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Total number of papers: 985

TopicFormAuthor Team TitleCountry
0001 22 P Palma, Martino* Aluminum foam based catalysts for the CO-WGS reaction IT
0002 12 L Drouiche*, Ouslimane, Aoudj, Amara Removal of copper and fluoride from mixed Cu-CMP and fluoride bearing wastewaters by electrocoagulation DZ
0003 22 N Wolosz* Exergy Analysis of the Rapid Air Flow Process through the Pneumatic Pulsator Nozzle PL
0004 22 N Wolosz*, Wernik Comparative study on heat generation during compressible airflow through heatproof nozzles PL
0005 22 L Ricca*, Truda, Palma Innovative catalysts for H2 conversion to SNG via CO2 methanation IT
0006 6 L Cvetinovic*, Jovanovic, Vejrazka, Tihon, Nakabe, Tatsumi Sound control of the turbulent axisymmetric air jet suitable for application RS
0007 22 N Cormos, Szima, Fogarasi, Cormos* Economic assessments of hydrogen production processes based on natural gas reforming with carbon capture RO
0008 2 P Learth*, Zemp Minimization of volatile compounds losses in processes by using an alternative crossflow cooling tower configuration BR
0009 22 L Dong*, Meijer, Zhang, Song, Yu Selecting solvents for intensification of thermal dissociation of tri-n-octylamine hydrochloride by calculating infrared spectra from ab initio molecular dynamics CN
0010 22 L Al-Mutairi* Stochastic optimization for more energy efficient processing systems SA
0011 22 P Orozco*, Kafarov, Alviz, Peña Methodology for the analysis of materials used in the petrochemical industry exposed to real atmospheres of refinery combustion. Case study: steel ASTM A335 P92 - Barrancabermeja refinery, Colombia CO
0012 22 L Esfandiari, Kazemeini* Investigating electrochemical behaviors of Ag@Pt core–shell nanoparticles supported upon carbon materials acting as PEMFC’s cathodes IR
0013 18 K Casciatori*, Thomeo Saccharification of agricultural wastes by homemade enzymes for second generation ethanol production BR
0014 11 L Grutzner*, Guttel Chemical Engineering at Ulm University – The way to success of a new foundation in a challenging environment DE
0015 17 L Dimitry*, Mansour, Hussein, Saad Influence of organic modifier loading on particle dispersion of nylon6/montmorillonite nanocomposites EG
0016 1 L Hajjar, Kazemeini*, Rashidi Novel graphene supported nano-catalysts for HDS of diesel fuel IR
0017 22 P Moreau*, Scott, Shang Clean Technologies: Optimal mine design and strategies for increased productivity and energy savings CA
0018 22 K Peletiri*, Rahmanian, Mujtaba Grading the impact of impurities in rich CO2 pipeline fluids UK
0019 22 P McLean*, Scott Modelling of recovery and application of low grade industrial thermal resources CA
0020 22 L Jay*, Chirwa Reaction pathway analysis of phenol degradation by UV/TiO2 photocatalysis using the C-13 isotopic labeling technique ZA
0021 8 P Alekseev*, Golovushkin, Labutin Synthesis of control algorithms of prepolyamidation polyamide-6 process RU
0022 12 K Casciatori*, Thomeo, Ladeira Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of waste paper by homemade enzymes for second generation ethanol production BR
0023 1 P Kaluza*, Jiratova, Tyuliev, Palcheva, Kostejn, Spojakina Hydrodesulfurization NiMo catalysts over mechanochemically prepared gamma-alumina CZ
0024 22 L Igboamalu*, Chirwa Cr(VI) remediation with inorganic As(III) as an electron sink immobilized in a ceramic bead packed bed biofilm reactor ZA
0025 22 L De Falco*, Piemonte, Capocelli, Giannattasio DME synthesis process fed by CO2-rich syngas: plant simulation IT
0026 22 P Zhang*, Meng Numerical simulation of scale removal from mine drainage pipe by water jet impact CN
0027 22 L Matsenaa*, Igboamalu, Chirwa Phenol degrading and chromium (VI) reducing biofilm system: effect of shock-loading ZA
0028 22 L Loyola-Fuentes*, Jobson, Smith Fouling modelling and mitigation for crude oil heat exchanger networks using reconciled operating data UK
0029 8 L Aboltins*, Pulkis, Kalis, Skujans Heat transfer problem for gypsum board products exposed to fire LV
0030 22 L Ang, Duyag, Tee, Sy* A multiple input treatment type optimization model integrating reuse and disposal options for a wastewater treatment facility PH
0031 1 N Vajglova*, Moro, Kumar, Eranen, Peurla, Peltonen, Murzin, Salmi Ethylene oxychlorination over CuCl2/γ-Al2O3 catalyst in micro- and milli-structured reactors FI
0032 15 K Teodorescu* Solution, apparent and relative molar enthalpies for model ionic liquid + water or 1-butanol systems in the high dilution region RO
0033 18 K Casciatori*, Madeira, Sousa, Badino Jr Red pigment production by solid state cultivation of a fungus having agricultural wastes as substrates BR
0034 22 N Saldarriaga*, Freire, Freire Adjustment of the minimum spouting velocity in a conical spouted bed from artificial neural networks CO
0035 1 L Timaeus*, Schubert, Hampel Computational modelling approach of an inclined rotating fixed bed reactor DE
0036 6 L Russo*, Tesser, Salmi, Di Serio Chromatographic reactor modelling for esterification/hydrolysis reactions IT
0037 1 L Russo, Tesser, Salmi, Sandelin, Di Serio* Ethyl levulinate synthesis kinetics promoted by Amberlyst-15 catalyst IT
0038 6 L Russo, Milicia, Tesser* Falling film reactors modelling IT
0039 22 L How*, Ngan, Lam Graph theoretic approach to prioritise developmental risks in integrated biomass network MY
0040 22 L Sellitto*, Murakami Industrial symbiosis: a case study involving a steelmaking plant, a cement manufacturer, and a zinc smelting plant BR
0041 22 N Saldarriaga*, Lizarazo, Patiño Kinetic study of spiny retamo (Ulex eurioaeus L.) waste oxidative pyrolysis CO
0042 22 N Saldarriaga*, Gallego, Lopez Kinetics parameters for composting process of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste with source separation CO
0043 18 L Rahmawati*, Parameswari Low temperature-solid oxide fuel cell of NSDC-L|NSDC|NSDC-L with a small flow biodiesel-water mixture as fuel ID
0044 2 L Preißinger*, Grutzner, Ranger Multiple Dividing Wall Columns – Quo Vadis? State of the art and outlook on the activities at Ulm University DE
0045 22 N Anantpinijwatna* The application of an incorporated rate-equilibrium model for the production of Pyrethroid compound process TH
0046 22 L San Juan*, Sy, Tan A multi-objective optimization model for the design of a biomass co-firing supply network PH
0047 22 P Leal, Mestre, Puerta, Peralta-Ruiz, Gonzalez-Delgado* Comparative parametric sensibility analysis of amine treatment units from two Latin American refineries CO
0048 22 L Ngan*, Lam, Promentilla, Yatim, Er Developing sustainability index for Malaysian palm oil industry with fuzzy analytic network process MY
0049 22 L Yang, Cheng, Meng* Evaluation of the market-based emission reduction policy efficiency based on the carbon trading pilot and non-pilot in China CN
