv liquors leading to submicron lignin particles AT
0096 a Palma, Ruocco*, Ricca Experimental study of oxidative reforming of ethanol in a fluidized bed with bimetallic catalysts IT
0099 f Kim, Nam, Lee, Jeong, Boo* Enhanced optical property of texturing glass surface with anti-reflection layer for perovskite solar cell KR
0100 i Ngan*, Promentilla, How, Lam, Yatim Integrating stakeholder’s role in mitigating risks for future cleaner production MY
0101 f Pausta, Razon*, Promentilla, Saroj Life cycle assessment of a retrofit wastewater nutrient recovery system in Metro Manila PH
0103 b Wongpromrat*, Anantpinijwatna Mathematical optimization of the anti-corrosive rice husk ash enhanced reinforced concrete under marine environment TH
0104 b Al-Sheemy*, Ashour, Gadalla Maximization of condensate production by revamping of gas-oil separation plant in Gulf of Suez EG
0106 j Khorrami*, Gharaei, Salehi Optimizing sweeping gas rate, a probable opportunity for flaring reduction in 3rd refinery of South Pars gas complex IR
0108 b Peesel*, Schlosser, Schaumburg, Meschede, Dunkelberg, Walmsley Predictive simulation-based optimisation of cooling system including a sprinkler tank DE
0111 d Trzcinski*, Markowski Diagnosis of the fouling effects in a shell and tube heat exchanger using artificial neural network PL
0112 n Suchecki, Trafczynski* Studies on liquid flow through the model of the crystallizer segment PL
0114 h Bayomie, Bouallou* The breakthrough of carbon capture and water removal for hydrogenation of CO2 into methanol from industrial flue gases FR
0116 m Li*, Chyang The tendency of NOx emission in fluidized-bed combustion and suitable strategies for reduction TW
0118 d Markowski, Trzcinski* A new approach to artificial neural network training for better prediction of the heat exchanger behaviour PL
0121 e Shimanskaya, Rebrov, Filatova, Matveeva, Sulman, Sulman* Catalytic hydrogenolysis of different types of lignin obtained from sawdust softwood RU
0127 g Skrinsky* Influence of temperature and vessel volume on explosion characteristics of propanol/air mixtures in closed spherical vessels CZ
0128 e Doluda, Lakina, Sidorov, Stepacheva*, Matveeva, Sulman, Sulman Influence of the reactor system on the transformation of methanol to gasoline over H-ZSM-5 RU
0129 k Nemygina, Nikoshvili, Matveeva, Sulman*, Kiwi-Minsker Intensification of Pd-catalyzed Suzuki cross-coupling: influence of second metal addition, reactor type and visible light irradiation RU
0133 e Ocon*, Cruz, Castro, Aviso, Tan, Promentilla Optimal multi-criteria selection of hybrid energy systems for off-grid electrification PH
0134 f Sillero*, Prado, Labidi Optimization of different extraction methods to obtaining bioactive compounds from Larix Decidua bark ES
0140 b Ong, Chen* Techno-economic analysis of seawater freezing desalination (SFD) using liquefied natural gas (LNG) TW
0141 g Salnikova, Matveeva*, Bykov, Demidenko, Shkileva, Sulman The liquid phase catalytic hydrogenation of the furfural to furfuryl alcohol RU
0142 j Lugovoy, Chalov, Sulman*, Kosivtsov Thermocatalytic refining of gaseous products produced by fast pyrolysis of waste plant biomass RU
0145 e Skrinsky*, Friedel Explosion parameters of degas–air mixtures at elevated temperatures CZ
0146 e Kheawhom*, Lao-atiman Modeling and simulation of zinc-air flow battery with zinc regeneration process TH
0148 b Zhou*, Liu An algebraic analysis modeling method for complex reactions CN
0153 b Chen, Lee*, Alcantara Avila Control study on diphenyl carbonate reactive distillation via thermally coupled configuration and side heat exchangers TW
0154 n Xie, He, Zhang, Chen* Counter-current gas-liquid film cross-flow for the staggered tube bundles in closed wet cooling towers CN
0156 j Tippayawong*, Rerkkriangkrai, Aggarangsi, Pattiya Characterization of biochar from pyrolysis of corn residues in a semi-continuous carbonizer TH
