Administrative topic codes

  1. Reaction engineering, catalysis and kinetics
  2. Distillation and absorption
  3. Extraction and leaching
  4. Membrane separations
  5. Solid–liquid separations
  6. Fluid flow and multiphase systems
  7. Mixing
  8. Computer aided process engineering
  9. Particulate solids
  10. Pharmaceutical engineering
  11. Chemical engineering education
  12. Symposium on environmental engineering
  13. Symposium on safety in chemical industry
  14. Symposium on supercritical fluid applications
  15. Symposium on thermodynamics and transport properties
  16. Symposium on novel food processes and technologies
  17. Symposium on porous materials, nanostructures and nanocomposites
  18. Symposium on progress in chemical technology and biotechnology
  19. Symposium on process intensification and miniaturisation
  20. Commercial and technical impact from EU projects
  21. Vacant
  1. PRES 2018 – 21stConference "Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction"
    Subtopic codes of PRES 2018
  1. Process Integration for sustainable development
  2. Process analysis, modelling and optimisation
  3. Total Site Integration
  4. Heat transfer and heat exchangers
  5. Energy saving and clean technologies
  6. Sustainable processing and production
  7. Renewable and high efficiency utility systems
  8. Footprint minimisation and mitigation
  9. Operations and supply chain management
  10. Waste minimisation, processing and management
  11. Batch process analysis and integration
  12. Process network dynamics, flexibility and control
  13. Industrial implementation and optimisation
  14. Numerical fluid flow and heat transfer simulation
  15. Sustainability and Process Integration teaching, learning and knowledge tools