0050 22 L Vilardi* nZVI-induced chemical denitrification modelling using the shrinking core model: contemporary nZVI consumption by nitrates and dissolved oxygen IT
0051 22 L Srisorrachatr* The use of K2CO3 modified sunflower seed husks for removing of metal ions from industrial wastewater TH
0052 22 L Yaghobi, Vafajoo* Artificial neural network modeling of oxidative coupling of methane IR
0053 6 L Prejda*, Hlincik CFD modelling of a natural gas flow through measuring lines equipped with flow conditioners CZ
0054 22 P Meng*, Yang Credit rating prediction modelling: evidence from Chinese small construction enterprises CN
0055 8 L Fan*, Xu, Song, Yu Effect of citric acid on calcium sulfate crystal morphology and size: A study of molecular dynamics simulation CN
0056 22 P Kolmickovs*, Barmina, Valdmanis, Zake, Kalis, Strautins Electric field effect on the thermal decomposition and co-combustion of straw pellets with peat LV
0057 22 P Sriromreun*, Sriromreun Experimental and numerical studies of heat transfer characteristics for impinging jet on dimple surfaces TH
0058 22 N Jain*, Bandyopadhyay Extending pinch analysis to address forbidden matches in resource allocation networks IN
0059 22 L Kolmickovs*, Barmina, Valdmanis, Zake, Vostrikovs, Kalis, Strautins Kinetic study of the thermal decomposition and co-combustion of straw pellets with coal LV
0060 22 P Sriromreun*, Sriromreun Numerical study on heat transfer enhancement in a rectangular duct with V-shaped ribs TH
0061 12 P Mansour, Al-Nouri* Optimization-based approach of end-of-pipe ZLD systems for different brine water qualities LB
0062 22 L Besagni*, Croci, Nesa Solar-assisted dual-source multifunctional heat pump: field tests results and thermodynamic analysis IT
0063 22 P Besagni*, Croci, Nesa Sub-critic and trans-critic ejector refrigeration: a screening of HFC/HFO mixtures as alternatives of high GWP refrigerants IT
0064 22 L Farrag*, Gadalla, Kamel, Ghallab, Fouad A novel graphical approach for mass exchange networks using composition driving force EG
0065 22 L Tan, Aviso*, Ng A source-sink model for optimum allocation of innovation portfolios PH
0066 22 L Kukulka*, Smith, Li Condensation and evaporation characteristics of flows inside Vipertex 1EHT and 4LB enhanced heat transfer tubes US
0067 22 L Mosaka*, Chirwa Characterization of the biochemical-pathway reduction of chromium (VI) in facultative anaerobic and aerobic bacteria ZA
0068 22 L Aviso, Lucas*, Tapia, Promentilla, Tan Identifying key factors to learning process integration through DEMATEL PH
0069 17 L El Akrami*, Shebli Investigation of the processing of Libyan crude oil residues into carbon fibers LY
0070 22 L Lopez*, Martinez, Aviso, Tan Life-cycle carbon emissions of indirect co-firing of residual biomass in coal-fired power plants with biochar-based carbon sequestration PH
0071 22 L Pietrelli, Francolini, Piozzi, Vocciante* Metals recovery from Printed Circuit Boards: the pursuit of environmental and economic sustainability IT
0072 22 L Aviso, Demeterio*, Lucas, Tan P-graph approach to planning human resource expansion for universities in transition PH
0073 8 L Bidar*, Shahraki, Sadeghi, Khalilipour ASTM-D86 monitoring for crude distillation column using data-driven soft sensor: effect of feed rate change IR
0074 22 L Peric, Dedic-Jandrek, Nizetic*, Garasic Numerical analysis of welding residual stresses and distortions in a T-joint fillet weld using preheating technique HR
0075 22 N Gholamzadeh Chofreh*, Goni, Klemes Guidelines for the implementation of sustainable enterprise resource planning systems (Part VI): Summary of a study CZ
0077 1 L Grilc*, Likozar Micro-kinetic modelling of levulinic acid hydrodeoxygenation, decarboxylation and oligmerization over NiMo/Al2O3 in slurry reactor SI
0078 22 L Ivanov*, Dzhelil, Ganev, Dobruzhaliev Multi-period model of sustainable integrated of hybrid first and second generation bioethanol supply chains BG
0079 22 L Walmsley*, Varbanov, Walmsley, Klemes New total site profiles for retrofit and utility systems analysis CZ
0080 22 L Evans*, Laotongsarn, Komkhantee The study of the effect of coal feeding pattern on combustion efficiency in pulverized coal combustion using CFD technique TH
0081 22 L Antoniadis*, Martinopoulos TRNSYS assessment of Solar CHP systems for typical residential buildings GR
0082 22 N Kamat*, Bandyopadhyay, Garg, Foo, Sahu Heat Integrated Water Regeneration Networks with Variable Regeneration Temperature IN
0083 22 N Vasilenko*, Scherbakov, Bogdanovskaya, Koltsova Mathematical simulation of PEMFC platinum cathode degradation accounting catalyst’s nanoparticles growth RU
0084 1 L Schaer*, Charlier, Marc, Magnaldo, Lalleman Modelling of an autocatalytic heterogeneous dissolution reaction FR
0085 6 L Petrik*, Szepesi Shell side CFD analysis of a model shell-and-tube heat exchanger HU
0086 17 L Yeh*, Su, Wang An innovative method to analyse the pH-dependent zeta potentials of a nanopore and vesicles by resistive-pulse sensing technique TW
0087 22 L Mendoza*, Hwang Analysis of heat transfer effect on the design of a multi-tubular reactor: a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approach KR
0088 22 L Wukovits*, Kirchbacher, Miltner, Friedl Assessment of hybrid processes for bio-butanol purification applying process simulation AT
0089 22 P Xu* Carbon footprint analysis of wheat over 2002-2016 in China CN
0090 22 P Xu* Carbon footprints of three main crops over 2002-2016 in China CN
0091 22 L Palma*, Barba, Vaiano, Colozzi, Palo, Barbato, Cortese Catalytic oxidative decomposition of H2S for hydrogen production IT
0092 13 L Mikaczo*, Szepesi, Simenfalvi Complex investigation of European Standards related to explosion venting from closed vessels HU
0093 22 K Pakki*, Ulyev Cross-filtration of swirling flow of natural gas UA
0094 22 L Beisl*, Loidolt, Miltner, Friedl Direct precipitation of Organosolv liquors leading to submicron lignin particles AT
0095 5 P Kawasaki*, Hosokawa, Kawagishi Effect and evaluation method of aeration on filtration characteristics of hollow fiber microfiltration membrane JP
0096 22 P Palma, Ruocco*, Ricca Experimental study of oxidative reforming of ethanol in a fluidized bed with bimetallic catalysts IT
0097 1 P Hocevar, Hus, Grilc*, Likozar Hydrodeoxygenation and aldol condensation of hexanal over NiMo/γ-Al2O3: Experimental study supported by density functional calculations (DFT) SI
0098 22 L Chantasiriwan* Improvement of cogeneration system in sugar factory by splitting input steam supplied to multiple-effect evaporator TH
0099 22 L Kim, Nam, Hwang, Seo, Jeong, Lee, Yu, Yang, Boo* Improvement of the light conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cell with anti-reflection layer KR