0158 b Hu*, Li, Hu, Li, Yang Design and optimization of a coupled azeotropic and extractive distillation process for the purification of propylene oxide CN
0160 b Nadezhdin*, Platonova, Goryunov, Manenti Development of a control system for electroerosive water treatment plant based on MPC controller RU
0162 b Jo*, Kwon, Hwang Development of chemical reaction system for off-shore plants KR
0167 f Kuljiraseth*, Wangriya, Jitkarnka Esterification of benzoic acid with 2-ethylhexanol to valuable chemicals over Ni-Mg-Al mixed oxide catalyst derived from layered-double hydroxide route TH
0168 b Schlosser*, Peesel, Meschede, Philipp, Walmsley Evaluation of a stratified tank based heat recovery loop via dynamic simulation DE
0170 i Veres*, Skrinsky, Kolonicny Explosion characteristics of organic powders measured in closed spherical vessel CZ
0173 b Vasickaninova, Bakosova, Oravec, Meszaros* Gain scheduled control of counter-current shell-and-tube heat exchangers in series SK
0174 f Setiadjid* Green energy storage: a developing technique to store excess electricity with bicarbonate salts NL
0177 b Shin*, Kim, Hwang Modeling and optimization of NOx reduction system using artificial neural network KR
0178 b Nadezhdin*, Zeleneckaya, Denisevich, Goryunov, Manenti Modeling of the monitoring and control system of extraction units with nuclear-safe tanks via use of differential low-pressure gages RU
0179 b Pletnev*, Denisevich, Goryunov, Manenti Modelling of the device for automated batching micro-flows of aggressive and radioactive fluids RU
0182 b Mei*, Chen, Ding, Chen, Cai, Luo On-line calibration of just in time learning and Gaussian process regression based soft sensor with moving-window technology CN
0185 e Lee*, Nam, Yu, Kim, Jeong, Boo Improved visible-light driven photocatalytic activity of hydrogenated TiO2/SnO2 nanoparticles KR
0189 m Kalinchuk*, Zhuravlev, Goryunov, Khassenova Simulation and modeling of switching high-voltage power supply RU
0190 b Zhu*, Liu, Zhang, Pan, Chen, He Simulation and optimization of cooling water systems with closed wet cooling tower based on reduced order model CN
0191 b Pletnev*, Goryunov, Livencov, Gozhimov, Kasheev, Flavio Simulation of control system of uranyl nitrate crystallization process in linear crystallizer RU
0192 j Elmahgary*, Amin, Abadir, Sadek Waste minimisation of ceramic wall tiles EG
0193 b Mei*, Ding, Chen, Chen, Cai Soft sensor modeling based on just in time learning and bagging-PLS for fermentation Processes CN
0195 a Arya*, Bandyopadhyay Stochastic pinch analysis for resource allocation networks with multiple resources IN
0196 b Li*, Liu Study on coupling separation process of ETBE and absolute ethanol CN
0197 j Amr Emara*, Gadalla, Ashour Supply chain design network model for biofuels and petrochemicals from waste cooking oil NL
0198 e Vilimec, Konvicka*, Blejchar, Kolarcik, Maier The concept of power plants with electricity accumulation for decentralized energy sources CZ
0199 e Urbaniak* The latest innovations in techniques automatic and clean-burning solid fuels PL
0200 m Jubsilp*, Rimdusit, Takeichi Thermal stability and thermo-mechanical properties of nanoalumina-filled poly(benzoxazine-ester) composite films TH
0202 j Azouma, Jegla*, Reppich, Turek, Weiss Using of agriculture waste for biogas production as sustainable energy supply for developing countries CZ
0205 f Bolonio*, Ortega, Garcia-Martinez, Rodriguez-Fernandez, Lapuerta, Canoira Biofuels for aviation: from bio-iso-butanol to synthetic paraffinic kerosene ES
0206 h Glushko, Bessarabov, Priorov* CALS-system of ecological monitoring of chemical anti-icing materials on the major environmental components RU
0211 n Turek* On improving computational efficiency of simplified fluid flow models CZ
0212 b Etoumi*, Jobson Operational optimization for hybrid membrane-distillation systems LY
