Plenary lectures

Sunday morning

Chairpersons: J. Klemeš, P. Varbanov

A1.1     8:30   Process integration and climate change: from carbon emissions pinch analysis to carbon management networks. R. R. Tan (De La Salle Univ., Manila, PH) [792]

Chairperson: J. Drahoš

A1.2     9:30   Using life cycle assessment for greening chemistry. S. Hellweg (ETH, Zurich, CH) [1147]

Monday morning

Chairperson: P. Klusoň

A3.1     8:30   Thermal transport at the nanoscale: new ideas for energy harvesting?. F. Bresme (Imperial Coll., London, UK) [1144]

Chairpersons: P. Stehlík, T. Walmsley

A3.2     9:30   Renewable energy - myth and reality and moving forward. A. Foley (Queen's Univ. Belfast, UK) [813]

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