0100 22 P Ngan*, Promentilla, How, Lam, Yatim Integrating stakeholder’s role in mitigating risks for future cleaner production MY
0101 22 L Pausta, Razon*, Promentilla Life cycle assessment of a retrofit wastewater nutrient recovery system in Metro Manila PH
0102 2 L Yamada*, Numaguchi, Chowdhury, Yamamoto, Goto, Matsuzaki, Onoda Liquid-liquid phase separation induced by carbon dioxide absorption in amine - water systems JP
0103 22 N Wongpromrat*, Anantpinijwatna Mathematical optimization of the anti-corrosive rice husk ash enhanced reinforced concrete under marine environment TH
0104 22 N Al-Sheemy*, Ashour, Gadalla Maximization of condensate production by revamping of gas-oil separation plant in Gulf of Suez EG
0105 22 L Tian, Yang*, Guo, Hu, Wang Numerical study of thermal conduction in gravity-driven particle flow around circular tube CN
0106 22 N Khorrami*, Gharibi, Salehi Optimizing sweeping gas rate, a probable opportunity for flaring reduction in 3rd refinery of South Pars gas complex IR
0107 22 L Kapustenko*, Demirskyy, Tovazhnianskyi, Matsegora, Arsenyev, Arsenyeva Prediction of thermal and hydraulic performance of Plate Heat Exchanger subjected to fouling UA
0108 22 L Peesel*, Schlosser, Schaumburg, Meschede, Dunkelberg, Walmsley Predictive simulation-based optimisation of cooling system including a sprinkler tank DE
0109 5 L Grechushkin*, Lvov, Krasnova Probabilistic-statistical model of change of particles size distribution in settlers and tanks RU
0110 12 P Arbona*, Cabrera, Rosa, Tapanes Proposal of cleaner production measures for the dyeing process in the textile "Desembarco del Granma" CU
0111 22 L Trzcinski*, Markowski Diagnosis of the fouling effects in a shell and tube heat exchanger using artificial neural network PL
0112 22 P Suchecki, Trafczynski* Studies on liquid flow through the model of the crystallizer segment PL
0113 17 L Pehlivan*, Simsek, Ozbek, Ozbek Synthesis and characterization of Fe-Al2O3 nanoparticles by solution combustion method TR
0114 22 L Bayomie*, Bouallou The breakthrough of carbon capture and water removal for hydrogenation of CO2 into methanol from industrial flue gases FR
0115 12 P Macarie*, Balcu, Mirica, Buzatu The study of possibilities for improving the iron recovery efficiency of ash from thermo-central heating RO
0116 22 L Li*, Chyang The tendency of NOx emission in fluidized-bed combustion and suitable strategies for reduction TW
0117 22 P Tovazhnyanskyy, Kapustenko*, Vasilenko, Kusakov, Arsenyeva, Khusanov Utilization of waste heat from condensable gaseous streams with Plate Heat Exchangers UA
0118 22 P Markowski, Trzcinski* A new approach to artificial neural network training for better prediction of the heat exchanger behaviour PL
0119 12 L Krasnokutskiy, Ved*, Tovazhnyanskii Catalyst coatings carriers based on boron-silicon glass crystalline compositions UA
0120 14 L Filatova*, Matveeva, Doluda, Sulman Catalytic hydrogenation of nitrobenzene using Ru/HPS catalyst in supercritical carbon dioxide RU
0121 22 L Shimanskaya*, Sulman, Sulman Catalytic hydrogenolysis of different types of lignin obtained from sawdust softwood RU
0122 22 P khammayom* Development of Cooling Load Model for Estimating Thermal System TH
0123 1 L Stepacheva*, Doluda, Bykov, Sidorov, Matveeva, Sulman, Sulman Fatty acid conversion over Ni stabilized in polymeric matrix by hydrothermal method RU
0125 14 L Ratkevich, Manaenkov, Matveeva, Kislitza, Sulman*, Sulman Hydrolytic hydrogenation of inulin over Ru-containing magnetically recoverable catalyst RU
0126 17 P Chen, Hsu, Tseng* Influence of salt valence on the rectification behavior of nanochannels TW
0127 22 P Skrinsky* Influence of temperature and vessel volume on explosion characteristics of propanol/air mixtures in closed spherical vessels CZ
0128 22 L Doluda, Lakina, Sidorov, Matveeva, Sulman*, Sulman Influence of the reactor system on the transformation of methanol to gasoline over H-ZSM-5 RU
0129 22 L Nemygina*, Nikoshvili, Matveeva, Sulman, Kiwi-Minsker Intensification of Pd-catalyzed Suzuki cross-coupling: influence of second metal addition, reactor type and visible light irradiation RU
0131 17 P Hsu*, Yang, Lin, Tseng Ion transport in a pH-tunable polyelectrolyte modified conical nanopore TW
0132 2 P Shukla*, Mikkola How strong are the intermolecular interactions upon determination of carbon dioxide capture in deep-eutectic solvents? SE
0133 22 L Ocon*, Cruz, Castro, Aviso, Tan, Promentilla Optimal multi-criteria selection of hybrid energy systems for off-grid electrification PH
0134 22 P Sillero*, Prado, Labidi Optimization of different extraction methods to obtaining bioactive compounds from Larix Decidua bark ES
0135 18 L Sulman, Matveeva*, Golikova, Grebennikova, Lakina, Doluda, Sulman Oxidoreductase immobilization on magnetic nanoparticles RU
0136 18 L Tikhonov, Stadolnikova, Sidorov, Sulman* Phenols and chlorophenols oxidation by immobilized on the modified TiO2 oxidoreductases RU
0137 22 N Vieira, Lofrano, Baston, Naves, Knop, Franca* Physicochemical properties of solid fuel derived from a mixture of elephant grass coal and recyclable thermoplastics BR
0139 2 L Markova, Stepacheva*, Gavrilenko, Molchanov, Matveeva, Sulman, Sulman Study of the syn-gas solubility in polar and non-polar solvents. The approach for liquid phase synthesis in C1 chemistry RU
0140 22 N Ong*, Chen Techno-economic analysis of seawater freezing desalination (SFD) using liquefied natural gas (LNG) TW
0141 22 L Salnikova, Matveeva*, Bykov, Demidenko, Shkileva, Sulman The liquid phase catalytic hydrogenation of the furfural to furfuryl alcohol RU
0142 22 L Lugovoy, Chalov, Sulman*, Kosivtsov Thermocatalytic refining of gaseous products produced by fast pyrolysis of waste plant biomass RU
0143 11 L Iannarelli*, Novello, Stricker, Cisternino, Gallizio, Sawley, Meyer Use of numerical simulation as an educational tool to improve safety in research institutions CH
0145 22 P Skrinsky*, Friedel Explosion parameters of degas–air mixtures at elevated temperatures CZ
0146 22 L Kheawhom*, Lao-atiman Modeling and simulation of zinc-air flow battery with zinc regeneration process TH
0147 8 L Satyadileep, Berrouk*, Al Wahidi Advanced model-based dynamic optimization of a commercial natural gas liquid recovery unit AE
0148 22 L Zhou*, Liu An algebraic analysis modeling method for complex reactions CN
0149 6 L Seyfang*, Grutzner Application of extraction centrifuges in industrial scale CH
0150 18 N Houshyar, Mowla*, Esmaeilzadeh, Setoodeh Biological removal of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptide in fed-batch bioreactor, using design of experiment IR
0153 22 P Chen*, Lee, Alcantara Avila Control study on diphenyl carbonate reactive distillation via thermally coupled configuration and side heat exchangers TW