0214 f Bolonio*, Ortega, Garcia-Martinez, Rodriguez-Fernandez, Lapuerta, Canoira Turpentine oil as a bio-based blending component for jet fuel: smoke point measurements ES
0217 a Elordi, Arabiourrutia*, Bilbao, Olazar Energetic viability of a polyolefin pyrolysis plant ES
0219 b Gozhimov*, Egorova, Liventsova, Livencov Modeling of the electrolyzers cooling system for the fluorine production operator training simulator RU
0220 b Gozhimov*, Pletnev, Livencov, Schmidt Modelling of displacing complexating chromatography automated system by KT-NIMFA software RU
0223 e Roestorff*, Chirwa Biotransformation of Cr(VI) with bacteria in cooperation with the removal of Cr(III) through biosorption with Chlorococcum ellipsoideum ZA
0224 f Bavasso*, Verdone, Di Palma Cr(VI) removal by green-synthetized iron-based nanoparticles and bio-adsorbent IT
0226 b Jiang*, Feng, Duan, Zhang Energy consumption optimization of a synthetic ammonia process based on oxygen purity CN
0227 r Qi*, Feng, Zhang, Ma Improvement approaches of steam power system based on the grand composite curves CN
0230 b Zhang*, Feng, Wang, Zhang Optimization of cooler networks considering different types of cooling CN
0231 n Jegla, Fialova* Development of heat and fluid flow distribution modelling system for analysis of multiple-distributed designs of process and power equipment CZ
0232 b Kallai*, Kerezsi, Szepesi, Mizsey Ethane-ethylene rectification column’s parametric examination HU
0236 r Bojanovsky*, Belohradsky, Skryja, Hudak The influence of atomizing media on the quality of the combustion of liquid fuels CZ
0239 j Njalam'mano*, Chirwa Isolation and characterisation of butyric acid degrading bacterium from pit latrine faecal sludge and its potential for bioremediation ZA
0241 g Volkova*, Latosov, Andrijaskin, Siirde Thermal energy storage implementation into biomass CHP based district heating system EE
0243 n Grabowski, Wernik*, Wolosz Investigation of heat loss from the housing of compressor PL
0244 d Valdes, Ardila, Colorado-Garrido*, Grisales Numerical study of the effect of a passive technique in tube-in-tube helical heat exchanger MX
0245 n Grabowski, Wernik*, Wolosz Thermal analysis of radiator under natural and forced convection conditions using numerical simulation and thermography PL
0246 p Fan*, Klemes, Perry, Lee An emissions analysis for the environmentally sustainable freight transportation modes CZ
0251 p Wang*, Klemes, Walmsley, Wang, Yu Recent developments of water footprint methodology CZ
0254 q Markowski*, Trzcinski On-line control of heat exchanger network under fouling constraints PL
0255 e Friedel*, Skrinsky, Wnukovski, Borovec Autoignition temperature of decanted alcohols produced by Fischer-Tropsch micro bench scale unit CZ
0256 e Bessarabov, Trokhin, Stepanova*, Vendilo Energy- and resource-saving system of water management for fine chemistry RU
0260 e Liu, Lendormi*, Lanoiselle A review of hygienization technology of biowastes for anaerobic digestion: effect on pathogen inactivation and methane production FR
0265 b Belfiore*, Baldi, Marechal Exergy recovery during liquefied natural gas regasification using methane as working fluid CH
0267 a Daumova, Abdulina*, Kokayeva, Adilkanova Experimental studies on the sorption purification of groundwater with treatment of spent zeolites utilization KZ
0271 b Aqar*, Rahmanian, Mujtaba Investigation about profitability improvement for synthesis of benzyl acetate in different types of batch distillation columns UK
0272 d Sychev*, Lyubimova, Divin, Ponomarev, Egorov Non-destructive thermal control of vegetables and fruits using a machine vision system RU
0274 e Makgato*, Chirwa Performance evaluation of microbial desulphurization of Waterberg steam coal as a pre-combustion technique ZA
0277 f Hirschmann, Borodkin, Baganz, Hass* Towards the integration of the ethyl (S)-3-hydroxybutyrate production process into a biorefinery concept DE
