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Papers accepted by the Scientific Committee are presented in the List of Accepted Papers

In the table below are listed submitted and additional contributions received after the last update where are also given papers which was not possible process due to their incompleteness.

Dark coloured contributions have been edited by the administrator of data base to conform to formal requirements.

If you might find any error in inscription of your paper (which has already been denoted in the table as edited), please download and upload your summary again. This will notify automatically the administrator of data base. If your paper is not denoted as edited in the table, the reason may be:

  • too short time since summary has been received, or
  • summary is missing, or
  • summary is incomplete, or
  • summary does not conform with requirements, or
  • there is some problem with the editing - in this case please contact the Organising Committee ( to resolve the problem.

Table below can be sorted according to the column content by clicking on column heading. For more convenience you can filter the table according to the topic. Please select topic from drop-down menu and wait for several seconds for the result. Individual searches in the table can be made by pressing CTRL and F.

In case that your selection is Conference PRES 2018, you can continue with selection of its subtopic from additional menu.

Notes and explanations
  • Topic = administrative number of the topic (click here)
  • Form = form of presentation requested by author: KL - keynote lecture, L - lecture, N - no preference, P - poster
  • Author team = list of surnames with speaker denoted by asterisk
  • Title = title of paper
  • Country = country of the corresponding author. For the list of country codes click here

Individual searches in the table can be made by pressing CTRL and F.

Total number of papers: 15
TopicFormAuthor TeamTitleCountry
1 N a* _test contrib BR
1151 1 N Elmarimi* Optimization refinery processes to maximize gasoline production LY
1152 6 P Kristof, Bulejko*, Sverak CFD simulation of a gas phase and spiral nozzle-sprayed liquid in a wet scrubber CZ
1153 6 P Stoppe, Vieira Neto, Santos* Computational fluid dynamic of air flow in a packed bed applied to a solar drying of Moringa Oleífera leaves BR
1154 6 L Schluter*, Rosseburg, Grunewald Multiphase reactors - achievements and challenges in design and scale-up DE
1155 6 L Wirz*, Hlawitschka, Bart Advances in acquisition of particulate properties in slurry bubble columns using optical probes DE
1156 8 N de Haan* Design driven innovation of products and processes - De Gruyter Lecture NL
1157 6 L Timaeus*, Schubert, Hampel Inclined rotating fixed bed reactors – a process intensification concept for heterogeneous catalytic multiphase reactions DE
1158 6 L Zednikova*, Orvalho, Stanovsky, Ruzicka Validation of Dynamic Pressure Method for measurement of volumetric mass transfer coefficient in bubble column CZ
1159 12 P Boujelben, Ellouze, Pype, Penninckx, Flahaut, Sayadi, Debaste* Optimization of the growth parameters of the white rot fungus Trametes versicolor on agro-waste for biogas production improvement BE
1160 7 N Lozada Garcia, Nunhez* Mixing of heavy oil with naphtha in a helical twist static mixer with the use of CFD: a dilution process BR
1161 22 L Colombo, Bernardo, Costa* Modeling and simulation of the cocrystallization process of caffeine and glutaric acid BR
1162 6 N Simon*, Lima, Fontoura, Gaspari, Nunhez CFD simulation of a flow homogenizer for subsea pumping systems BR
1163 2 P Kalivoda*, Sverak, Kristof, Mayerova Absorption with chemical reaction in pilot-plant scrubber equipped with a spiral nozzle CZ
1164 22 P Kazepidis, Papadopoulos, Seferlis* Optimisation of absorption based CO2 capture using phase-change solvents GR

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