0154 22 L Xie, Zhang, He, Pan, Chen* Counter-current gas-liquid film cross-flow for the staggered tube bundles in closed wet cooling towers CN
0155 7 P Gu, Liu*, Qiu, Tao, Wang Chaotic mixing intensified by a punched rigid-flexible impeller CN
0156 22 N Tippayawong*, Rerkkriangkrai, Aggarangsi, Pattiya Characterization of biochar from pyrolysis of corn residues in a semi-continuous carbonizer TH
0157 12 L Ghobadi Nejad*, Borghei, Yaghmaei, Samadi Degradation of dyes using laccase enzyme isolated from Phanerochaete chrysosporium IR
0158 22 P Hu, Li, Hu, Li, Yang* Design and optimization of a coupled azeotropic and extractive distillation process for the purification of propylene oxide CN
0159 10 P Kadota*, Yanagawa, Tachikawa, Uchiyama, Tozuka Design of dry powder inhaler formulations containing rifampicin with dextran based on the difference in viscosity in the solution JP
0160 22 P Nadezhdin*, Platonova, Goryunov, Manenti Development of a control system for electroerosive water treatment plant based on MPC controller RU
0161 8 P Priorov*, Glushko, Bessarabov Development of CALS-technology for computer quality management of anti-icing materials RU
0162 22 P Jo*, Kwon, Hwang Development of chemical reaction system for off-shore plants KR
0163 22 P Cho*, Kwon, Kim, Hwang Development of optimized utility system for off-shore plants KR
0164 22 L Kim, Hwang* Dynamic simulation for optimal design of topside process at offshore platform KR
0165 5 P Katagiri*, Tomimatsu, Iritani Effect of ethanol concentration on microfiltration properties of yeast suspension JP
0166 4 K He*, Chu Energy efficient carbon membrane system for biogas upgrading NO
0167 22 K Kuljiraseth*, Wangriya, Jitkarnka Esterification of benzoic acid with 2-ethylhexanol to valuable chemicals over Ni-Mg-Al mixed oxide catalyst derived from layered-double hydroxide route TH
0168 22 L Schlosser*, Peesel, Meschede, Philipp, Walmsley Evaluation of a stratified tank based heat recovery loop via dynamic simulation DE
0169 9 P Figueiredo*, Vanzan, Souza Evaluation of the influence of moisture content of adsorbents used in jet fuel treatment BR
0170 22 P Veres*, Skrinsky, Kolonicny Explosion characteristics of organic powders measured in closed spherical vessel CZ
0171 7 P Kossov*, Fedorenko, Mukamedenkyzy, Zhakebayev About the possibility of the emergence of diffusion instability in isothermal mixing of multicomponent gas mixtures KZ
0172 7 L Kossov*, Fedorenko, Zhakebayev Features of multicomponent mass transfer at the boundary of change in the “diffusion - concentration gravitational convection” regime in gas mixtures containing hydrocarbon components KZ
0173 22 P Vasickaninova*, Bakosova, Oravec, Meszaros Gain scheduled control of counter-current shell-and-tube heat exchangers in series SK
0174 22 K Setiadjid*, van Duijne, van der Wel, Aarden, Bassa Green energy storage NL
0175 22 K Dong*, Fan Is it true that the longer extended industrial chain, the better circular agriculture CN
0176 7 P Hasal*, Fort, Bruha Manifestations, effects and properties of macro-instabilities of flow pattern in mixing vessels: A comparison of experimental and analytical techniques CZ
0177 22 P Shin*, Kim, Hwang Modeling and optimization of NOx reduction system using artificial neural network KR
0178 22 P Nadezhdin*, Zeleneckaya, Denisevich, Goryunov, Manenti Modeling of the monitoring and control system of extraction units with nuclear-safe tanks via use of differential low-pressure gages RU
0179 22 P Pletnev*, Denisevich, Goryunov, Manenti Modelling of the device for automated batching micro-flows of aggressive and radioactive fluids RU
0180 16 P Mei*, Yin, Cai Multivariate calibration of NIR spectroscopy using LASSO-based wavelength selection method CN
0181 10 P Tozuka*, Tanaka, Uchiyama, Kadota Novel approach to form inhalable powder of betamethasone by effective morphology control with bio-surfactant JP
0182 22 P Mei*, Chen, Cai On-line calibration of Gaussian process regression based soft sensor with real-time evaluation CN
0183 17 L Tatlier* Opportunities and limitations for direct crystallization of zeolite coatings on aluminium surfaces from alkaline reaction mixtures TR
0184 3 P Zhu, Liu*, Yin, Tao A study on treatment method of spent stainless steel pickling solutions CN
0185 22 L Lee*, Nam, Hwang, Kim, Yu, Kim, Yang, Jeong, Seo, Boo Photocatalytic activity of hydrogenated TiO2 nanoparticles prepared by high energy ball milling process KR
0186 22 L Tippayawong*, Kantakanit, Koonaphabdeelert Preparation and characterization of hydrochar from hydrothermal carbonization of corn residues TH
0187 1 P Hiranyasiri*, Jongpatiwut Production of biojet fuel from palm fatty acid distillate over Ni/HZSM-12 catalyst TH
0188 1 L Freites Aguilera*, Tolvanen, Oger, Leveneur, Mikkola, Salmi Screening of heterogeneous catalysts for microwave assisted epoxidation of vegetable oils FI
0189 22 P Kalinchuk*, Zhuravlev, Goryunov, Khassenova Simulation and modeling of switching high-voltage power supply RU
0190 22 L Zhu, Liu, Zhang, Pan, Chen, He* Simulation and optimization of cooling water systems with closed wet cooling tower based on reduced order model CN
0191 22 P Pletnev*, Goryunov, Liventsov, Gozhimov, Kasheev, Flavio Simulation of control system of uranyl nitrate crystallization process in linear crystallizer RU
0192 22 L Elmahgary*, Amin, Abadir, Sadek Simultaneous reuse of three types of wastes in the preparation of eco friendly ceramic floor tiles EG
0193 22 P Mei*, Chen, Cai Soft sensor modeling based on just in time learning and bagging-PLS for fermentation Processes CN
0194 12 P Alekseeva*, Noskov, Rodionova Sorption of methylene blue by the polystyrene/bentonite composites RU
0195 22 N Arya*, Bandyopadhyay Stochastic pinch analysis for resource allocation networks with multiple resources IN
0196 22 L Li*, Liu Study on coupling separation process of ETBE and absolute ethanol CN
0197 12 L Amr Emara*, Gadalla, Ashour Supply chain design network model for biofuels and petrochemicals from waste cooking oil NL
0198 22 L Vilimec*, Konvicka, Blejchar, Kolarcik, Maier The concept of power plants with electricity accumulation for decentralized energy sources CZ
0199 22 P Urbaniak* The latest innovations in techniques automatic and clean-burning solid fuels PL
0200 17 L Jubsilp*, Rimdusit Thermal stability and thermo-mechanical properties of nanoalumina-filled poly(benzoxazine-ester) composite films TH
0201 8 P Mei*, Yin, Cai Two-level optimization of e-nose sensor array for monitoring wheat-straw solid-state fermentation process CN
0202 22 L Azouma, Jegla*, Reppich, Weiss Using of agriculture waste for biogas production as sustainable energy supply for developing countries CZ