0278 b Kummer*, Varga Dynamic process simulator assisted optimization of operating point transition HU
0280 q Ulyev*, Kanischev, Vasilyev, Maatouk Energy efficient retrofit of two-stream heat exchange systems RU
0281 e Aziz*, Juangsa, Triawan, Nandiyanto, Abdullah Integrated nitrogen production and conversion of hydrogen to ammonia JP
0284 e Oravec*, Bakosova, Vasickaninova, Meszaros Robust model predictive control of a plate heat exchanger SK
0286 b Skurygin*, Poroyko Thermocapillary instability in the nonstationary process of gas absorption. Effect of Lewis and Prandtl numbers on the critical time RU
0287 g Yamamoto*, Uchiyama, Matsune, Kishida Effect of microwave attenuation in microwave plasma assisted combustion of biogas JP
0289 n Shi*, Pieters, Lan, Gao, Ronsse A finite element model for char production through pyrolysis of a single biomass particle CN
0290 a Bampaou*, Panopoulos, Papadopoulos, Bezergianni, Seferlis, Voutetakis A novel bio-oil hydrotreating process with emphasis on H2 recycling: a first design approach GR
0291 a Ongpeng*, Dungca, Aviso, Tan A source-sink model for assigning construction firms to projects during urban rebuilding PH
0300 e Rungrussamee*, Inkong, Rangsunvigit, Kulprathipanja Comparative study of methane hydrate formation and dissociation with hollow silica and activated carbon TH
0301 e Palma, Vaiano*, Matarangolo, Anello Comparison of Pt/C electrocatalyst deposition methods for PEM fuel cells IT
0302 l Leitold*, Vathy-Fogarassy, Abonyi Controllability, observability and robustness improvement of heat exchanger networks HU
0304 e Pan*, Zhang, Li, Pan China’s inter-regional wind power generation efficiency and its influencing factors CN
0306 d Garcia-Castillo, Picon-Nunez* Design and operability of multi-stream heat exchangers for use in LNG liquefaction processes MX
0307 q Rathjens*, Fieg Design of cost-optimal heat exchanger networks considering individual, match-dependent cost functions DE
0313 e Yoon, Kim*, Park, Lee Energy-efficient design and optimization of a demethanizer column KR
0316 b Oudghiri, Rivera Tinoco, Bouallou* Exergy analysis, optimization approach and transient mode operation study of biomethane liquefaction processes FR
0319 b Wongsapai*, Damrongsak, Malakrong Factor impacts and target setting of energy consumption in Thailand’s sanitary ceramics industry TH
0322 e Yanyongsak*, Siemanond Heat exchanger network retrofit under fouling effects TH
0329 n Bian*, Tang, Dai, Wang, Zeng Numerical study of competition effects of laser parameters on a transient melt pool evolution process CN
0334 b Polosin*, Blank, Livencov Mathematical modelling of MNUP-fuel production by the carbothermic synthesis process for fast neutron reactors RU
0339 b Huang*, Lu, Liu Optimization of pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation reactor based on hydrogen network integration CN
0340 s Aviso*, Arogo, Coronel, Janairo, Foo, Tan P-Graph approach to planning biochar-based carbon management networks PH
0341 j Phan, Doan, Truong, Le* Photocatalytic properties of V/Mo co-doped strontium titanate VN
0343 g Kansha*, Ishizuka Power generation from low temperature waste heat using magnetic phase transition JP
0345 a Yun, Lee, Oh, Jang, Kim* Process-integrated design and techno-economic analysis of post-combustion CO2 capture processes KR
0346 e Chen*, Liu, Li Regional analysis of air quality control in China’s power sector CN
0349 j Gregor, Kropac, Pavlas* Sorting line modelling as an integral part of complex tools for decision-making in waste management CZ
0350 e Assawamartbunlue*, Kunrapeegayson, Limwattana Specific energy consumption of sugar cane mills in Thailand TH
0354 d Martinez-Rodriguez*, Fuentes-Silva, Picon-Nunez Targeting the maximum outlet temperature of solar collectors MX
0355 i Hoo*, Hashim, Ho Economic feasibility of Feed-in Tariff (FiT) for biomethane injection into natural gas distribution grid MY