0203 8 L Hwang*, Jo, Kwon, Kim, Cho World energy perspective: technology development of offshore systems KR
0204 10 P Uchiyama*, Hayashi, Kadota, Tozuka A novel hybrid-nanocomposite formed by α-glucosyl stevia and water-soluble polymer: For dissolution enhancement of poorly soluble drugs JP
0205 22 L Bolonio*, Ortega, Garcia-Martinez, Rodriguez-Fernandez, Lapuerta, Canoira Biofuels for aviation: from bio-iso-butanol to synthetic paraffinic kerosene ES
0206 22 L Glushko, Bessarabov, Priorov* CALS-system of ecological monitoring of chemical anti-icing materials on the major environmental components RU
0207 22 L Aboelazayem*, Gadalla, Saha Design of an integrated process for biodiesel production using supercritical methanol: Simultaneous work and heat integration EG
0208 22 P Frąckowiak*, Cialkowski, Wroblewska Determination of temperature distribution in the gas-turbine blade filled with a porous material PL
0209 3 P Spasic*, Jovanovic, Manojlovic, Jovanovic Electrocoalescence process based on classical and quantum electrodynamics RS
0210 1 L Bykov, Demidenko, Nikoshvili*, Bakhvalova, Dobryanskaya Noble metal-containing nanoparticles stabilized in hypercrosslinked polystyrene as effective catalysts of aromatic ring hydrogenation RU
0211 22 P Turek* On improving computational efficiency of simplified fluid flow models CZ
0212 2 L Etoumi*, Jobson Operational optimization for hybrid membrane-distillation systems LY
0213 4 L Park*, Kim, Yang Process modelling and economic feasibility study of a new draw solution assisted reverse osmosis process for seawater desalination KR
0214 22 P Bolonio*, Ortega, Garcia-Martinez, Rodriguez-Fernandez, Lapuerta, Canoira Turpentine oil as a bio-based blending component for jet fuel: smoke point measurements ES
0215 10 L Silchenko, Prutenskaya*, Sulman, Savchenko A method of producing vegetable inhibitors isolated from the seed of bean. Application in pharmaceutics RU
0216 12 P Beketayeva*, Askarova, Safarik, Bolegenova, Bolegenova, Maximov, Nugimanova, Ospanova Combustion processes of pulverized coal in existing combustion chambers of real power boilers of TPP of the Republic of Kazakhstan KZ
0217 22 P Elordi, Arabiourrutia*, Bilbao, Olazar Energetic viability of a polyolefin pyrolysis plant ES
0218 12 L Arshadi, Esmaeili, Yaghmaei*, Mousavi Fungus leaching of copper and nickel from electronic waste IR
0219 22 P Gozhimov*, Egorova, Liventsova, Liventsov Modeling of the electrolyzers cooling system for the fluorine production operator training simulator RU
0220 22 P Gozhimov*, Pletnev, Liventsov, Schmidt Modelling of displacing complexating chromatography automated system by KT-NIMFA software RU
0221 18 L Prutenskaya*, Sulman, Sidorov, Stepacheva, Sulman Complex processing of sunflower husk RU
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0418 22 N Wang*, Dou, Guo Mutual trust is defined as the relationship between different organizations. Knowledge transfer is the primary interaction between different organizations. Inter-organizational relationships have an important influence on their interactive behavior. The paper primarily studies the effect mechanism of mutual trust on knowledge transfer in knowledge networks. The study uses empirical research methods to explore three elements of knowledge transfer - opportunity, willingness and ability - and their roles with CN
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0488 17 P Alibraheemi*, Bull, Novakovic Using novel nanostructured materials for desulphurisation and oil clean-up Fuel specifications for transportation fuels have become increasingly stringent with respect to Sulphur content in the past few years. The removal of Sulphur from oil is consequently one of the central conversion requirements in most refineries and the price (and processing cost) of a crude oil is influenced by its Sulphur content. Hydrodesulphurization (HDS) in combination with carbon rejection technologies, such as coking and flui UK
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0648 15 K Nichita* Volume-based phase equilibrium calculations FR
0649 18 N Rezzaz-Yazid*, Sekkak, Benboudadi, Laib, Sadaoui Biological degradation of the textile dye Remazol Blue using the pedicels of dates as a support and organic substrate for microbial consortia DZ
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0651 22 P Plesu, Bonet-Ruiz*, Bonet, Iancu, Llorens, Becerra Immission assessment inside an industrial ventilated room using CFD ES
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0653 11 L Medina*, Miranda Educative model for chemical engineers: “Humanizing, Integrated, Value Aggregating (HIVA)” PE
0654 3 L Ranjbar*, Adeli Nasab, Moosavian, Azizi Pour Experimental study of phosphate contained Enrichment of Zeynodin company waste soil using acetic acid leaching and reaction kinetic derivation IR
0655 22 P Tittawat*, Kitipat Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) algorithm study for petrochemical industry supply chain TH
0656 22 L Vuppala*, Stoller, Cianfrini Olive mill wastewater purification: optimizing pre-treatments and membrane treatment IT
0657 16 P Wojtczak* Linear crystal growth - new approach for automatic control of sugar crystallization PL
0658 6 P Makwashi*, Zhao, Diaz Experimental study on the effect of pipe curvature and pour point depressant on wax deposition in single-phase system UK
0659 17 L Kutorglo, Hassouna, Soos* Hierarchically porous nitrogen-rich carbon materials from polyaniline for CO2 capture CZ
0660 22 L Szreder* Experimental study of an air heat pump for hot water PL
0661 22 L Ning, You* Hedging against uncertainty in biomass processing network design using a data-driven approach US
0662 22 P Ramirez-Dolores, Alcala-Perea, Andaverde-Arredondo*, Cardona-Flores Impact of the thermal load for a library model in a rural region of tropical climate in Mexico MX
0663 22 P Mrozinski* Investigation of PV installation with the lithium-ion energy storage PL
0664 22 L Solarte Toro, Romero Garcia, Ruiz Ramos, Castro Galiano, Cardona Alzate* Simulation approach through the biorefinery concept of the antioxidants, lignin and ethanol production using olive leaves as raw material CO
0665 8 P Osegbe*, Snita Simulation of air flow in a clean room DE
0666 17 L Kutorglo*, Hassouna, Soos Tuning the textural and physical properties of composite porous materials using nano/microparticles of different shapes and sizes as building blocks CZ
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0669 1 P Zamora-Rodea, Medina-Mendoza, Gonzalez-Brambila, Tapia-Medina, Gutierrez-Limon, Garcia-Martinez, Colin-Luna* Hydrodeoxygenation of vegetable oils on platinum catalysts supported on pillared clays with gallium MX
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0672 5 L Quezada, Rozas, Concha, Toledo* Molecular dynamics simulations of methyl isobutyl carbinol (MIBC) adsorption on (101) quartz surfaces in saltwater: Assessment of wettability alteration of quartz CL
0673 12 P Alulema, Carvajal, Ruiz, Flores, Montero* Nanofiltration for arsenic removal within the potabilization process from Ecuadorian naturalwater sources EC
0674 1 P Duran-Perez, Garcia-Martinez, Castillo-Araiza, Medina-Mendoza, Puebla-Nuñez, Gonzalez-Brambila, Colin-Luna* Non-linear regression methods for estimating kinetic parameters of photocatalytic hydrogen production using ethanol and glycerol as a hole scavenger MX
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0679 22 K Lai, Wan Alwi, Manan* A new graphical approach for heat exchanger network retrofit considering capital and utility costs MY
0680 8 P Pontes, Bezerra* Development of a phenomenological model for a battle reactor BR
0681 22 L Campos, Escobar, Espindola* Energy recovery of rice husk for thermoelectric generation: a case study in the municipality of Santo Antônio da Patrulha, Brazil BR
0682 22 N Valencia, Restrepo*, Osorio-Cardenas Exergetic modeling of a cogeneration system using a 30 kW gas microturbine by artificial neural network CO
0683 12 L Mishra, Raghuvanshi*, Gupta Gaseous phase CO2 bio-mitigation using mixed microbial population in an indigenously developed packed bed bioreactor IN
0684 22 P Hafizan, Wan Alwi*, Manan, Klemes, Hamid Improved pinch design method for a flexible heat exchanger network MY
0685 22 L Chen*, Kansha, Ishizuka, Tsutsumi Innovative energy saving for heat circulation of vapour system using self-heat recuperation technology JP
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0689 1 P Kaluza*, Zdrazil Nitrilotriacetic acid assisted deposition of cobalt carbonate for the preparation of niobia supported CoMo hydrodesulfurization catalysts CZ
0690 22 L Ubando*, Aviso, Tan Optimal synthesis of a community-based off-grid polygeneration plant using fuzzy mixed integer linear programming model PH
0691 22 P Obregon*, Restrepo, Valencia Parametric study of finned surfaces using a graphical user interface developed in Matlab CO
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0694 8 N Bezerra*, Pontes Process control with high dead time BR
0695 13 N Contreras-Valenzuela*, Lopez-Sesenes Safety problems identification for metal washing process based on QOC matrix the worker´s voice and ergonomics MX
0696 3 N Torres*, Picon Simulation of solvent deasphalting process using molecular reconstruction to represent the feedstock CO
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0698 22 K Restrepo*, Forero, Cardona The analysis of chemical engineering process plants and their models represented by networks CO
0699 12 L Lopez Sesenes*, Contreras Valenzuela Use of rare earth as corrosion inhibitors to improve the corrosion resistance of the joint Self-Piercing Riveted MZ31-AA2024 immersed in 0.05 M NaCl MX
0700 12 L Boumelik, Belhachemi* Removal of malachite green dye onto natural clay: Equilibrium isotherms and kinetic studies DZ
0701 22 L Rahmanian*, Rehan, Sumani, Nizami Effect of various packing structure on gas absorption for enhanced CO2 capture UK
0702 22 K Molaei, Rahmanian* Numerical modelling of a rotating bucket in prilling process UK
0703 22 K Rezakazemi, Rahmanian*, Jameel, Shirazian Process simulation and evaluation of ethane recovery process using Aspen-HYSYS UK
0704 22 L Agathokleous*, Kalogirou A BIPV demonstration building: On-site system monitoring and simulation based investigation for annual energy production prediction CY
0705 22 L Pavão, Costa, Ravagnani* Heat and work integration using a meta-heuristic approach for heat exchanger networks with pressure recovery BR
0706 22 P Grycova, Lestinsky*, Pryszcz Influence of activating reagents on the porous structure of activated carbon CZ
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0708 22 P Guilel*, Abdelbaki, Gaceb, Bettayeb Study of the opportunities of using high strength steel in the construction of Algerian oil transport pipelines DZ
0709 22 P Toro-Molina, Bouallou* Development of a decarbonation system for a confined space FR
0710 22 L Weigert*, Illner, Esche, Repke Development of a state estimation environment for the optimal control of a mini-plant for the hydroformylation in microemulsions DE
0711 22 L Aguitoni*, Pavão, Siqueira, Jimenez, Ravagnani Optimization of heat exchanger network using genetic algorithm and differential evolution BR
0712 12 P Bellhachemi*, Oueld Mahrez Removal of basic dye from aquouse solution using biomass “date pits” DZ
0713 22 K Ahmad Fadzil, Wan Alwi*, Abd Manan, Klemes Total site water integration with centralised water reuse header considering multiple contaminants MY
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0715 22 P Colin-Luna*, Espinoza Tapia, Medina-Mendoza, Barrera-Calva, Rosas-Cedillo, Contreras-Larios Photocatalytic behavior of TiO2, ZnO and CuO modified SBA-15 in hydrogen production MX
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0717 3 P Bensebia*, Bensebia Valorization of solid residues from the hydrodistillation of sage leaves DZ
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0720 22 K Chirwa*, Tikilili, Makgato Biological removal of complex aromatic compounds from nuclear and radioactive waste ZA
0721 22 L Lutsinge*, Chirwa Concurrent biosurfactant assisted biodegradation of fluoranthene in a CSTR-biofilm hybrid reactor ZA
0722 22 P Zheksenbaeva, Tungatarova*, Baizhumanova, Sarsenova, Kassymkan Heat generation by catalytic environmentally friendly combustion of methane KZ
0723 1 N Cervantes Arista*, de los Reyes, Valdes Hydrodeoxygenation and hydrodesulfurization kinetic study of synthetic mixtures MX
0724 22 N Abikoye, Isafiade* Integrated design for renewable energy and waste heat utilization in multi-period plant operations including periodic heat storage ZA
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0728 1 P Begimova*, Tungatarova, Baizhumanova, Zheksenbaeva, Zhumabek, Kassymkan Nanosized composite catalysts for production of modern modified fuels KZ
0729 22 P Benavides, Peralta, Valencia* Parametric optimization and performance study of a regenerative thermal power plant using Aspen HYSYS® 7.2 CO
0730 22 L Sule*, Baumgartner, Abonyi P-graph and reliability function based problem representation of risk-based maintenance optimization of process systems HU
0731 22 L Jana* Reducing energy consumption in a heat integrated batch distillation column (HIBDiC) IN
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0735 22 L Belmonte*, Benjamin, Tan Bi-objective mixed-integer linear programming model for high-level planning of biochar-based carbon management networks PH