0359 n Tang*, Bian, Zeng, Wang The influence of temperature and flow on the adsorption behavior of NaCl solution on the surface of MgO: A Molecular dynamics study CN
0360 a Ortiz*, Valverde, Chacartegui, Romeo, Perez-Maqueda The mOxy-CaL process: integration of membrane separation, partial oxy-combustion and Calcium Looping for CO2 capture ES
0361 f Hussein, Lee*, Bong, Klemes A review on the economic feasibility of composting for organic waste management in Asian countries MY
0363 j Vaiano, Iervolino*, Rizzo Visible light active Fe-doped TiO2 for the oxidation of arsenite to arsenate in drinking water IT
0374 a Kokayeva, Abdulina*, Adilkanova, Userbaev, Daumova Entropy factor of grain formation when solution evaporatlon in fluidized bed KZ
0375 h Tristano, Rivera Tinoco, Bouallou* Experimental study of CO2 chemical absorption kinetics by a thermomorphic lipophilic biphasic solvent FR
0376 f Souli, Liu, Lendormi*, Chaira, Ferchichi, Lanoiselle Evaluation of methane production of six varieties of date pulp waste (Phoenix Dactylifera. L) FR
0378 b Damrongsak, Wongsapai*, Thinate Factor impacts and target setting of energy consumption in Thailand’s hospital building TH
0379 f Varga*, Eller, Hollo, Hancsok Fuels from natural fatty acid esthers HU
0384 c Tarighaleslami*, Walmsley, Atkins, Walmsley, Neale Utility exchanger network design for non-isothermal utility considering process control NZ
0389 f Hernandez*, Erdocia, Labidi Phenolic monomers production by the direct depolymerization of lignin contained in Kraft black liquor in the presence of metal catalyst ES
0390 b Rummel*, Neshumayev, Konist Power plant ash composition transformations during load cycling EE
0398 p Jia*, Klemes, Varbanov, Wan Alwi Energy-emission-waste nexus of food deliveries in China CZ
0401 a Cobo, Rumayor*, Dominguez-Ramos, Irabien Optimization of circularity indicators in an integrated waste management system for nutrient recovery ES
0402 m Srisuk, Tippayawong* Improvement of raw material picking process in sewing machine factory using lean techniques TH
0404 b Madron*, Hostalek, Stepan Monitoring an industrial steam condenser performance CZ
0407 f Tomasek*, Lonyi, Valyon, Wollmann, Hancsok Fuel production from Fischer-Tropsch paraffin mixtures HU
0409 j Hrabec*, Somplak, Nevrly, Smejkalova Sustainable model integration of waste production and treatment process based on assessment of GHG CZ
0410 e Vasilenko, Arkadeva, Bogdanovskaya, Fokina*, Koltsova Mathematical modeling of the process of oxygen bioelectroreduction by laccase RU
0412 d Cassanello*, Yeoh, Liang, Pamudji, Hui Modeling and optimization of multistream heat exchanger with area targeting HK
0413 b Putna*, Janostak, Pavlas Modelling of existing heating plant replacement with a waste to energy plant and a peak-load natural gas boiler CZ
0414 b Spanlang*, Wukovits, Weiss, Wurm Modelling of trace material flow distribution in a melter gasifier based on thermodynamic multiphase equilibrium calculations AT
0416 b Xiao*, Zhang, Jiang, Li, Wu, He Multi-objective optimisation of MTBE reactive distillation process parameters based on NSGA-II CN
0417 j Somplak*, Nevrly, Pavlas, Smidova Multi-objective waste network flow identification model based on economic and environmental aspects CZ
0419 e Soodsuansi*, Kulprathipanja, Ratanatawanate, Rangsunvigit Adsorption of methane and carbon dioxide on activated carbon and metal organic frameworks TH
0422 e Urbaniak*, Ciupek, Klosowiak, Nygard Analysis of the possibility of burning and co-firing oats in automatic solid fuel boilers PL
0424 n Egedy*, Miskolczi, Yuan, Shen CFD based optimisation of a NOx removal reactor HU
0432 r Salpingidou*, Deralas, Misirlis, Vlahostergios, Yakinthos Design and CFD modeling of a low pressure turbine for aeroengines GR
0433 e Wang*, Ji, Liu, Xu, Li Desorption and refrigeration performance investigation on hot oil driven adsorption refrigeration system CN