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0745 22 K Dong*, Fan Is it true that the longer extended industrial chain, the better circular agriculture CN
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0763 22 L Al-dujaili*, Al-hydary, Abd-alhussein Development of green gel casting technique for the manufacturing of YSZ ceramics using optimisation model UK
0764 22 K Walmsley*, Lal, Walmsley, Atkins, Neale, Varbanov Hot and cold stream spacial matrix for heat exchanger network retrofit problems NZ
0765 22 L Vladova*, Vaklieva-Bancheva, Kirilova Improving the energy efficiency of the ATAD system through redesign using integration superstructure BG
0766 22 P Arteaga-Diaz, Sanjuan-Acosta, Gonzalez-Delgado* Environmental evaluation of ethanol production from palm rachis using oxalic acid pretreatment and molecular sieves CO
0767 22 P Bonfante-Alvarez, De Avila-Montiel, Gonzalez-Delgado*, Torrenegra, Herrera-Barros Experimental evaluation of five chitosan production routes from shrimp waste with astaxanthin recovery CO
0768 22 L Cogollo-Herrera, Bonfante-Alvarez, De Avila-Montiel, Herrera-Barros, Gonzalez-Delgado* Technoeconomic sensibility analysis of large scale chitosan production process from shrimp shell wastes CO
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0770 22 L Bertok*, Bartos Algorithmic process synthesis and optimization for multiple time periods including waste treatment: Latest developments in software P-graph Studio HU
0771 22 N Ngan*, How, Ng, Leong, Lam An integrated approach to prioritise parameters for multi-objectives optimisation: A case study of biomass network MY
0772 22 N Bartoszewicz* Analysis of construction of low temperature water heating solid fuel boilers PL
0773 22 L Haydary* Aspen Simulation of a Two Stage Pyrolysis/Gasification Process of Solid Waste SK
0774 22 L Wang*, Zhang, Han Assessment of off-design performance of a combined cooling, heating and power system using exergoeconomic analysis CN
0775 22 P Martinez-Arcia, Rincon-Sanchez, Gonzalez-Delgado* Computer-aided environmental evaluation of a thermal microalgae biorefinery via hydrothermal liquefaction CO
0776 22 P Martinez, Jimenez, Mestre, Peralta-Ruiz, Gonzalez-Delgado* Computer-aided exergy evaluation of the crude palm oil production process with the integration of palm kernel oil production unit in north Colombia CO
0777 22 L Liu*, Ho, Hashim, Lim, Klemes Consideration of energy storage cycle aging for optimisation of hybrid power systems via Power Pinch Analysis MY
0778 17 L Hassan*, Abed, Kadhum Corrosion prevention of mild steel in different aqueous media via nano – coating materials IQ
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0780 22 L Lim*, How, Ng, Leong, Ngan, Lam Debottlenecking biomass supply chain resources deficiency via element targeting approach MY
0781 22 N Peralta-Ruiz*, Obregon, Gonzalez-Delgado Design of biodiesel and bioethanol production process from microalgae biomass using exergy analysis methodology CO
0782 22 K Li, Liu* Design of distributed wastewater treatment systems CN
0783 22 P Herrera-Aristizabal, Leal-Navarro, Salgado-Dueñas, Peralta-Ruiz, Gonzalez-Delgado* Environmental evaluation of a refinery unit for production of hydrogen from natural gas using WAR algorithm CO
0784 22 L Pajaro-Morales, Ramos-Romero, Gonzalez-Delgado* Environmental evaluation of a refinery unit for sulfide absorption and mercaptans oxidation CO
0785 22 P Cassiani-Cassiani, Meza-Gonzalez, Gonzalez-Delgado* Environmental evaluation of agar production from macroalgae Gracilaria sp. CO
0786 22 P Peralta-Ruiz*, Cogollo-Herrera, Valencia Evaluation of the process of production and refining of Colombian crude oil by exergy analysis methodology CO
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0788 15 L Neyrolles*, Bassil, Contamine, Cezac, Arpentinier Experimental study of the liquid-vapour equilibriums of the system water-CO2-O2-NOx under pressure FR
0789 1 L Hassan* Low temperature conversion of water gas mixture to methanol over CuO/ZnO/Al2O3 nanocatalyst, catalyst preparation and characterization IQ
0790 22 L Petrova*, Semkov, Dzhonova Modeling of liquid distribution in a packed column with open-structure random packings BG
0791 22 P Obregon*, Peralta, Valencia Parametric study of transient heat conduction on common geometrical configurations using a graphical user interface CO
0792 22 N Tan*, Foo Process integration and climate change: from carbon emissions pinch analysis to carbon management networks PH
0793 22 P Monterrosa, Maldonado, Gonzalez-Delgado* Process synthesis through superstructure optimization for obtaining bioethanol from palm oil empty fruit bunches CO
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0795 22 P Bartoszewicz*, Rojewski, Urbaniak Protection systems of multirole jet aircraft power system PL
0796 8 P Nafees*, Abdul Rashid Solid oxide fuel cells modeling approaches for natural gas utilization AE
0797 22 K Al-Obaidi, Elwerfalli, Kara-Zaitri, Mujtaba* Statistical-based modeling and optimization of chlorophenol removal from wastewater using reverse osmosis process UK
0798 22 N Veeragavan, Chan*, Chew, Foo Targeting scheduling through process integration technique MY
0799 22 P Parejo-Palacio, Herrera Rodriguez, Gonzalez-Delgado* Technoeconomic sensibility analysis of industrial agar production from red algae CO
0800 1 L Begimova*, Tungatarova, Baizhumanova, Zheksenbaeva, Zhumabek, Kassymkan The lability of PMo polyoxo metallates in oxidative-reduction conditions of partial oxidation and oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes KZ
0801 22 P De Avila-Montiel, Herrera-Barros, Bonfante-Alvarez, Gonzalez-Delgado* Adsorption of mercury with alginate microbeads modified with thiourea and magnetite nanoparticles CO
0802 22 L Meramo-Hurtado*, Bonfante Alvarez, De Avila-Montiel, Herrera-Barros, Gonzalez-Delgado Environmental assessment of a large scale production of TiO2 nanoparticles via green chemistry CO
0803 22 L Garciadiego, Luo, Dowling* Mathematical optimization and process intensification of directional solvent extraction technology for sustainable water desalination US
0804 22 P Klimes*, Pospisil, Stetina Semi-empirical computational tool for design of air-cooled condensers CZ
0805 14 L Cor, Knez*, Knez Hrncic Use of supercritical fluids for new products SI
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0807 22 K Krnavek*, Krejci, Stehlik, Bebar, Kotacka Up-to-date small capacity waste-to-energy units CZ
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0809 6 L Chen*, Yang, Li Gas-liquid flow regime transition in bubble columns: abrupt or gradual? CN
0810 4 L Atash Jameh*, Mohammadi, Bakhteyari H2S adsorption onto MOF loaded on polymer network (PEBA) IR
0811 22 P Guo*, Yang Optimization design of isopropyl benzene plant based on dynamic simulation CN
0812 2 L Atash Jameh* Reducing of CO2 emmision in LPG plant with improving the quality of feed to plant. A case study Sarkhoon Gas Plant in Bandar Abbas South of Iran IR
0813 22 K Foley* Renewable energy - myth and reality and moving forward UK
0814 10 P Kuo*, Tsai Rosmarinic acid- and curcumin-loaded polyacrylamide-cardiolipin -poly(lactide-co- glycolide) nanoparticles with conjugated 83-14 monoclonal antibody to protect β-amyloid-insulted neurons TW
0815 22 L Jannesar, Vafajoo* Optimization of simple oxidative desulfurization of the natural gas condensate: An experimental study IR
0816 22 P Kotacka*, Krejci, Krnavek, Stehlik Up-to-date modular waste-to-energy unit for processing various types of wastes CZ
0817 11 K mirkatuli*, pajoum shariati, arabi medium design and optimization for optimal growth of mutant strains, for production of recombinant streptokinase with pegylation capacity IR
0818 22 L Tang*, Ngan, How, Ngan, Lam P-Graph enhanced game theory analysis in palm biomass MY
0819 22 P Krejci*, Jecha, Krnavek, Kotacka, Bebar Up-to-date off-gas cleaning systems with selective catalytic reduction CZ
0820 22 P Buhkhalo, Klemes, Tovazhnyanskyy, Arsenyeva, Kapustenko*, Perevertaylenko Eco-friendly synergetic processes of municipal solid waste polymer utilization UA
0821 22 P Selikhov, Kotsarenko, Klemes, Kapustenko* The performance of plastic solar collector as part of two contours solar unit UA
0822 1 P Jiao, Kovala, Shang, Basiliko, Laamanen*, Scott A photocatalytic reactor for simultaneous disinfection and degradation of waterborne toxins in drinking water CA
0823 19 L Pujar*, de Haan A selection framework for feasibility & technical evaluation of potential reactive-extraction processes NL
0824 22 L Sinha*, Chaturvedi Pinch analysis approach to minimize carbon emmission limits for a production plan IN
0825 22 K Kapustenko*, Demirskyy, Tovazhnianskyi, Klemes, Matsegora, Arsenyev, Arsenyeva Mathematical modelling of thermal and hydraulic behaviour of plate heat exchanger under the fouling conditions UA
0826 22 P Tovazhnyanskyy, Kapustenko*, Klemes, Vasilenko, Kusakov, Arsenyeva, Khusanov Plate heat exchanger for utilization of waste heat from condensable gaseous streams UA
0827 22 P Zhang, Chang, Su*, Huang, Qi, He Carbon dot-based dual emission nanohybrid as a ratiometric fluorescent probe for Fe3+ ions and phytic acid sensing CN
0828 19 K Wang*, Lin, Zhou, Luo Green and highly efficient synthesis of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) using a microreactor + batch reactor system CN
0829 22 P Hao*, Yang, Gao, Liu Research on flow and heat transfer characteristics of trough collector heat pipe CN
0830 22 N Yang, Liu*, Hao, Gao Simulate, analyze and study flat solar water heating system using TRNSYS software CN
0831 3 L Altway, Pujar, De Haan* The influence of HMF reaction mixture constituents on extraction solvent performance NL
0832 22 P Liu*, Liu, Xu, Tu Extractive distillation technology and its commercial application development CN
0833 22 P Gao*, Yang, Hao, Liu Phase change heat storage plate prepared by compression molding and the study of the thermal performance CN
0834 18 L Aras*, Aksoy, Niemeyer Cloning, heterologous expression and purification of Phi29 DNA polymerase variants TR
0835 8 L Uebbing*, Rihko-Struckmann, Sundmacher Exergy efficiency of power-to-methane processes using CO2 from anaerobic digestion DE
0836 18 N AbdulBaki, Mansour*, Yassin, Al-Hindi, Abou Najm Multi-criteria decision making map for the selection of the optimal desalination technology LB
0837 8 N Piceno-Diaz*, Flores-Mejia, Mendez-Acosta, Puebla Optimization and sliding mode robust control designs for a two-stage anaerobic digester MX
0838 8 P Kang*, Zang, Rho, Hur Heat exchanger network retrofit to SAGD central facility process KR
0839 22 N Rodriguez-Jara*, Flores-Mejia, Aguilar-Lopez, Gonzalez-Brambila, Puebla State estimation and robust control design for BioH2 production in a CSTR via dark fermentation MX
0840 1 L Diaz, Epelde*, Castaño, Aguayo, Bilbao Fuel production by 1-butene oligomerization on Co-modified ZSM-5 zeolites ES
0841 3 L Kunthakudee*, Ramakul, Pancharoen Optimization of different parameters for lycopene extraction from tomato with non-toxic solvents TH
0842 12 P Zhou*, Ge, Wu, Ye, Su Iron based monolithic catalysts supported on Al2O3, SiO2, and TiO2: A comparison for NO reduction with propene CN
0843 1 L Salmi*, Russo Modelling of a liquid-liquid-solid-gas system: Hydrogenation of dispersed liquid sodium to sodium hydride FI
0844 22 P Kang*, Cho, Hwang, Jeong Optimization of the working fluid composition for the combined organic Rankine cycle driven by LNG cold energy KR
0845 22 L Chaturvedi* A linear mathematical formulation to minimize intermediate fluid flow in batch heat exchanger networks IN
0846 22 P Dzhonova-Atanasova, Petrova*, Semkov, Darakchiev, Stefanova, Nakov, Popov Experimental investigation of liquid distribution in open-structure random packings as a basis for model refinement BG
0847 3 L Laitinen*, Syrjanen, Penttila, Kaunisto Extraction of levulinic acid from dilute aqueous solution with green 2-methyltetrahydrofuran solvent FI
0848 22 P Peng, Xu, Huai* Improving the efficiency of acetone hydrogenation for Isopropanol-acetone-hydrogen chemical heat pump by a metal foam reactor CN
0849 11 L Corsyn, Debacq* Virtual reality / Augmented reality / Subjective Reality: gadget or reality in chemical engineering education and industry? FR
0850 22 L Jozian, Vafajoo* Mathematical modeling of the gas hydrate formation in a 90 elbow utilizing CFD technique IR
0851 22 L Alviz Meza*, Kafarov, Peña Ballesteros Evaluation of corrosion damage obtained during the combustion process in a boiler. Case study: ferritic steel ASTM A335 P91 CO
0852 1 P Ramos, Sousa, Aguiar Mendes* Behavior of the amino acid cysteine in dyes decolorization by Fenton systems BR
0853 22 L Kanischev, Ulyev*, Chibisov, Vasilyev Benchmarking for refinery units RU
0854 22 K Friedler* Continuous and discrete aspects of the mathematical models in PSE HU
0855 19 L Klusak*, Vecer Customizable 3D-printed droplet-microfluidic device for defined emulsion preparation CZ
0856 17 P Vasic, Knez, Leitgeb* Characterization of ADH immobilized onto dextran coated magnetic nanoparticles via epoxy cross-linking SI
0857 7 L Hwang*, Hwang Design of ammonia injection grid system for the coal fired power generation industry KR
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0998 22 P Son, Cho, Gim, Yoon, Jang, Kwak, Kim* Conceptual process design and optimization of refrigeration cycles for the liquefaction of boil-off gas KR

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