0444 b Darmawan*, Ajiwibowo, Lokahita, Aziz, Tokimatsu Energy-efficient recovery of black liquor by gasification and syngas chemical looping JP
0446 b Tesch*, Morosuk, Tsatsaronis Exergoeconomic optimization applied to the LNG regasification process integrated into an air separation plant DE
0449 b Gao, Hwang* A review of optimization technologies applied in combined cooling heating and power systems US
0450 f Toth*, Hollo, Hancsok Co-processing of high-sulphur gas oil and waste with high fatty acid content HU
0452 g Suciu*, Kantor, Butun, Girardin, Marechal Geographically parameterised residential sector energy and service profile CH
0453 d Xiao*, Shi, Jiang, He, Luo Heat exchanger network synthesis considering the equipment size of heat transfer enhancement CN
0454 k Sanabria Cala*, Conde-Rodriguez, Laverde Catano, Ballesteros Pena, Estupinan Duran Influence of temperature and time on morphological and electrochemical properties of corrosion products formed by sulfidation of AISI-1020 steel CO
0456 e Meloni*, Palma Low temperature microwave regeneration of catalytic diesel particulate filter IT
0459 f Visnyei*, Sagi, Hollo, Auer, Hancsok Long-term performance of NiMo/Al2O3 catalyst during the co-processing of fatty acid by-products and diesel fraction HU
0461 e Begimova*, Tungatarova New hetero(N-,P-)organic’ synthesis biological active compounds with the use of microwave activation KZ
0462 n Judt, Urbaniak*, Bartoszewicz Numerical analysis of a secondary air delivering by a deflector using to a solid biofuels combustion in low power water boilers PL
0464 f Feher*, Tomasek, Hancsok, Juszakova, Skoda-Foldes Oligomerisation of light olefins with SILP catalysts HU
0466 a Sing, Lim, Walmsley, Liew*, Goto Effect of solar utility temperature to costing and design parameters of integrated solar thermal system MY
0468 d Shi*, Ma, Wang Numerical investigation of a packed-bed active magnetic regenerator CN
0469 r Qu, Ma, Yu, Wang* Parametric study on thermoelectric power generator and microturbine combined power generation system CN
0476 j Wessels, Brink*, Chirwa Pseudomonas stutzeri Nt-I: Optimal conditions for growth and selenate reduction ZA
0477 g Fluch, Brunner, Grubbauer*, Ramschak, Wilk, Fleckl Renewable and highly efficient energy systems through innovative combination of solar thermal and heat pump systems AT
0478 b Guo, Ding*, Li, Zhu, Liao, Yuan Simulation and optimization study on aqueous monoethanolamine(MEA)-based CO2 capture process CN
0480 t Ding*, Li, Guo, Liao, Zhu Synthesis novel absorbents based on porous silica nanospheres for CO2 absorption CN
0482 d Han*, Ji, Xu Study on reflective enhanced polyheat solar steam generation CN
0483 k Conde-Rodriguez, Sanabria Cala*, Ortiz, Barrera, Barrera-Betancur, Laverde Catano, Pena-Ballesteros, Merchan-Arenas Study of AISI-1020 steel corrosion by sulphidation from synthetic sulfur compounds of different molecular structures CO
0484 r Misirlis*, Vlahostergios, Salpingidou, Yakinthos Investigation of heat transfer and flow field development around a low-pressure turbine blade with the use of open source CFD tools GR
0485 b Masci*, Ortiz, Chacartegui, Verda, Valverde The ammonia looping system for mid-temperature thermochemical energy storage IT
0486 a Darmawan*, Biddinika, Huda, Aziz, Tokimatsu Toward sustainable agricultural: integrated system of rice production and electricity generation JP
0487 a Lauberte, Telysheva, Dizhbite, Lauberts*, Andersone, Cravotto, Calcio Gaudino, Grillo Tricin-lignin complex as value added product obtained under ultrasound and hydrodynamic cavitation pre-treatment on the wheat straw processing for sugar production LV
0489 t Vondra*, Tous, Masa, Miklas Vacuum evaporation of liquid digestate from anaerobic digestion: a techno-economic assessment CZ
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